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  1. As no one else has answered I guess I'll give it a stab: Personally I'd solve that by grouping numbers up to 100 so: We already have 100 then 1+99 2+98 3+97 etc. Taking this into account, you can make it up to 49 + 51 by doing this so from that you should get a total of 4900 + 100 you already had before: 5000 + the left over 50 (that couldn't group to make 100) so the answer should be 5050... at least I hope I like that one!
  2. What if the dragon comes to us? Maybe it floats through the elevator shafts and breaths paper fire But on a serious note, what if it came through the shafts, coming from the outside to the crumbled inside of the building? Causing the shafts to be even more dangerous!
  3. Here's one I recommend you try, I call it long & short: Primary- Remington is my favourite but any shotgun will do Attachments- I use long barrel and laser sight Secondary- DSR WC- OVERKILL! S Attachments- Up to you but variable zoom is quite useful. Perk 1- N/A Perk 2- I use fast hands so I can change out quickly Perk 3- Dexterity, you can then use your shotgun effectively. Lethal- N/A Tac- 2x Concussion/Flashbang This set-up gives you a good advantage whether you're up close to them or far away. You can change the shotguns to a SMG if you wish so you get that close quarters combat. It's an enjoyable class set-up & is good fun to use, just don't expect to get very high killstreaks or even KD with this. Cause you can change it up to suit your play style but this is a nice way to chill after running around with an SMG.
  4. bbobs2

    Zombie buffs?

    BOOM! No training, this mode does seem pretty good but I do agree that zombies need to be buffed up. It could still be round based though, perhaps each player starts at round 1, 1 player is the human and the rest (7 possibly) are the zombies, that human lasts as long as they can then when a zombie catches them they turn into a zombie and then the zombie that attacked turns into a human starting at the round that they are on so Player 1 (Human)- Lasts until round 5 Player 2 (Zombie)- Attacks Player 1 and then takes its place at round 1 Player 1 (Now a zombie)- Attacks Player 2, changes into human and starts back at round 5 (the round it last got up to). This means that it gets progressively harder to win the game & it is a battle to see who can kill the human and take control of the game! The player with the highest round score at the end of the time (or first to get to a set round) wins the game!
  5. People call them Trollarch for a reason Course it is possibly the best day for it & everything does point to it but wasn't their something before release where we were all looking at a day that people had hinted at & that the zombie reveal was going to be on that day & then nothing happened. I'm not going to lie though, everything does seem to point to it & is probable. I'm hoping for something but I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened.
  6. My first EVER console was actually the PS1, from their the Gameboys (Gameboy Colour, SP & DS), the PS2 and now the PS3. My favourite old school game for me would have to be the Crash Banicoots, ever since I have always wanted to create a game like that which is probably what has inspired me to going into computing. The concept was great and a lot of fun to play! It is a shame that there haven't been any more for the PS3. Spyro was also another favourite (it was the one where you went into portals & flown to levels & the main boss was Ripto, can't remember what game it was but I can remember everything else). That was until games were released on the PS2, they seemed to have lost their magic and I didn't enjoy them as much.
  7. I do think the pistols are underrated, I mean the executioner is amazing! But another weapon I do find is underrated is the M1216, I felt like upgrading it during a solo survival game in town & I think I've now find one of my favourites. The video rendering is sort of working (apart from the audio) now so I made a quick video on it: TTIVdToByx0 Originally it has 64 rounds, when you Pack a Punch (the Mezmerizer) you get 96 rounds to play with ,as you can see from the gameplay above it has a one shot (although I did have Double Tap II on it so it might not be) kill up close (I downed at round 29 but it is at least until this), it is a fun one to use and recommend anyone to give it a go.
  8. Basically everyone died :cry: Just finished it now & have thoroughly enjoyed it all. Overall I REALLY enjoyed this campaigns story and the stike force missions even though they were annoying as NO AI on my team could do squat, the experience was still there. I also like how decisions you made actually meant something (so when Harpers face got burned you'd see that throughout the rest of the game, not just in one scene). This is probably the best campaign I've played (story wise), the second would be Black Ops'. Other games should make their campaigns more about decision making! I'm definitely playing this again, there is SO much more than can change within the story & I want to see them all. I'm off to my (game) bunker for another few hours... BYE :D
  9. I don't think I've been put on yet but this is because of people quitting a lot in previous games, if you quit now eventually you'll be put on probation and if you continue it will lead to banning etc. (I think it says when you press leave lobby during a game) I think it is a little bit drastic bit then if clans or people all quit at once it does take the pace of the game away (you have to wait for host migration and more people to join etc.) so I can see why it's there if people quit a lot but if you do get bugged out or kicked then it shouldn't count & is unfair.
  10. True you could get a lot further with 8 players if you all worked together but I don't think that the rounds are recorded from grief, correct me if I'm wrong but I think the leader board only shows Wins & Losses (I think there is another column but I'm not sure what it is). Unless you want to go to higher rounds anyway, this would work great!
  11. bbobs2


    Welcome! This is probably the best site to go to if you want information on anything Zombies! Story, strategies, explanations and innovations you'll find it all here. Enjoy & hope to see you around!
  12. London Underground anyone? I really like this idea, the fact that someone will get punished after taking their time to complete an easter egg would be pretty fun IMO, maybe we could punish them all :twisted: Any who as TranZit is a 'game mode' I'm sort of expecting a new 'game mode' with the DLCs along with new maps (like green run). It'll be great!
  13. This was us before the game came out: ZIF41EK1KCQ This was what happened during school exams: nX6N2tgLmaQ You don't need to go through the wardrobe to get to special places: Qp-gbVT5IRE
  14. Great review/analysis/summary of your thoughts. I agree with most of them so here is what I say, I'll try to keep it short. For the first time in a while last night I had some time to kill & do what I wanted without having to worry about college work or any exams (at least until next week...) so I decided to really give TranZit a go. My initial reaction to TranZit was that it was too much but after really playing it last night I've realized that it is a very enjoyable mode. I've been venturing outside of the key places & started walking which is also enjoyable. The problem is I feel like an element of team work has gone from TranZit. Normally in EVERY other map within the series I will always attempt to revive you & would either revive you, get close or down, I'd rarely let everyone down and me being the one alive. With TranZit you can't do that unless you all stay within the same area, if someone at Diner goes down and you're in Town then odds are you have NO chance of reviving them unless you are lucky with the teleporters (and believe me, after travelling through 5 last night to attempt to revive three players, I'm not). I have to agree with you, the map is slow at times but the challenge within this mode is great. After my initial outburst on Denizens I feel like they have a place within the game, just like the Nova 6 crawlers did in Kino. I also had a fun game of survival last night, four players, round 10 one left, round 19 another left then sent me a message saying they had lag (if you're out there then that's fine bud!) I was left with a player that downed & revived their way through to 27 but it was still fun, it takes me back to the original survival, Nacht is Bus Depot, Town is Der Reise and Farm is the one I've never played in my eyes. Each map in survival has its very own objective/style which is great fun & also offers a challenge. Grief is great fun if I have time to waste, even though there is some amazing mechanics within this mode that can really screw over the other team I do feel that more could've been put in to grief the players but it doesn't stop it becoming a great mode & something I do enjoy when there is competition in play (proper training steals, kill steals and all that good stuff). Overall the game modes are great IMO and it has taken a step past what we knew, whether this is a step forward or backwards is up to peoples opinions, but I feel like I need more and am really considering getting the season pass but whether wanting more is a good thing or a bad thing I don't know, I mean I lasted the whole of Black Ops without buying any DLC (apart from rezzurection for the WaW maps). Do I want more because of how much fun it is or more because there isn't enough to keep me for a year? That my friends is the question...
  15. From a user that lurked a while before joining the site I completely agree, it felt different when I joined as there were users that I felt I could look up to as the best and were leaders on this forum. Not taking anything away from anyone now (as there are still 'leaders') but it isn't the same as it was a year ago. So I agree with the statement "the general structure of the "community" is poor". With the evaluation part the staff really do care about the community and it does show although I do see you've all been tied up with the whole VB issues, course this is a shame but I don't mind, I know it'll be worth the wait I would sort of like an update with what the forum is going to do within Black Ops II (how's this going to affect medals, sub-section changes etc.), maybe a news update every now and then that tells us how it is all going with the staff and what updates they are planning in the future (not just the Mustang update but in general). But you are all still doing a great job!

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