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  1. TheDunbarian

    GobbleGum Talk

    Since you asked for information about Pop Shocks, I'd recommend lowering it from ** to *. It's really not great. It can chain and kill a few zombies even in high rounds, sure, but it kills them pretty slowly. It's not gonna get you unstuck if you're cornered. It's one of my least favorite GGs, and of course it seems to be the one Monty gives me the most...
  2. TheDunbarian

    Highest Round on Buried!

    Got to 47 easily yesterday. Sure, its slow, but I like how its something different from the eternal circle being run for hours on end
  3. TheDunbarian

    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Got to round 69 solo. And yes, I purposely suicided on that specific round. Thank you, good night.
  4. TheDunbarian

    Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    If they do ending releasing a remake of a classic map, it'll probably be Der Reise. Odds are that it was the target of one of those Moon rockets, so it would take on a new look and new areas would be revealed. Plus, Samantha may take the group there because she may know things about it that no one knew before, having lived there. Storywise it makes the most sense.
  5. TheDunbarian

    Your Favourite Gun

    I'm with Electric, the Vector is a beautiful weapon and honestly my favorite I've tried so far. However, it does all depend on your play style. If you're an assault rifle guy, the MTAR is a great choice. If you like shotguns, the Remington 870 is the only way to go. If you're a sniper, I recommend the Ballista. And remember, I haven't tried every gun in the game, so do some experimenting yourself.
  6. TheDunbarian

    Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    My favorite will always be Shangri-La. When they bring that back, they have my money.
  7. TheDunbarian

    Zombies: what does easy mode do?

    The only difference is that the zombies don't run. At least, not as many run. Good for less experienced players wanting to practice the basics, but not so good if you wanna learn how to train.
  8. TheDunbarian

    dlc talk

    Treyarch is smart, and contrary to popular belief, they do care about their fans. If they could, they would still be releasing DLC for Black Ops 1. It's Activision that makes all those calls though. Activision wants money, and knows that people will buy a new game every year and that is their best path to high revenue. Activision rushes those DLCs out the door because DLCs make them money. Treyarch would like to spend more time on these DLCs and create multiple brilliant zombie maps of only the highest quality, but Activision limits their time. With Black Ops 2, development was rushed. The Zombies team had to make a decision regarding the zombies maps: quantity or quality? They could make many zombies maps that were of lower quality, or they could make fewer that were quite good. In the end, the zombies team always goes with quality. They release one new map per DLC but it's always amazing. It looks like with Black Ops 2, they're trying to introduce some quantity too by introducing smaller maps cut out of the larger ones. Anyways, there's my rant. Hopefully Treyarch continues with their tradition of awesome zombie maps in each DLC, and this time making each one the size and quality of TranZit ;)
  9. TheDunbarian

    Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    On Farm, knife the enemy team off the balcony right after they spend money on the box Also, I love starting at round 20. Not even on Grief, just straight up survival. My favorite map to do this on is Town. My team knows what to do now: immediately grab Jugg, turn around and get an MP5, then drop out of the building to get Double Tap. Other perks come after that, then box. Nuketown is EXTRA challenging though, since the perks don't spawn in right away. My friend and I started on round 20 just last night and Jugg was the very last perk to show up. :roll: Speaking of Nuketown, would anyone else REALLY like to play Grief on that map? Cause I know I want to!
  10. TheDunbarian

    ***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

    I agree, Way. I want Super back. The "incident" has passed and hasn't even been mentioned for a while, and it's time for him to present us with another beautiful guide and set some more world records ;)
  11. TheDunbarian

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    So THIS is how I got permanent Quick Revive! I thought it had something to do with ranking and getting a certain upgrade based on your strengths... And honestly I liked my theory better than what it actually turned out to be, because with my idea everyone would only get one ability, and so everyone in the game would have his own signature ability, so that each person would bring something different to the team and play a different dynamic role. But this is cool too :lol:
  12. TheDunbarian

    Difference between Green Run and Tranzit?

    Since I have been paying attention to NO leaks - since I want to be surprised, and come on, it's literally two days away - I stand by my previous theory: TranZit is the name of the massive map with the bus consisting of five survival maps, and Green Run is a map exclusive to survival which will continue the story of our original characters. We know that there has to be SOME survival-exclusive maps (Nuketown), and the fact that some achievements distinguish between "In TranZit" and "In Green Run" implies that the two are completely separate.
  13. TheDunbarian

    New Q&A with Jimmy!

    Remember that he said each section of the map will be tailored into a survival map, not just ripped straight out of it. My guess is that the perks will be spread widely throughout TranZit, but each specific survival map will have all of the perks - or at least Juggernog. Also, remember that we're getting Nuketown - and possibly Green Run - as maps specific to survival mode. I like the sound of the ranking system, especially that it rises and lowers according to your performance. Finally, a ranking system that can actually separate the men from the boys, and not just show how long you've been playing the game ;)
  14. I think when he said we don't wanna piss off the bus driver, he was talking more to the zombies, signifying that the bus can kill a lot of them easily.
  15. TheDunbarian

    Theater Mode Confirmed for Zombies

    I am excite. Hopefully they give us more than six slots in our file share. I tend to have a lot more memorable zombies moments than I do in multiplayer.

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