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  1. ktvTqknDobU Love this song but kind of weird music video.
  2. I know but still nice video of surviving so long. that guy maybe have some blather issues in the near future.
  3. Haha nice Well you'll be seeing me on ps4 guys sorry Microsoft but you destroyed yourself.
  4. Today I learned how to use C4D to create my new signature. Not an easy program to learn at first but feels just like photoshop. But put both of them together for epicurus work of art. Forgot who suggested it since I have bad memory so thanks to who ever suggested c4d.
  5. I feel like the only way I can eat chicken is roasted or add buffalo sauce. By any chance has anyone tried grill chicken + Italian bread + mozzarella and buffalo sauce.
  6. :lol: That made my day. Thank MMX I got pissed alot since I tried aiming for nuclear titles and got so close then died oh well still damn funny.
  7. Interesting all give it a shot but with a weapon. You say a bullet is best why do you say such non-sense an explosive arrow renders all Nor a jacket or shield can save you all who come to meet such enemy beware you may have just been stick The count down to your end has begun Eh not good at rhyming but oh well for now.What is my TAMB name?
  8. Fear This class is based around the assault shield since people tend to be careful when you have it. If you want to level up the shield fast I suggest hardcore and your going to have to camp around corners sorry. Also another tip is to flank the enemy when using the shield. Any who lets get into the build up. Weapons Primary:Shield WildCards: Perk 1 and 3 greed Perk 1: Lightweight is a must and you can use either ghost or flak for the second. Perk 2: Scavenger or fast hands Perk 3: Engineer or Tact Mask with Extreme as a must Equipment Tactical: Concussions or Shock charges (the key is to slow down the enemy Hawk Strike This is used for getting tomahawk kills easy peas. This is best for core match which are not objective base flags. Any other objective will work but make sure you can held this heat. Weapons Primary: Assault Shield WildCards: Perk 2 greed and close danger Perk 1: lightweight Perk 2: Fast hands and Scavenger Perk 3: Tact mask or Engineer or Exxtreme Lethal: Combat axe Tactical: Concussion
  9. How the hell do you change your name anyways? Also sorry I was gone for 3 days since life said "Get your lazy four eye ass up and start fixing everything". Pain in the Wazooo
  10. List of Latin movies. The South After the end of the military dictatorship in Argentina in 1983, Floreal is released from prison. Instead of returning to his wife, he wanders through the night of Buenos Aires. He meets some people from his past - most of which are only imaginary - and remembers the events of his arrest and imprisonment. Written by Joern Richts Floreal is released from the prison prior to the end of military coup d'etat in 1983. He is estranged to his former life because of his last few years in prison and discovering that his wife cheated him he is not sure he wants to go back to his former life and family. Wandering through the night his former friend "El-Negro" appears in the dark. He is already killed during the military coup. But this night he has a special mission: to help Floreal to catch up and face with the past, what has happened when he was serving time in prison. El-Negro helps him to live through the important events happened in his absence. He confronts some people of importance to him as he wanders through the night while his wife is afraid he will never come back home. During the long night El-Negro helps him to get past with his anger, understanding how hard it was to stand such a controversial time and how military Coup crushed people's lives and even killing lots of them relentlessly. By the sunset, when El-Negro finally says he is ready now to go on with his life and he must be back now, Floreal discovers he must be strong and must continue his life where he left like his coup stricken country... A Man of Principle In Colombia, from the second half of the nineteenth century, two political parties; The traditional liberal and conservative ¸ fought a series of civil wars for almost one hundred years of bloodshed in the country. The last of these To know as "La Violencia" ¸ began following the assassination of popular leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitan ¸ The April 9, 1948. That day began a dark period that lasted a decade in which met the key role hired murderers ¸ called "Pajaros" ¸ such as Leon Maria Lozano ¸ The most notorious of all. "The Condor." Written by Diego Alvarez These are movies I looked up in IMDb. I usually am not interested in latin movies but shows are not so bad. Really good drama series mostly.
  11. I'm just watching 28 weeks later. I like how the story roles out. The only thing that pops in my head is what if the event I dream of becomes this nightmare. Then what about the military and people panicking. It would e chaos which is pretty much saying give it to the zombies. By any chance have anyone watched this movie yet? It's physiologic insane for the world to end.
  12. Thank you for serving our country.
  13. That's me right at the moment until I break threw these barriers . 1.When you think your a nazi zombie. 2.When you see the news about a murder, you think of Richthofen. 3.When someone says "Jugs r not" for sell, you think of juggernaut. 4.When you need a flu shot you say "Is this from the quick revive cola machine?" 5.When Someone screams the persons name Thompson you think of WaW on der riese. 6.You dream about Nazi zombies every night. 7.When your in history class and listen about ww2, you think its fake and the truth is about zombies. 8.When you see a full moon you think of Der Riese. 9. When the clock strikes 1:15 you panic and hope sam didn't die.
  14. Very wow grill. I can see how you made it but not going to try. But I do have a question. "What does this crow mean to you and what would you make next?" :D

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