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  1. Did Treyarch actually just straight up give us answers to many of the remaining unsolved EEs? That's incredible.
  2. I thought it was kind of funny, mainly because I love Stan's dad on that show.
  3. I'm so happy, I finally got my precious computer back!

  4. Despite the mild letdown about the multiverse stuff, I'm really intrigued by this new ongoing mystery we have now about what happened in the past in accordance to the present(ish) timeline we have in zombies. Perhaps we'll get to play in a map that takes place way back in time that is basically the definitive splitting point in all of zombies? Like something that occurred well before Origins?
  5. Oh man, the chills. My body is so ready for this map.
  6. I think I would actually like if they had a variety of EE's for BO3. Like big ones akin to Origins and smaller, simpler ones like Ascension. I'm guess this will be the case with The Giant as I can't imagine it having a massive EE to complete on a relatively smaller map.
  7. I'm expecting something along the lines of what Origins had including all the side quests too. They have a tendency to go bigger with every game so far though so maybe it will get even crazier than that. I hope it doesn't get too bloated though.
  8. Anybody else download the jazzy new PS4 SoE theme? Much better than I was expecting it to be.

    1. Lenne


      Not available in europe.


    2. Kill_All_Monkeys


      That's stupid, why would a theme be region locked like that?

  9. Thank you for the donation, remind us to request the medal when it comes back online if you haven't done so. Just to double check, was the donation for server costs or to go towards costs for "The LFG system"?

    1. Kill_All_Monkeys


      It was the LFG system one, and will do.

  10. Maybe it is to signify that Sam and even Richtofen aren't quite as malicious as whatever this demonic being is.
  11. Take away Jug and the ability to train and you'll be able to kill the human player surprisingly easily.
  12. Sorry. I know that feel. And thank you Well we could call them "the crew" just not the "original crew". I tend to call them the new crew anyway.
  13. Have both of you pull up a split-screen guest player, ready up, and then back out of the guest accounts with like 1 or 2 seconds left. Works almost every time.

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