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  1. Wow, I've got some catching up to do m I want U please
  2. Been a while since Ive posted on here. But nice to know its not just me stuck in the same point.
  3. Haha I am back indeed and I remember when you had only a few hundred posts now look at you. It's all changed here, take it you don't play hang man no more.
  4. An avatar if your want lol?! I'm not sure just reddonkeyham Ps3 I dunno :roll: All control of creativity is on you?
  5. Wow these are impressive. Fancy making me one? All choices are up to you? Maybe a reddonkey with zombie eyes
  6. This was the first one that caught my eye, as I too am in search for a 2nd PaP. But I feel 10,000 pts would not be enough. More attachments, longer magazine, increased ROF/DMG, lowered recoil, and much more could be added, not to mention the ability to add elemental if they went that far. (Thinking of things like the Cherry Bomb perk and Hades, the PaP'd Olympia) 12-15,000 would be more suffice, but there would have have to be a second machine somewhere else, possibly across the map or something of that nature. As for perks, 4 is a hard number to argue with. The whole point of a cap is to limit what you can and cannot have, and to make you think strategy. If the perk cap was increased, then either the zombies themselves would have to become more difficult or certain perks would be locked when enough people had another. Where 5-6 perks would be wonderful, because it increases survivability, something would have to be done to counter balance for that increase. I also saw something about bring back the [email protected] weapons. I feel this would be AMAZING! Or there should be larger map, probably with 8 players, and a 2 new wonder weapons, with all three generations on it, and a section of the map resembling something of that time frame. Also, maybe a box for each section, and a look to match it as well. This way, if someone preferred the [email protected] or BO I weapons, they could go for it, instead of hoping that the box does not land randomly in their section. The map would have teleporters on it, much like the earlier maps did. But you know when you listen to the audio tapes and what not, you find out not only do they travel distance, they travel through time. So maybe theres a teleporter on some side of the original map, and it would take you to a different time/place which would have a box of that era. Stay in this place for maybe 5-10 minutes because each section of the map would have something to do with an easter egg, and maybe what would happen is that there is a split in the time continuum and all three places appear on one map and the players have a choice as to which generation of weapons they want. Well put!! Brains for you +1
  7. Well it seems I have a LOT of catching up to do, so without further a do P & H
  8. New account, my old account was linked to a work email, and I have since left that job and forgotten my password. Screw this double m donkey Hamm, for I am reddonkeyham
  9. 94 pages!!!!!!!! Holy flaming potato..
  10. How comes I have two and a lot of people have two?

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