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  1. Maybe, but unlikely. Time based ones tend to last several minutes, and activate as soon as they're chewed. I'm not sure what being a zombie would entail. In Plain Sight already offers the invisibility effect, and it's a tad more useful since you can activate it whenever you choose, unlike the time-based ones. As for Crawl Space, who knows? My best guess is that it freezes all crawlers in place, so that it won't bother players until they're ready to kill it. Another idea is that it immediately makes all zombies into crawlers, but that sounds pretty powerful for a common Mega, so it's unlikely.
  2. The names have been released and images of each one, but no descriptions. They are as follows: Crawl Space (Mega, Activated) Fatal Contraption (Mega, Activated) Undead Man Walking (Rare Mega, Time Based) Head Drama (Ultra-Rare Mega, Round Based) Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUhvh1iIBD0 Since there are reports of the Death Machine powerup being added to the previous maps, I think it's safe to say that Fatal Contraption spawns the powerup. Head Drama appears to make every shot to a zombie count as a headshot. The other two are a bit harder to figure out. Thoughts?
  3. To those disappointed that there's only one zombies map in this pack: 1. Not sure why you expected otherwise. 2. All hope is not lost. On the Message of the Day in BO3, where it advertises the season pass, it says "Get 4 Epic Map Packs AND New Zombies Maps". The use of the word "and" implies that these supposed maps are separate from the map packs. Now, this is probably just to make clear that the SP includes the Giant in addition to the map packs, so I still wouldn't get my hopes up, but there is a possibility that remade/extra zombies maps may be released separately. Also, does anyone know if Activision has any contract with Microsoft regarding DLC exclusivity? I ask because I'm a PC player who's wondering if the pack will be released on PS4 in January, Xbone in February, and PC in March, or if it'll be PS4 in January and both Xbone and PC at the same time in February.
  4. @Stop Mocking Me0: Applause for you sir, that's a hell of a theory. Not sure if it's right, but it's pretty sound. This would mean that all of the campaign team's original maps - MotD, Origins, and SoE - would take place in the same universe (the Giant doesn't really count since it's not really an original map).
  5. Speed Cola definitely speeds up the animation of the repairs, but I don't know if it speeds up the actual repairing, since I seem to hear the sounds at the same rate.
  6. I'm also loving the Giant a lot more than SoE, mainly because of the simplicity and the ability to just hop right in to a game, either solo or with randoms (mostly solo). I think over 2XP weekend, I went through an entire prestige entirely on the Giant. The ideal thing for Treyarch to do would be to release 2 maps per DLC as many have suggested - 1 new, easter egg driven map, and 1 revisited "simple" map. This is unlikely though, so hopefully they'll work on making the easter eggs more optional in the future - I love SoE, but having to do so much of the EE just to pack-a-punch is pretty ridiculous.
  7. Treyarch has never made an easter egg where taking certain actions or reaching a certain point makes the easter egg uncompleteable. There's never been an easter egg in which a step has to be done by a certain round, or a step that can only be done while you're doing something you can only do once/a finite number of times, etc. They always make it so that no matter what round you reach or what you've already done, you can always do the easter egg. Now I'm not saying that this is preventing them from making an easter egg like that. I'm just saying that it's unlikely that you have to do something specific in the early rounds, or something specific while you link the teleporters (since you can only link each teleporter once).
  8. I'd like to see it come back in DLC. If not, hopefully some custom mappers will be able to make grief maps when the mapping tools are released? It really doesn't make much sense that they would remove a competitive mode now that they have a working ranking system...
  9. I have noticed that they spawn much less often after the last update. I think I'll try what OP said, letting zombies into the teleporter before activating it to see if it increases spawn rates. Unlikely? Yeah, of course. But it's worth a shot. (It would actually kinda make sense for it to work that way - would prevent people from just leaving a crawler and spamming the teleporter until they get a perk.)
  10. The quote you're talking about is exactly what he says at the beginning of round 2 on Origins (although he replaces "the staffs" with "the radios" in The Giant). He then realizes what he's saying and stops himself, saying, "Nein! I'm getting confused! Curse these 115-induced delusions!" 115 exposure and usage is beginning to affect the memories of all four characters, including Richtofen. It's most likely for a second that he got confused and thought he was back in 1919 France... but wasn't entirely out of it because he did mention the radios.
  11. Exposure to 115 was what turned the original test subjects (Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo) into the characters we knew in WaW/BO1. Richtofen, however, was changed into his murderous, sociopathic self when he came in contact with the pyramid on the Moon - but, of course, who knows what Origins Richtofen has been up to for the past two years? Either way, I think that 115 exposure is sufficient to explain the behavior changes of the characters.
  12. Pros: - Love the full ranking system/prestiging/challenges, add a lot of replayability - GobbleGum is a fantastic addition that adds a whole new layer of strategy - Weapon kits are a really cool way to personalize your game and leveling up guns/unlocking camos is fun (when prestiging doesn't break the weapon kits, but I'm sure they'll fix that soon...) - The elemental pack-a-punch is fantastic, making almost every gun a feasible option at high rounds and, once again, adding variety to strategies - The new movement and behavior of the zombies, and the increase in player health to a three-hit down before Jugg, is a surprisingly good change - Shadows of Evil has just the right level of difficulty: decent train spots, a powerful wonder weapon, and a fairly OP perk called Widow's Wine, but balanced with new enemies that spawn surprisingly often in the higher rounds, giving a constant feel of chaos - I love it! - The Giant did the impossible by making Der Reise better - Jeff Goldblum Cons: - No offline solo play. This is my biggest complaint, as I can be on round 30 or higher, when one little internet hiccup can kick me from the game - and yes, that does happen a surprising amount. Absolutely no reason for that to happen when I'm not in a game with other players. Really hope Treyarch either adds an offline solo option or an option to resume your solo game where it left off in the event of a disconnect - The Ray Gun is now obsolete - I made a separate thread about this - Shadows of Evil (the only on-disc map) is NOT a good starting point for people who have never played zombies before - The weapon kits could've used more camos: camos that unlock after completing challenges besides just kills (headshots, etc.), and possibly something akin to diamond camos in multiplayer. I just think Red Hex (the highest level camo in zombies) isn't very hard to unlock. Also, I wish guns could retain their camos (or some variation of them) when pack-a-punched. - The Wunderwaffe is unpredictable - sometimes it works like it used to, but sometimes it's very weak. Hopefully this is a bug and will be patched. - Most of the challenges are too easy. I'm already done with the zombie hunter category, and made good progress on the other two. Multiplayer has more challenges than most people could ever hope to complete, while I feel like I'll be done with Zombies' challenges sometime in the next week or two - The Beauty of Annihilation remix. That was disappointing. - Only one on-disc map. I know this is the norm now, but it's still kinda lame. Most of the cons are nit-picky. Overall, I'm absolutely loving Black Ops 3 zombies!
  13. I'm hoping they'll add a side-quest style easter egg, seeing as this map continues the story from Origins, and how that story will likely continue in some form in later maps. I would also like to see more little easter eggs and features added in, both cosmetic and gameplay-affecting, but after seeing the "bonus map" that was Nuketown Zombies, I really can't get my hopes up too high about how much effort they'll put into this one. Besides, they're probably hesitant to change anything because they know that if too much gets changed, the classic die-hard fans will complain about how it isn't true to the original map. I don't expect much more than what the BO1 release of Der Reise was, which was simply the map running on the new engine, with some new features from the new game (similar to how Black Ops changed the function of Quick Revive in solo and that change was reflected in the reimagined Der Reise, we'll likely see Double Tap replaced with Double Tap II), and the game's new weapons featured in the Mystery Box (and evidently on the wall as well, if the posts above are accurate). Anything past that, I'll consider exceeding my expectations.
  14. M1911 has never been obtainable by any means besides starting with it (or dying and respawning with it). Mauser could be obtained from dig spots if one chose to get rid of it. But either way, they couldn't put an M1911 or a Mauser on the wall, because that would allow players to buy ammo, both for the unupgraded versions in the early rounds to rack up an insane amount of points, and in the upgraded versions to slay an unfair number of trains. Also, part of the challenge of obtaining M&S and Boomhilda is that you have to hold on to an essentially useless weapon (as far as killing goes) until you have enough points to PaP it. Being able to get rid of it for a better weapon and then just get it back when you're ready to upgrade seems kinda cheap - I'm looking at you too, Origins. TL;DR: Putting a starter weapon on the wall would make things very easy, the best way to fairly include options for starting weapons is by allowing players to choose their starting weapon at the beginning of the game.
  15. Personally, I would love to see the XP progression system unlock different starting pistols, each with their own pros and cons. The M1911 and Mauser, while carbon copies of each other pre-upgrade, are vastly different when PaP'd, and while I personally prefer Boomhilda over Mustang and Sally (even with PhD), I'm sure there are many who would disagree with me. By putting both of these options in for players to choose from, we'd see more variety in how people play. Even more so if they were to add in new options, like the MR6. Perhaps, for example, the MR6 is more powerful than the M1911 and Mauser pre-upgrade and is actually capable of killing zombies reliably in the first five rounds or so. This would give one the advantage of having a weapon that can kill right off the bat without the need to buy a wall weapon, but comes at the disadvantage of not being as useful for early-round point-building and, perhaps, an inferior upgrade compared to the other two. Hell, maybe there could be an option to start out with only a combat knife BOII multiplayer style, with the benefit of faster knifing, faster mobility, and perhaps a small point bonus at the beginning of the game. Just a thought, I'm worried about the XP system bringing in features that make the game too easy, but things like this that would bring more variety and choice into the game without changing the core gameplay would be welcome to me. Also, hey CoDz guys, it's been a while
  16. Here's a fun fact of the day: the knife CAN be used to open the teleporter on the robot's foot. Your timing has to be perfect. Is it safe? No. Do I recommend doing it if you want to survive? No. Does it make for an awesome clip in your file share and a cool clutch story for your friends? Yes it does 8-)
  17. Love love LOVE it! No complaints thus far! Of course I still have a ways to go, I only had a few hours to play today - work :evil: But still, the robots are terrifying yet easily avoidable, the generators are a cool twist to turning on the power, and the random perk generator is cool too. Haven't built any of the staffs yet but I've teleported to Argatha (I think...) a few times. Mech suit zombie is annoying, but not overly frustrating in my opinion. This is what I was hoping this map would be, a true challenge. I haven't gotten past round 12. I'm OK with this. We can't wish for a hard map and then cry cause we keep dying :lol:
  18. I like theory very much. I personally think that the most likely scenario you presented was that the Well that the Germans broke open was an entrance to (or in the zombies' case, an exit from) Argatha, seeing as that's where the Vril-Ya ORIGINate (see what I did there?) and they seem to have been behind almost everything so far. But as far as we know, any of these theories could be correct. And I'd honestly be ok with a time-space rift :D
  19. (Looks at Richtofen) Why is Freddy Mercury a playable character in this map...?
  20. They won't refuse to do it because of file size. They'll refuse to do it because they're lazy. I wouldn't... It's hard enough to get the Blundergat from the box... Actually, I see these micro-transactions working more like class sets. You pick what weapon set you want to be in the box, and the box will give you those guns instead of the BOII guns (with the exceptions of the Ray Gun, RGM2, and any other wonder weapons the map may have, which will always be in the box). Better yet would be if different people could play with different weapon sets. Ex., if I set my weapon set to WaW and my friend set his to BO1, even if we're in the same game I'd only get WaW weapons out of the box, and he'd only get BO1 weapons. Personally, though, I'd like to see the micro-transaction idea for zombies used on classic maps ;)
  21. There is not a lack of logic; treyarch just has their own logic, which goes unbroken in their universe. From our perspective, magically spawning weapons from a chalk drawing seems crazy. However in a world where chalk drawings DO spawn weapons (and that's considered normal) there is still a set of rules on which the weapons function. It isn't our set of rules, but it's as unbreakable as ours. Exactly this. Personally, I think the time/space rift (the same time/space rift that put an old-Western town underground in Africa) is responsible for taking these weapons back in time. If there is, like Electric said, a special kind of logic in the zombies universe, then the time/space rift is how it explains the weapons.
  22. I am confident that Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo will all maintain their personalities. 1917 was indeed before Richtofen touched the pyramid, but I think touching the pyramid simply caused him to start hearing the voices. His insane behavior may have been intact beforehand. I have a feeling we'll see it, Treyarch wouldn't give us boring original characters.
  23. Nope. Tranzit is good on paper. Big spaces. Lots of new stuff. New enemy. The works. But three things ruined it: fog, fire, denizens (and maybe too many buildables, but, eh). Take, at the very least, two of those three things away and you have an awesome map. I understand the logic behind the fog and fire, but denizens? Fucking stupid, if you ask me. If the robot replaces the denizens, I think the Tranzit concept may just turn out pretty cool. The fire didn't bother me too much, and my only problem with the fog was the denizens. My biggest problem with Tranzit, even worse than the denizens for me, was that it took years to get from point A to point B. The tank is even slower than the bus by the looks of it, so hopefully we have a more reliable teleporter system in this one.
  24. That's likely, we've seen guns come out of the box with attachments already fixed (G11 Low Power Scope, CZ75/Five Sevcen Dual Wield, etc.)
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