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  1. Gah, I just logged in to post this. Very cryptic
  2. Where in the all living unforgiving hell did you pull this theory from
  3. I have a jtag, too bad there are no mods released that let you noclip As for the sedan being nades backwards thing is really clever, totally something treyarch wouldn't just put there randomly. Oh, Im actually surpised no one has been actually able to no-clip yet. But hopefully there is something for PC as I am building a Pc over Xmass. Eitherway it could have to do a lot with the EE, like in DerReise the whole button outside the map thing Wait, is this the billboard that has the car on it? I've seen this multiple times while doing the no-fog glitch. The more i think about this, the more it significant it seems. "An entirely new way to move"? Idk it seems really sketchy, can't wait to see what treyarch has hidden with this thing :)
  4. I think misty has 12/21/12 on her hat cause its the date the missiles hit the earth. Shangri-la = Mayan temple and surrounding areas. I believe 12/21/12 is alot more relevant to zombies that many think.
  5. Interesting, if only I still had my Jtag to noclip over there. But the fact there is only 1 type of that car (Maybe 2) and it's on a poster, probably means it's important. Also isn't that the direction the bus comes from (Back Corner) I have a jtag, too bad there are no mods released that let you noclip As for the sedan being nades backwards thing is really clever, totally something treyarch wouldn't just put there randomly.
  6. maybe if you described it someone could do it and upload to youtube? :)
  7. When you trap him, maxis says something, also new morse code lights appear at the top of the tower. Very well could be the next step. thoughts?
  8. "Some things need to come down, before others go up."? You need to bring the sun down in order for the moon to come up. How? Beams n lazerz
  9. I think it may have to do with the Laundro-Beams. DO the beams ever go through THAT street light? If so, maybe you have to wait until you get the orb there, and then try to get a beam to go through it? I was just watching this video and had an idea- doesn't the bus go directly under that street light? Try going on top of the bus and coming in contact with it. something may happen
  10. I wonder why the traffic light is glowing in the guys video?
  11. Perhaps it's this green run thing
  12. Part 2: "Who's that lady?" Part 1: He points out alot of things that I didn't notice before, as well as give us some tips. What do you think?
  13. It says "Perk list out of bars", and an arrow pointing to the pink space that says "Cheat"
  14. Lol the guy replied to his own post, then someone else with the same username except for like 1 letter tried to defend him xD
  15. Open world campaign where you can explore and find new things to build custom weapons!?!?!?!? Thank you treyarch.
  16. This is most likely what it is. It is easy on the developing side too. All we had to do was use the clay more animation and just replaced the claymore with a tombstone.
  17. This noise makes me think of a JUKE BOX... edit: or should I say Juke BockZ
  18. The developers said they can't do cutscenes in the middle of the game purely due to technical cause. They can't stop the zombies from spawning. Now that they are in the multiplayer engine, things are different. I'm not sure if they would do cutscenes or not.
  19. This to me looks like "the map" they've been working on, and behind the fog are "the bus" headlights.
  20. When mark lamia and david vonderhaar did the unboxing and opened the case there was only 1 disk. case=solved
  21. Seems as though we're waiting for the trailer to upload to the website lol. Taking us by surprise, treyarch? This is an awesome surprise tho!!! :D :D
  22. Wow everybody is waaay overthinking this lol its just that number that happened to show up, its a joke.
  23. I'm assuming they're just remixes, where'd you get them from?
  24. Even so, if this were to be official there is no way treyarch would keep it at such a low resolution, and they wouldn't keep those black bars. Nice try though :D
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