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  1. TheDunbarian

    Names of New GobbleGums Revealed

    Maybe, but unlikely. Time based ones tend to last several minutes, and activate as soon as they're chewed. I'm not sure what being a zombie would entail. In Plain Sight already offers the invisibility effect, and it's a tad more useful since you can activate it whenever you choose, unlike the time-based ones. As for Crawl Space, who knows? My best guess is that it freezes all crawlers in place, so that it won't bother players until they're ready to kill it. Another idea is that it immediately makes all zombies into crawlers, but that sounds pretty powerful for a common Mega, so it's unlikely.
  2. TheDunbarian

    Names of New GobbleGums Revealed

    The names have been released and images of each one, but no descriptions. They are as follows: Crawl Space (Mega, Activated) Fatal Contraption (Mega, Activated) Undead Man Walking (Rare Mega, Time Based) Head Drama (Ultra-Rare Mega, Round Based) Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUhvh1iIBD0 Since there are reports of the Death Machine powerup being added to the previous maps, I think it's safe to say that Fatal Contraption spawns the powerup. Head Drama appears to make every shot to a zombie count as a headshot. The other two are a bit harder to figure out. Thoughts?
  3. TheDunbarian

    PC/XB1 Players: How are you gonna kill the time next month?

    Some people just have excessive amounts of money. XPG Richtofen is among them, in case the fact that he has not only one, but both next gen consoles didn't make that obvious. *intensely envies*
  4. So the tables have turned and PS4 players get Der Eisendrache on Tuesday, while the Xbox One and, as always, PC players (like me) have to wait a month before we get some new zombies action. So that means, along with spending a month avoiding this forum and YouTube like the plague (no spoilers!), finding a way to amuse ourselves for a month to kill time while waiting. For me personally, I'm gonna start by finishing up the zombies challenges to get the last few calling cards. The only ones I have left are all GobbleGum-related ones: the Phoenix Up one, the Burned Out one, and the Ephemeral Enhancement one. (I also need the Dark Ops one for completing the SoE easter egg, but I'm never gonna find 3 more PC players to do that with.) Then I'll try to get Red Hex camo and max level on all the zombies guns. I"m mostly done, it's really not hard. Then, I guess I'll switch to mostly multiplayer to see how many guns I can get diamond before DE comes out - already done with shotguns, and just finished SMGs last night. Think I'll start pistols today. Oh, and of course I've gotta open as many rare supply drops as possible to get cool camos. Ironically, my favorite part about getting new camos in multiplayer is using them on my guns in zombies. Finally, I'm sure I will play some more zombies after I'm done with the challenges and weapons kits to save up some Liquid Divinium, so that I can spend it all when the DLC comes out in hopes of getting some of those new mega GobbleGums! I'll also be pretty busy in real life, what with school, a weekend vacation in Florida, visiting my girlfriend for Valentine's Day... oh, and the new Fire Emblem game comes out. I don't think I'll have too much trouble waiting for March. Anyways, what're y'all planning on doing to kill the time?
  5. TheDunbarian

    Black Ops III DLC 1

    To those disappointed that there's only one zombies map in this pack: 1. Not sure why you expected otherwise. 2. All hope is not lost. On the Message of the Day in BO3, where it advertises the season pass, it says "Get 4 Epic Map Packs AND New Zombies Maps". The use of the word "and" implies that these supposed maps are separate from the map packs. Now, this is probably just to make clear that the SP includes the Giant in addition to the map packs, so I still wouldn't get my hopes up, but there is a possibility that remade/extra zombies maps may be released separately. Also, does anyone know if Activision has any contract with Microsoft regarding DLC exclusivity? I ask because I'm a PC player who's wondering if the pack will be released on PS4 in January, Xbone in February, and PC in March, or if it'll be PS4 in January and both Xbone and PC at the same time in February.
  6. @Stop Mocking Me0: Applause for you sir, that's a hell of a theory. Not sure if it's right, but it's pretty sound. This would mean that all of the campaign team's original maps - MotD, Origins, and SoE - would take place in the same universe (the Giant doesn't really count since it's not really an original map).
  7. TheDunbarian

    Possible Perma Perk

    Speed Cola definitely speeds up the animation of the repairs, but I don't know if it speeds up the actual repairing, since I seem to hear the sounds at the same rate.
  8. TheDunbarian

    Issues with new system

    1. In previous games, training was too easy and camping too hard. Treyarch has shifted the balance in this one so that both strategies are equally difficult but viable. 2. Zombies in this game isn't too hard. Zombies in previous games was just too easy. I welcome the challenge. 3. Keeping a crawler/single zombie at the end of the round to do things was never a strategy Treyarch intended for us to use. It was originally intended that players would turn on the power, hit the box, buy perks, upgrade weapons, etc. in the midst of surviving the horde. I think what they're saying by making even a single zombie dangerous is, "okay, yeah, you can save a zombie to get shit done, but that doesn't mean you can be completely careless." Basically, Treyarch spoiled us with the easy difficulty of early zombies. I think this game got the balance just right.
  9. TheDunbarian

    Revisiting the Siberian Outpost

    If you mean you don't want them to revisit old maps rather than making new ones, then no, I'm with you on that. If you mean you don't want them to revisit old maps at all - even if it's in addition to the expected new maps - then yes, you are the only one. I want more BO3 maps, even if they're old ones.
  10. TheDunbarian

    GobbleGum Talk

    Since you asked for information about Pop Shocks, I'd recommend lowering it from ** to *. It's really not great. It can chain and kill a few zombies even in high rounds, sure, but it kills them pretty slowly. It's not gonna get you unstuck if you're cornered. It's one of my least favorite GGs, and of course it seems to be the one Monty gives me the most...
  11. TheDunbarian

    I'm really enjoying The Giant

    I'm also loving the Giant a lot more than SoE, mainly because of the simplicity and the ability to just hop right in to a game, either solo or with randoms (mostly solo). I think over 2XP weekend, I went through an entire prestige entirely on the Giant. The ideal thing for Treyarch to do would be to release 2 maps per DLC as many have suggested - 1 new, easter egg driven map, and 1 revisited "simple" map. This is unlikely though, so hopefully they'll work on making the easter eggs more optional in the future - I love SoE, but having to do so much of the EE just to pack-a-punch is pretty ridiculous.
  12. TheDunbarian

    1st Step !?

    Treyarch has never made an easter egg where taking certain actions or reaching a certain point makes the easter egg uncompleteable. There's never been an easter egg in which a step has to be done by a certain round, or a step that can only be done while you're doing something you can only do once/a finite number of times, etc. They always make it so that no matter what round you reach or what you've already done, you can always do the easter egg. Now I'm not saying that this is preventing them from making an easter egg like that. I'm just saying that it's unlikely that you have to do something specific in the early rounds, or something specific while you link the teleporters (since you can only link each teleporter once).
  13. TheDunbarian

    New GobbleGum DLC CONCEPT

    My prediction is that they'll add new tabs on the Gobblegum menu for DLC gums (should they choose to add any). Like, next to "Classic" and "Mega", there will be tabs for "DLC1", "DLC2", etc. (Or just one DLC tab). Also I feel like some of them will be unlimited use (similar to the classic gums) while some will have to be obtained through Dr. Monty's. Anyways, here are some ideas I have: Tip Your Slayer (Unlimited use, lasts 3 minutes) - Points earned are multiplied by 1.5. Heads Up (Unlimited use, lasts 2 full rounds) - Headshots do extra damage. Free Samples (Common mega, lasts 1 full round) - Gives you all perks on the map until the effect wears off, then reduces you to only the perks you had prior to chewing the gumball. That Classic Flavor (Common mega, activated, 1 use) - Immediately gives you Juggernog. I've Got My Back (Rare mega, activated when player bleeds out) - Instead of dying after bleeding out, the player is immediately revived with all weapons but no perks. Eternal Enhancement (Rare mega, activated, 1 use) - Permanently upgrades the weapon in the player's hands. If the player loses/replaces the weapon and gets it back later, it will be received upgraded. (Not usable on Wonder or special weapons.) Flash Forward (Ultra-rare mega, activated immediately, limited to one per player per game) - All zombies on the map immediately die, the round ends, and each player is granted 2000 points.
  14. Same as shirtless. I'm only prestiging just for the sake of having a goal. (Plus, I'm on Prestige 2 right now and I really don't like the emblem, especially compared to Prestige 1, so I gotta get rid of that soon.) As for unlocks, on first prestige I unlocked Lucky Crit, since at the time I thought it more helpful than it actually is, and didn't know how helpful Alchemical Antithesis was. AA was my unlock for second prestige. Third prestige, I'll probably unlock Danger Closest, or maybe Armamental Achievement? I would take Sword Flay if it didn't unlock at such an early level. Point is, gumballs are the way to go with unlocks. Sure, attachments on weapons are useful, but not as game-changing as gumballs. Big difference: if a gun is locked, even though I can't put attachments or camos on it or level it at all, I can still use the gun, while the same isn't true for gumballs.
  15. TheDunbarian

    Return Of Grief In BO3

    I'd like to see it come back in DLC. If not, hopefully some custom mappers will be able to make grief maps when the mapping tools are released? It really doesn't make much sense that they would remove a competitive mode now that they have a working ranking system...

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