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  1. I dont have Die Rise but could anyone be able to try and see what happens when you go down with the perk that grants you another life(who's who) You might be able to see something different when you are in that state. Like those gold tiles on the floor or something. Try and let me know what happens.
  2. My friends and I were playing and then this happened. We had two boxes and both were working for the entire game. Except the one by the garage never moved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3dmJTc ... ata_player
  3. I highly doubt the purple light coming down on the card is just a distortion. To me it doesn't look like a watermark due to the fact that it's a darker color than the sky. Also the bus station color is not as light as the purple light. If it was a watermark or a distortion of the card it would run on top of the trees that are over the station as seen on this picture. The purple light is not running over the trees like it should if it was a distortion.
  4. jc18378

    Morse Code

    It starts without the achievement. I haven't done the Easter Egg, and you can see it blinking without the easter egg completed.
  5. jc18378

    Morse Code

    Traffic lights morse code?
  6. I picked that one up but no idea where the others are at. Are the Nav cards needed for the easter egg?
  7. Any idea if there is a thread with all the nav card locations?
  8. It is.....But he is wearing glasses which might mean it could be Marlton ha ha ha
  9. The starting picture, ou can see a purple ray falling on the ceiling. This might explain how the Purple rock got there (oblolisk, not right )
  10. Dude, Reznov is secretly alive.......you know it to be true....
  11. Make an actual open map(open world) Not just something that is open but can only be travel by One road!!! We need more guns man! And maybe more than one easter eggs. I like killing zombies to music :)
  12. He is meant to be a stereotypical nerd/geek who is shelter from anything else but technology. He is and sounds like a lot of my nerdy friends. It's not weird, he is just not a Jock.
  13. It has to be hudson. Who else is in the CIA that could have given information to Menendez? There is no other character mentioned that works at the CIA. Also when wood tosses a grenade at Raul. He is "killed" by it. And Hudson confirms it. Hudson was covering his death because he was secretly working with Raul Menendez. How else could Raul come back from the dead. It had to have been Hudson.
  14. Have her go back into theater and review the footage and post it on youtubes. It's pretty easy
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