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  1. Since they were doing experiments these little monsters could've been made to keep people from snooping around n such
  2. I was gonna post something funny but, everything changed when the fire nation attacked
  3. Sometimes when I'm alone I sit in my closet ad pretend im a potato my dog doesn't know he's aadopted thier was a spider in my house so I slowly slowly..... Burnt the house down when thiers alot of people at my house I get naked cover myself in vaseline and wiggle on the ground to assert a my dominance WILL FERRRAL IS A LEGEND
  4. @MurderMachine That's gonna bee hard considering all the people and all the new styles of play
  5. Well it provides a common goal for us CoDzer's to work towards. Not to mention it will be far easier to find others and play with other members. If the majority of members join, it should become fairly large, making us more noticeable and in turn getting the name CoDz out there. Especially if clan leaderboards are involved, and we somehow manage to get near the top. And it would be cool for CoDz to take down people in 4z4 heh Does anyone know how clans work on Elite though? Will it just be one clan, but multiple divisions for Xbox, PS3 and possibly the WiiU (Elite isn't on PC I believe)? Or will we have to create 2-3 seperate clans? We should probably start this up soon. Only one week left. I think u can only have a 100 in a clan so if one fills up we make another one n so on UNTIL THE END OF TIME
  6. It's all agreed but where is the thread to update the console n shiznet
  7. you're banned because I slashed the van's tires, because I'm Chuck Norris Your banned cuz Bruce Lee can kick chuck Norris ass
  8. Your all bbanned because I have a gun....... And get in the van
  9. Not in oorder man on the moon-kid cudi recovery-Eminem meteroa-Linkin Park hybrid theory-Linkin Park watch the throne-Kanye n Jay peace of mind-revulsion awake- skillet endgame-rise against Klusterfuk-tech n9ne BAM
  10. Can I have batman signal for 500

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