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  1. (my repost from reddit) * Map design is very similar to Wolfenstein style and color palette like in Origins * Looks like setting be in the 1940s, Nazi zombies, many occult themes - some ancient excavations of Nazi, artifacts, etc. * Map name hints O4 is back (Shadows of Evil was like a Call of the Dead/Mob of the Dead). But as we know each Black Ops had 3 teams (BO1 - O4, presidents, celebrities. BO2 new team, celebrities, O4). So, some next map will be with celebrities or characters from BO2. * On the tower with cannon will be plenty of space for zombie train, likely to be a lot of secret passages, corridors, catacombs and spiral staircases. * Big cannon hints at a major enemy which we can shoot (giant robots from Origins?) * In the distance you can see the space rocket, similar with on Ascention map (or that tower/rock?) * Only 1 zombies map in each map pack (but maybe new modes and new cool guns, who knows)
  2. GAMEPLAY FROM COD ONLINE ZOMBIE MAPS: Verruckt: Shi No Numa: Nacht Der Untoten:
  3. Guys i'm so happy and i downloading game right now! I'm live on far east in Russia and China so close with us. Well, i'm wanna play and show you screens if i see something unteresting and tell you about mode! Btw i was know about that idea with cyberg zombies and tell you about that before. I was just thinking conception with zombie cyborgs will be in ladt DLC for BO2. I am glad that my ideas coincided with the developers ideas!
  4. How about these achievements? It's means map wiil be big like Tranzit?
  5. MY MINI ANALYSE OF TRAILER LOL on signboard like NOW DIE on Diner signboard from Tranzit) Green gas from aliens like from gas zombies when they dead. But there not only gas but poison acid too! New original 4 heroes with personal story and voices which may continue on the new maps from DLC's MANY GADGETS FOR KILL ALIENS WITH FUN: Turret Drone Detonate mine Electo trap for fences Fire trap Friendly bomb from air P.S.: I think gameplay wiil be simillar with Zombie mode, cause they must to do some things for survived like many zombie maps and get out from map on chopper.
  6. eNm5CmnYBzU Guys it's amazing! Did you see that? What do think about? I think that mode good replacement for Zombies! How many maps will be for that mode? Did Activision makes new maps in future DLC's? I have many questions! P.S. Actually I was not going to buy a new COD and wait for the release bf4, but it was a great move to commercial bought the game (especially they played well on the feelings of the zombie mode fans!)
  7. I think its some effect like instagram or something else.
  8. Thanks, i'm added that pic in my first post/
  9. But which srceen with Der Riese?
  10. I can't see maps in video like a Five and Call of the Dead (but that maps not about old crew). What you think guys? Also look on chronology of maps as they be have been shown. And i think new DLC will be not included bonus content with old maps like in Rezzurection DLC. Its just long path of old crew to final of the story (btw... sorry fo my language)... Moon Shangri-La Ascention Kino Der Toten Der Riese Shi No Numa Verruct Nacht Der Untoten
  11. Shelter screens: http://s019.radikal.ru/i608/1211/0c/b42df545b44e.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i439/1211/9a/3f1958f7424d.jpg About Silo: http://i032.radikal.ru/1211/81/095fa21924ad.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i643/1211/4a/e20b2dcf9ee5.jpg http://i056.radikal.ru/1211/20/9a4287caf62b.jpg ЗАРАЖЕНО - CONTAMINATED КОНТРОЛЬНО-ДЕЗИМЕТРИЧНИЙ ПУНКТ "ДИТЯТКИ" (title on Ukranian) Its translate something like - SECURITY DOSIMETRY CHECKPOINT "DITYATKI". "Dityatki" on Ukranian means "Kids" (a small village at the Chernobyl) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_Exclusion_Zone IEu_q-t9r8A Reminds me movie "Chernobyl Diaries" (btw amazing zombie horror) ZJWyd7lcKt0 There some places in Tranzit with russian titles - it says "NO SMOKING!" (НЕ КУРИТЬ!) I was checked "Ascention" on same russian titles but not find anything. Later I wana check "Call of the Dead".
  12. I noticed when denizens attack Samuel, he said something this: "I am not surprised. I know all about these creatures. I read how THEY (???) spread THEM (mean denizens) everywhere"
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