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  1. Welcome to the revolution for zombie slaughtering Chavez1830. Thank you for your introduction and you'll find many just like you. Most of our members have completed all black ops zombie with even more. Glad to have you in the arena, please follow the guide here. Well see you around Sincerely Cz
  2. I give it a 9 only thing way is the ghost take all my cash/points in seconds.
  3. I'm so excited for the release but it seems Hawaii just got the map pack. Ah it can't wait to much longer ehheheheheh ahhahah.
  4. Lolz pack a punch lsat form the wall. Best part is I'm all set and for ammo. Mwahahha with my giant, hillbilly , eating candy, friend to help me dominant the west.
  5. I believe the ray gun mark 2 is only for buried. I'm not sure if it's just for the map, but people have wonder in the previous map why there was no new MP weapon. So maybe this is a cover so no one complains about the subject.
  6. Don't worry about the ghost boss since the replacer video of the ghost boss, she's not hard to kill. So it's like killed the pentagon thief, novas, crawlers in die rise, and shagri la bosses. I mean bullets affect her pretty good.
  7. It's here boys so suit up and get armed. Also only four days until buried and the new Maps.
  8. Hello, everyone on codz so right at the moment i'm working on pistols baby. Now the pistols are deadly in the hands of skilled players. In previous cod pistol were great option instead of reloading. Now they are monster with attitude and here all talk about each one. A bonus all explain best guide of using the pistols. Five-Seven Damage= 55(close)-19(long) 2-6 shot to kill Max RPM= 600 Reload time 1 second Mag size is 20 Extend mag 26 Semi-auto Time to kill varies in range more then other pistols. The two shot kill range is 2 meters while 3 shot can go up to 17 meters. Recoil on the weapon is very low so this is a fal with grip. The run speed is 100% and knife speed is 105% with five seven. Swap time to this weapon is fast. Can be used with any attachment but best with red dot since its best pistol in long range. Best range is medium to close range so not long range. Okay since the pistol has low recoil headshots are easy as well. never use pistols on long range maps unless you can flak around the middle or your side of the map. Let the enemies come to you. Tac-45 Damage= 55(close)-19(long) 2-6 shot to kill Max RPM=515 Semi-auto time to kill mid range 2 shot kill range= 7.5 meter 3 shot kill range= 17 meter recoil-Moderate reload time 1 second knife speed 107% movement speed 100% Mag size 10 extend size 13 Beware close range monster! Executioner Total damage 240-40 RPM-400 semi auto range best for close range! 1 shot kill at 5 meters maybe Recoil- kicks like the python so don't spam that trigger finger! More Accurate when ads so use red dot is suggested or laser sight or fast mag! first shell reload 1.77 seconds next shell reload .62 seconds end reload .78 seconds full reload 4.41 seconds! with fast mag its 1.90 seconds Mag size 5 B23R damage 45-19 3-6 shot kill 1-2 burst kill burst RPM-900 No burst delay yuppie 3 shot kill range 13 meters recoil low/moderate reload-1.10 seconds knife speed-105% movement speed- 100% Mag size 15 extend size 21 Kap-40 damage 45-19 3-6 shot to kill RPM 900 full auto 3 shot kill range is 11 meters time to kill is fast recoil like the g18 reload time 1.10 seconds knife speed 105% movement speed 100% mag size 15 extend mag size 20 Important Patches xadjk42EiLE 2O_Qq3hb4I8 All credit goes to Drift0r about each pistols. My only suggestion when using pistols is beware of range. Also beware of damage, RPM, and reload time for every pistol if using just the pistol. So use pistols as secondary more often and you'll start winning more gun fights.
  9. Turned is easy and fun only since it act like MP instead of zombies. Though once you get the insane kill as a human and your a god. Got high bonus and 20 kills in the diner. Though this is my opinion only.
  10. Hahaha guess I forgot about the cafe so easy to train with the trap that is in the case :)
  11. My list of training areas 1. *Docks since zombies spawn fast in numbers here 2. *Warden office 3. *Stair way 4. *Generator room 5. *First dog spawn area both bottom and top open 6. Shower room 7. *Hell retriever spawn only until round 10-15 to dangerous 8. *Spawn room area with door open 9. Roof 10. Bridge 11. Cafe There will be a * for hard training area's. Also it seems the map is tight so getting corner is easy so have a zombie shield before going at it. :)
  12. Recap All we know is Al draws comics base on the future. He also doesn't have voices in his head but images like the afterlife symbol. According to EJ he could be Time Traveler, Omnipotence, or Sybil. So the perks are inside the prison because of Al involving the way to fix the rift. They're flickering is they are in purgatory with the players or a dream of some sort. As long as they are in the state they don't get attack or die until they re-wake. So when the cycle is broken what happens next? Well maybe Al does survive and lives on though he still can see the future. The person who spoke in tranzit and Die Rise is older Al guiding the crew to fix the rift and making sure this whole mess never happened. You know he is in debt with Hades or Satan or Ruler of hell still so this fact comes in. So the reason they come back after they die all the time is Satan work with the help of Al guiding them. Remember in every zombie call of duty there is one map that tells the past which effects the future. In WaW it was Der Riese, Bo it was Kino Der Toten, and Bo2 it's MOTD which effected zombies story line without even knowing it until later on. If there is a cause an effect is right around the corner as well. Satan power with Al knowledge vs Richthofen power with strange voice knowledge. Kings-power, Queen-Knowledge, Pawns-Sammy, Misty, R-Man, and Martin. It's a game of chess in all war battles if you think about it.
  13. A little difficult to follow but still can be done. Well done friendo Jug Hunter.
  14. @Flammenwerfer Yeah probably the only reason i get campers is since I got a big gun that can do a lot of damage. Ah thw werid power of lmgs @Rissole25 I don't mind that I just hate getting quick scope by somebody 2 feet away from me. Some snipers I enjoy having others are a pain. :)
  15. Thank Monkey bomb for the encouragement men.
  16. I will be talking about variety of game modes and maps that effect why you may have a bad or good k/d. Remember this is my opinion which I experience each game mode played in bo2 and how it has effect me greatly. Core Team-death Match This is quick progress with few flaws and more chance of kills with every weapon. TDM is that game mode great for all shapes of killing. Though there are few cons I will share. It mostly depends on the map and team work. Large maps may contain more AR, LMGs, and Snipers while smaller maps have SMG and Shotguns. I've mostly been an LMG Master in CoD mp but I hate objective base game although i'm great at protecting my team. This is where team work falls into play. Never be a lone wolf here since there is always going to be that guy who kills you by chance. Even though you may die your team mate can still finish the job with you getting assist and point for the team. No team means your going to lose with a low k/d. Free-for-All Same situation as TDM but FFA is straight up death match. This is all about getting in the top three. In this game you need to be quick and stealthy in order to survive. Which means more smg, ar, and pistols will be used to gain the lead. Also in every corner there are enemies since spawns are more focus on player location! So spawn trapping is big here. Be silence and quick to shun all with shame in to victory. Maps don't really apply only forcovering and hiding in corners so watch your back! Kill Confirmed this game mode came straight from mw3 as a fan favorite but now the idea may not been so wise. This has so many flaws its not even fun game mode anymore. A lot of people will stay never player tags instead of getting them for more kills. High annoying kill-streaks are spammed with snipers mostly used on any range maps. Snipers love this game mode more then their sniper. Also no team work is applied against kill-streaks since the tags will distract them. That gold tag is a token only for death! Beware of this game mode unless you got quick reaction time and team work! Demolition Fast pace objective game mode with mostly all weapons used. Explosives are mostly used here to protect that bomb site. When its a small map spawn trapping is extreme here. Only one spawn point and no switching. You need a class for getting out of spawn traps is my suggestion and beware of nuketown! Nuketown with this game mode is a gamble to kills. Domination You want compact heat with bullets flying when they see that flashing sign? Well you found one hell of a ride here friendo. Explosives are used here expectantly c4 storm! Large maps are great for fun with a party. Small maps are when you need to get serious and get that B flag! You control B you control the map. Everyone will use everything to get a flag or prevent getting it stolen. Ground War No map is safe from all enemies. Snipers love this map as well as Lmgs. Yes this is one game mode I've enjoy for a long time. Now I don't well you can guess why snipers. This game mode is even more in tense then free for all and Domination put together. You will die at a point but you can get a rapid kill if the sniper don't get it first. This map I recommend for parties as some games I will say later. Hard point Imagine moving point to point with your smg and ar camping for those points with bonus points to kill streaks. It's like having hard line built into the game, oh wait it is in the game. Team Work is best with two people at the hard point and others protecting them. Small maps are chaotic with explosive used and shotguns running into for a suicide kill. C4 Storm is applied into the topic as well but maybe rpg fans though. Hard point is great for earning kill streaks mostly like kill confirmed except not ruin by snipers. Search and Destroy Extreme camping until its the last man alive. You use anything you got but mostly team work. This is populated with mics and trash talking. I tend to stay away from SnD due to trash talk and only went in once! You only got 4 rounds and 1 life each round so a lot can happen. Mostly people go hunt for people instead of planting the bomb which is smart. Like I said "A lot can happen in 5 minutes!" Maps play a huge part for camping to ninja defuses. Large maps may take longer while short maps means quick deaths unless one whole team camps. Hardcore Team-Death Match Same thing as core except no hud, extra bullet damage, and uav spammers. This is best for camping or prone moving around. Not much people play this since camping gets involved. Though in my opinion this is great for leveling up guns to diamond camo if you can rush without getting shot . Maps apply big in HC so use the map to your advantage. Kill confirmed Its a lot better then core version since a lot of people are on their toes. Maps are still a big advantage. Snipers are not shown much in HC so thank god. Search and Destroy A lot of tense camping with rush is applied here. Hiding is best option when you feel comfortable to move otherwise go with your gut. Party games One in the Chamber Maps don't matter much in here since there's a continuous uav up and only got 4 lives left. One bullet which means accuracy matters otherwise its a knife war. Gun Game cycle threw weapons with each kill with the ballistic knife the last weapon. No score streaks and a lot of red dots popping up. The map matters here if you can read the radar right. Spawn trap and setbacks are the only issues in the game but its normal. Get past this and this is one fun game to play. Sharp Shooter Another cycle weapon game base on timer and your skills with the game with attachment. Same situation as gun game which can be fun. Sticks and Stones Accuracy is the only thing that matters here. All weapons most require skill on accurate and predicting enemy movement. The map doesn't matter since its the same as one in the chamber, a continuous uav. Bonus NukeTown 24/7 Pretty much nuketown mapp all the time with various game modes, so moist pit with nuketown only. This only shows up during double xp weekend. Arms Race This pretty much TDM but with a higher chance of getting kill-streaks faster then hard point or kill confirmed. Nothing to talk about maps since its rushing with smgs and light weapons. I know moist pit is not in here since I truly hate it. Not fun anymore when they get firing range mostly as map vote. Anyway hope this helps a little when choosing a game mode with map vote. I've tired each game mode but the best is to what fits your play style. Mine is defeating my team and nailing people with my lmgs which made me decided tdm is best to me. Yes I've been mostly in MP section since I've taken a break from zombies due to my urge to get at least one diamond camo gun. This is CZ "Making The Ground Crimpson"
  17. Yeah though it only provokes more smgs and shotguns to be used instead of AR, LMG, or and other weapons.
  18. True though these weapons are probably best for hardcore if you wanna stay off the map. Other wise you use cold blood and hide when you kill an enemy. 9/10 they come looking for you with a friend or just them.
  19. Okay I find this amusing and BS by all means. I used a crossbow all the time while ads other wise there's no point in using it. But today tiring hip firing with a crossbow was more easy to get kills then ads. It's like using my sights is the opposite of why I need them. Even when I put tri-bolt on the ads sucks but what you know hip fire gets me a kill and no dead in the process. Then I tried this with pistols and I get head-shots and less it marks with a faster trigger finger! I've never seen hip firing to be more useful then ads. So I want you guys to ty this experiment as well. Cod4 hip-firing Hip firing sucked unless you got steady aim perk on. You missed a lot more and get few hit markers. Bad idea for hip firing at all when playing a match. Mw2 Hip fire has improved with less hit markers but still not suggested unless with a shotgun and steady aim perk. Also smg and pistols allowed duel hip firing which was fun for going Rambo. The spray how ever was ridicules which does out of cross hair borders. WaW Hip firing was only best with smgs since the others sucked when hip firing which is the same boat as cod 4. Bo Hip firing has improved a lot with all weapon types but prefer to ads. Hip firing is a must in cqc battles if you wished to win. Cross hairs get smaller if you use the perk stead aim. Greay improvement thanks to treyarch. Mw3 Hip firing is out outrageous from medium to small range battles. But the down fall was the hit markers show up more and give you less odds of killing someone with a weak damage weapon. Bo2 Hip firing perk is now an attachment called laser sight. The maps are medium to small range mostly. Now when hip firing the spray does go every where for a shotgun but the others it's like ads. So when hip firing the range is extreme and less hit markers show up compare to ads. Ads is only suggested when people head glitch other wise its ads with hip fire. Hip firing is used mostly since ads takes 2-3 second with quick-draw while hip fire is only 1 to shot to spray. Also its a lot more accurate then before but ads is still accurate by all means. The Experiment Use any weapon excluding specials(crossbow doesn't count) and lauchers. Just hip fire for one game and then after that play it normal with ads. Compare the two videos in theater mode and how insane this can be. Then decide if you should hip fire more then ads or Ads more then hip fire. If you like post your results or drop a comment about the topic. This is CZ "Making The Ground Crimpson". Thanks for the tamb monkey bomb .
  20. Very well done friendo on the 100. By the time I get to round 100 all be 100 years of age playing with a new console helmet. Nah I will get it once I have a liter of voltage M DEW with granola bars and bag of corn chips or maybe graph and cherry's. Yeah grease = playing bad for me.
  21. Right now I'm working on the specials to gain diamond camo. Right at the moment I'm on the edge to getting gold for combat knife and crossbow. Ballistics knife is already gold but assault shield a long way to go. Anyways I going to go in depth for each one and my option. Ballistic Knives This is my second gold weapon I eared so far playing black ops 2. The easiest way to get the kills is through sticks and stones. The challenges I completed were in TDM and the one I had a time is get 25 Kills from Retrieved Blades. All in all this weapon is awesome for stealth reason and punishing head glitches. This is as shameful as getting a tomahawk to the head. Never let your guard down of an enemy with such a deadly ninja weapon. Crossbow Another one of my favorite weapons which has drop range as the ballistics and tomahawk. A deadly shot that counts down your life. This weapons is even more dangerous with tri-bolt attachment. Using tri-bolt can stroke a luck of three kills at once which is how I got my skull camo. Also if enemies are close the hit is critical like a grande laucher. The radius explosion is low without tri-bolt but still not as high as c4. Beware of the archer who lurks in the shadows. Combat knife A true ninja weapon to those who lurk in shadows. The knife range is a CQC and never played on big maps unless you can flank and hide in corners. You can't run around like an idiot with a shotgun with this weapon. If you do prepare for your K/D to be lunch for this weapon. The one challenge that everyone have a hard is getting 5 Bloodthirsty Medals and this is the last one for me getting gold knife. This is my favorite for Cqc only but other wise never use it. Beware of the ninjas with a knife! Assault Shield This weapon has been recognized as a pain in the @ss to get gold. Though in the end it's worth it to see your friends and enemy's gaze at such honor. The biggest thing that makes this weapon hard to get gold is the 100 kills needed after that it's easy street. This weapon is more for offensive game play and not attacking! The only way to get kills is concussions and flanking the enemy other wise say goodbye to that match. This is a weapon I would use for objective offensive with fast hands. Although there is one perk to using the shield though when its 1 vs 1. The enemy fears the shield and without c4 your their worst nightmare. The shield is a feared one ever since mw2. All I got to say about it is "Fear is a Shield". The specials are a favorite weapon to counter all if used right at the time. The crossbow I love since I can almost get an afterlife kill every time an enemy shows up. So what special weapon do you like out of all of them and which would you never unless it's for fun? This is Crimson Z releasing my arrows to you.
  22. I love cyborg since I'ma tech :geek: and the calling card is awesome too. What I love the most is the camo lights up.
  23. Zxnx3W-HA18 So do you think the story is more intense and how will this effect MP for everyone?
  24. Thanks it works great and can't wait for the Redeemer guide to get it early.
  25. The combat knife I have is almost gold. I just need to get the Ron camo and i'm all set. Also on the note my ballistic knife is almost gold too I'm on my way to diamond camo for specials hehe.
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