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  1. The main problem lies in the fact that you are killing children. Zombies or not, they would still be viewed as children. Games don't generally mess around with this kind of stuff. For example, in fallout/skyrim, you can't harm or kill children. I think a school map could be really cool but the politics of it just wouldn't work.
  2. It would be a cool idea and all but aren't there rules with kids and violence in video games? I didn't think Treyarch would be allowed to have you shoot at children zombies, especially with the Sandy Hook shooting a couple months ago.
  3. During the second video, it talked about a turbine at the bottom of the screen during the analysis of the wunderweapon and that got me thinking. Don't turbines suck things in that get too close? So could the new wunderweapon do something similar?
  4. I've had my fair share of CoD zombie dreams too. But I always dream about a huge tropical map island haha
  5. We all know that Treyarch planned to make the final Black Ops zombie map Paris but instead decided to make a moon map because they wanted to go out with a bang (literally). Does that mean that the story was planned to go in one direction (ie with the four characters doing something important in Paris) but was changed to the story that we all know with Richtofen switching souls and what not? And how does that affect hints in past maps? Does that make some of the foreshadowing dialogues irrelevant to the story because the parts in the story that they reference no longer exist because of the major story change? Sorry if the wording is a little confusing but I was just throwing out ideas as they came to me.
  6. You always gotta advertise that Knife-Aid haha
  7. If zombies is on the MP engine, I don't know why we couldn't get this...
  8. So in the background of the moon loading screen, are those the Shangri-la pyramids traveling through space to go to Mars?
  9. On the Gamestop website, there is a strategy guide for the limited edition of Black Ops II. Does that mean that there will definitely be a limited edition? Also, I dont know if this is posted in the wrong place so sorry if it is. I'm new to the site BTW heres the link: http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k- ... lack+ops+2
  10. As for the perk location question, it would be cool to only have one perk available, like just quick revive for instance. Then, before each update release, they could have the community vote on which perk they wanted next.
  11. It wouldn't need to be every week, more like every two weeks or so and it wouldn't have to be something huge but maybe just another room or two.
  12. I know there have been lots of questions lately regarding whether or not there is going to be one huge map or many smaller maps and I just thought of something. What if there is one HUGE map but when the game first comes out, only a portion of it was "open". Then, every week or two, a new area was opened up and able to be explored. For instance you could start out the map with just a few streets and buildings when the game first comes out. Then, a couple of weeks after release, the map could be updated with like a new area(i.e sewer area, tunnel area, etc) so that way we get new content on a regular basis and the zombie team can get feedback from us and find out what we like so they can make the map awesome. It would be like an evolving map.
  13. It would be nice to have A7X to do the song for another map because "Not Ready to Die" was my favorite EE song and "Nightmare" is just an awesome zombie-killing song.

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