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  1. Nothing beats a good ol text guide! I keep shying away from doing SOE solo, did attempt a few times before knowing how to do PAP and making WW. So maybe I'll try this weekend, I'll keep an eye out for any videos you do!
  2. Sorry without going to spoiler territory, what do you mean by this? Double pap. 6 or 7 ammo types. Do more getting added to the mix along with the turned etc
  3. First and formost always play for fun. But depends how much you want to scratch that EE itch of yours. Myself personally, I enjoy going high rounds solo, but really enjoy doing EE with friends. And were still planning to do without the help of YouTube etc. Just go for what your feeling, don't force yourself to do an EE unless you want to.
  4. And how different is this to the green camo? Dude you need to get a picture. A return of permanent perks is something I thought they would of dropped. But maybe, I can't think what else it could be.
  5. Welcome aboard buddy, the profile problem I have been told is something mods & co are looking to fix. Either way enjoy your time here
  6. Awesome, cept ill be honest I don't seen to have many friends this side of the sea. And now no one is on! Ps3 any one? Also any whAt perks did people get in solo?
  7. try buying all 4 perks in round 1 just to be certain, also 1 of these perks MUST be Quick Revive, not sure how you lose it though, seems to be with you multiple games, however sometimes it wont work, dunno why, maybe sometin to do with QR Yea I've tried that, but now I'm being told that quick revive shouldn't be one of the four, arghhhh
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think QR is glitched/doesn't count towards the 4 perks. So don't get Quick. Tried a few times on solo, no luck. Did co-op got 4 perks (speed instead of Revive) on round 2 and it worked. Ooo ok, brilliant. Ill give it a bash when I get from work soon. It's been proper bugging me l, as that and flipper are the only two I want. Cheers again and ill let you know how I get on soon!!! Are you saying buying four perks in solo doesn't work even the 4 don't include QR? Am I too try it in co op (which is near impossible trying to get randomers to stop killing so I can get perks. I take it I can't just set up a split screen game in buried and get then that way
  9. Any idea how the tombstone works I've tried numerous times in solo to get it with no luck!!
  10. Welcome, I'd agree you with all that, plus the buildables make things easier and even building these buildables is proper easy. Just flip the big guy some candy and off he trots. I dont even know where parts are, nor does it matter.
  11. Any one not been able to get tombstone perma? Tried numerous times to which I've had no luck.
  12. Or alternatively, and what I've done recently. Is to use googles advanced search and enter www.callofdutyzombies.com in the website bit. Long winded I know but normally tracks down what I have been looking for.
  13. If your good with the giant?
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