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  1. found ip addresses for other routers too Router Address 3Com - D-Link - Linksys - Microsoft Broadband - Netgear - Actiontec -
  2. This is a video guide to fix your wifi router settings to cut out interference. should work for Mp, zombies, youtube loading and your internet in general link: Enjoy please leave any other tips and tricks in the comments. so far this one has worked for me. In mp my k/d shot straight up after doing this. noticeable difference immediately
  3. So, on tranzit we had a mission (tob) once you did it you could still go on killing dead things. Same on Die rise. Mission done and keep killing. now on mob of the dead we have an actual ending, weasel kills group or group kills weasel. which ever one you do though brings an end to the game (correct me if im wrong) Now.....imagine the future releases having an ending/goal/final mission instead of just surviving rounds...... .......NOW imagine an ending to zombies together Dun DUUUnnn DDDUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN
  4. so it may just be me, but i noticed at least 2 characters using new melee weapons, one looked like a pipe (ray liotta) stabbing a z in the eye, and noticed mr blonde (mad mike madsen) stomping the f___ out of a z on the floor. new melee/ kill tactics? we can only hope. a new WAY to kill besides shoot 99.999% of time, would be dooope!!! please to do the enjoying yes!?!?!!
  5. I am struggling with building the table, hell with all of it really. Psn sick_ckuf On now. Send invite or add me either way
  6. http://www.pcgamesn.com/callofduty/activision-reduce-treyarch-staff-reflect-needs-black-ops-2-dlc-development This came across my phone earlier and i kinda understand why they would cut people to focus on dlc. maybe too many ideas were hurting the game play. Instead of a bunch of ok ideas, focus on the few good one?!?! Let me know what you think this means for us, the players -sick
  7. Sounds crazy, do you have it in theater mode?
  8. Their scientific name is.................Frank I hate frank!! :evil:
  9. What if he means saving up a large amount of points, and use them on the next map (each dlc having its own EE) to complete a large mission that is finished in the last dlc drop with TOB being the begining.?!?!?!. What if the next map(s) have an atm or bank giving us access to what we have already stored.
  10. What if he means saving up a large amount of points, and use them on the next map (each dlc having its own EE) to complete a large mission that is finished in the last dlc drop with TOB being the begining.?!?!?!. please to enjoy reading :P
  11. sorry tried to dl nuke town n cou;dnt feel free to move/close/lock/destroy/bury this just letting loose on the interweb for venting sorry :)
  12. i dont normally complain, but psn y today to do network upgrades, y not yesterday or friday...clowns i want my nuketown. Got up early did what i had to do for work just to come back to psn down :/ y u do this to me?!?! :(
  13. Ithink i t would be. Picture you get your dlc, but the way to access it in tranzit mode (not survival or grief) would be to get the nav card and have the bus get you there. the nav card is accepted, new part of map opened for tranzit mode, like a new bus stop. Plus right now we are in the northern hemisphere, and we are getting 4 drops. so we still need southern, eastern, and western hemispheres.I highly doubt all by bus. So what would be the fourth drop? "best of" perhaps?
  14. it looks like you used a camera to record a tv and the contrast is not showing up right. Looks like muzzle blast and smoke to me.
  15. Yea the whole idea of pre ordering is just to boost there number before release date. I bought a $5 preorder card from a well-established-supermarket that rhymes with ball-cart and upon release none of the preorder cards would swipe. its only $5 but i paid to exclusively hold mine. so i paid 5 extra. still had to wait hours in line and got the same as the 100th guy in line who paid retail and still got nuketown 2025........then dont get me started on 3arc taking it away. i was told i would get nuketown i want my ****ing map!!!!! (i know its on a moshpit lobby now but that doesnt mean i have t
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