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  1. I have to agree, it's something about the face, to me it looks similar to the one in the Origins ending cutscene + the blue eyes. I don't know... there's just something there... Have you all noticed the eye though? Looks like there is something reflecting off of it.
  2. Same, looks like they changed the link address, seemingly to just change the title, same sounds are there but the post is now called "Select Origins Ringtones Avaliable Now for Free!" Here is the new link address: http://community.callofduty.com/communi ... kLsUNK-rkA I'll also update the OP Enjoy them!
  3. You're welcome I've put all of the files into a Google Drive folder which anyone can view using the below link, you should be able to just download them all using that, if you want the individual links then I'll put them down below in a bit just in-case anyone needs them Drive Folder Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing Individual Links! Hope this helps people :D
  4. Ring ring! Hello there everyone! Treyarch have just released downloadable ringtones for us to use :twisted: Link: http://community.callofduty.com/communi ... kLsUNK-rkA Many of the songs featured are from the map Origins but there are a few surprises on there such as '115' and 'The One' along with many others! Oh, did I mention that they were FREE! Available in MP3 & M4R (dependant on the phone type). Why are you still reading this? Go ahead and download them all! Enjoy! ***I've only just gotten the internet back so if this has already been posted then I apologise although I did check quickly before posting***
  5. That would actually be amazing! This machine looks brilliant and am very much looking forward to using it in 'Origins', it would be great if they did add it to other maps, I would love to have more modes added to play making it last longer! We'll have to wait and see...
  6. For my brothers' birthday a few months back (11th) we went to play a game of bowling with one of his friends, here are the scores: Me & my dad got the score of 115 What are the chances of it happening twice! Also if you check out the CoDz Twitter Page you can see that they have 115 followers (oh you!) Also they have sent out a total of 1,15(7) tweets out, coincidence? I think not! :lol:
  7. I'm going to have to say the plane in MOTD, I know that it isn't lethal to anyone or do any damage to zombies but the idea amazes me, this is something you are literally building through-out the game, giving you something to aim for other than a high round or completing a challenge (at least that is how it feels to me). Even once you've built it you will need to go back and find the fuel cans, it just breaks up the game more, you're on a quest every game! I'll have to wait until 'Origins' to see whether the staffs match up but I have a good feeling this will follow a similar concept (spending the whole game building these, rather than a one off).
  8. Am I one of the only ones that think this ending is probably one of the best ones they could have given us for this map? If you look at this ending on the surface then you may feel as if you have been lead astray for the past few years, it was all just a game! But if you start to look deeper you will see a lot that can come from this, just look at Fated's theory above as an example! This could well have been a game 'Eddy' and 'Sam' were playing together, 'Origins' may not have even been real! This could actually be where zombies started, in a little room! Sam and Eddy (presuming it is Rich) want to be in control of a zombie apocalypse, it shows their power status', Sam is always in control. Everything else other than the map origins can still happen, as Vonderhaar said this is only one possible view (of many) on how it all started, it doesn't mean it is true Nikolia, Dempsey, Takeo and Mexican can still be captured, super soldiers... you get the idea. If this is it then what happened to the O4 on moon? Aren't we going to stop all of the zombies? Sam hasn't gotten her body back, the N4 are 'Buried', are we going to save them? This and a thousand more questions still don't have their matching answers... I have to completely disagree with the arguments that are saying this was all a cop out, Treyarch have done brilliantly on this, people always said about how it would be cool if there was one on going easter egg, well here it is! If this was the ending then I'm satisfied, I applaud Treyarch, it isn't like they haven't given us hints the whole way though Der Reise "I want to play a game", Kino teleportation 'Samantha's room with the toys of the O4', the bear in the box, Richtofen 'Buried' "I've won Maxis". If it all was just one big game then I say 'good game' Treyarch! I look forward to more mind games Many, many games have a sequel... I like this a lot! I don't know why but when watching the ending I got the impression that Sam was spoilt, possibly 'Daddy's little girl' wanting everything she wants and as he was a scientist, he gets it. Sorry for the long writing, I just want to show that this ISN'T a cop out and there can still be more but if not then the ending was great none the less! It isn't over until it's over!!!
  9. RIGHT! Zombie slayers you NEED to enlist yourselves NOW!!! Join our favoured heros on the fronline as "The world isn't going to save itself from Zombies." See first hand what makes a hero! Treyarch have just posted this image on their Facebook Page, thought I'd post it here so everything is all in one place: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater
  10. Am I the only one that is even more excited for this map after looking at this quote? Taken from the "We're all in a cycle- theory" in my signature: Even if it isn't the cycle this could still possibly fit in somewhere like if Richtofen went/sent back in time to stop what happens (which I really like). So what if we do have those two easter eggs, one showing us how zombies came to be (so going through shi no numa, der riese, kino etc.) thus continuing the story, then one drastically changing what we know thus meaning the beginning becomes the end but can then also become a new beginning of a new story without the previous maps, just in time for a next generation console upgrade. There are two ways in how zombies came to be, ones the way we've been going for the past 6 years :shock: the other leading to another storyline with O4 & possibly the N4 meaning more zombies! Treyarch are going to blow us out of the water in this map no matter what happens, who'd have thought that we would have gone to the Moon and have Richtofen take over then blow up the earth! Treyarch are great with annoying cliff hanger endings ;)
  11. TANK! He was just so casual with it all, hopping off of the tank and just being amazing!
  12. Didn't a similar thing happen in the 'Great Leap Forward' introduction, where a demonic voice we had no idea about said to Stu: The same could apply here, although there were so many different theories about the 'Great Leap Forward' voice I have no idea which everyone settled on The devil, someone else in the Aether, a different voice, Stu's zombie cravings... I don't know :| We all ask for a trailer in hope of getting answers and all we've gotten is a load more questions Oh Treyarch! *EDIT: I also believe what 'boombyeyeah88' wrote about Richtofen looking confused, I'd like to think this was the moment in which the cycle restarted, meaning we need to break it, I mean if you look at them all after that moment they all look confused... although I'm not sure if it is that or because there is a 1000 foot machine about to crush them :lol:
  13. There are so many to choose from... so I'll have to give you a top three (baring in mind that I've never played Ascension, CoTD or Shangri-La.): If you had to tie me down then I suppose I would have to choose MoTD, it is just enjoyable and great fun to play although this does mean longer games, which I do not always want.
  14. Just a little thought. Are we all just disappointed about this map because it follows 'Mob of the Dead'? There is no doubt that MOTD added a lot of new features, most people (not all) love these new additions and put this as one of their top maps. Even though I do have to agree with most of the things said about this map such as the hats looking silly : I do believe this map will give us a lot in ways of both story and gameplay (such as the maze given out in the achievements, I'm looking forward to this + the whole 'playing with your deepest fears' thing going on). If 'Buried' followed 'Great Leap Forward' or 'Green Run' would you be saying the same thing now? BTW I love the N4, great characters and I think they have been a great change from the other characters we've had, I'd like to think that these are original characters who each have a part in the grand scheme of things, they are a key part to the story and hope they stay. O4 were great, don't get me wrong, but I would most definitely miss the N4 if they went.
  15. bbobs2

    Not so nice

    I have to agree that at the moment I am not as hyped up as I was with MOTD, this seemed to offer so much more (new mechanics, afterlife, music changing etc.). This doesn't seem to offer as much, here is a description: Now to me, the whole 'deepest fears' sounds great! Although it honestly depends on how this is done, is this just for effect (the setting of the map is small and crowded) or is there more behind this that meets the eye... EDIT- Also remember that this map also offers the 'Ray Gun Mark II', avaliable in all zombies maps on Black Ops II, I think that is pretty cool+ Have to agree with you on the zombie hats... just doesn't seem to suit them TBH ;)
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