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  1. It sounds like it would be a good map for sure.
  2. Black Ops 1, by far. It had atmosphere, an intrigue to it. And the way it tied into all the other modes was amazing. I loved Ascension mainly but getting the waw maps was awesome.
  3. Also Im like Tappa, even if its not zombies, I feel the presence of others, affects how I play.
  4. All I need is a cup of tea, nine times out of ten, I go for a snack mid round.
  5. As long I have my Thompson, I'm perfectly content. I would like to see a wide mix of weapons from different points in time.
  6. I would like to believe that somehow, someway, Treyarch will continue the story.
  7. Personally I think her is a projection of her conscious mind, and being a child she perceives it as if it were game. It's difficult to explain, but it's like she constructed her own sanctuary inside the Aether. It's like how in Kino, we see two different perspectives of Samantha's room.
  8. Now that I did not know. That's pretty cool. Reznov seems almost tied to the zombies story.. how strange.
  9. My original account was called Magna, I made this one as I now more commonly use the name STOTTINMAD. You can merge them if you life. I don't think I had many medals but I did have a half decent theory on Der Reise I did ages ago.
  10. I'm STOTTINMAD formally Magna, I decided to make a new account. Anyhow, I have a good grasp of the story and have recently rekindled playing the older maps after quite a break from Zombies.
  11. Welcome to the forums STOTTINMAD :)

  12. I love the atmosphere of this map, and my goodness is it challenging solo!. But I've managed round 12 with players, and now I have decent understanding of the map. Is it me or do zombies hit you a lot faster.
  13. Hi I joined a while back, posted and fell into inactivity but I have been around watching reading on theories, and hopefully perfecting my own in the long run, safe to say it's been too long since I last posted here. Anyhow I'm back.
  14. This is interesting, because it seems to imply that Edward and Maxis appear to be secretly working together. That sounds ridiculous but what if all this was their master plan to turn the Earth into their testing ground... I'm not confident in this though.
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