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  1. I haven't seen anyone talk about this on here and my friends who watch YouTube videos (and make them) haven't seen it either, so I decided to post it here. Does anyone know what this is or what this glow could be? https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsagUZNdtguvhiEkNjjGfgTdlKEs
  2. Ready to knock out Zets EE.  My crew is pure and we will solve it ourselves :D

    1. anonymous


      Me and I think everyone here have great respect for what people like you do. Good luck

    2. Doppelgänger


      I've tried to remain in the dark concerning this map as well. Had a few runs with, @NaBrZHunter last night. Definitely a very good map to work everything out in, but hey. We only found the power. Good luck, man.

    3. NaBrZHunter


      We figgered out part of the skulls, the plants, the power and....hm...yep, that's it for now. :D
      Good luck, fellow Black Ops!

  3. I'm pretty sure Richtofen killed Richtofen to get his soul into the Summoning Key, the same reason Tank and Takeo were as well. With that said, what will this Richtofen use the Summoning Key for is the question. We see in Shadows that it brings the octopus to the world, so what does Richtofen plan to do with it in this universe? And with that said, can we trust the doctor?
  4. So I've been listening to "Dead Again" a good bit (best song since Ascension imo) and there's been a part that has really stuck out to me. While I won't go through a breakdown of the entire song (I'll save that for another day), this part has to be mentioned for the content of this post. At the beginning of the song, we have Elena (Sam, why not?) singing in a singular tense, but by the end, she's speaking in a plural tense. Not only this, but we have the addition of a male voice right when the song shifts tenses. You'll notice this at the 3:32 mark. And once this happens, Samantha starts saying that, instead of feeling dead, she now feels alive. Instead of feeling no pain, she now feels the pain. So why this shift? What happens? Let's think back to Moon. Sam is in control and is trying to stop the O4 from stopping her and, inevitably, giving Richtofen power. When this fails, Richtofen takes control and she is now in Edward's body. This seems what it's pointing to. We have the addition of a male voice (Richtofen) and then Sam talking about now feeling pain, where she didn't before. But that's no big deal, is it? Yay, Kevin gave us a song that talks about the progression of Sam's thoughts before Cryogenic Slumber Party and after. But there's a problem here. Look at this: Are we dead? Is it all over? Where is the pain now? You lead and we'll follow. Our tree of life is hollow. The tide has turned into rain. Are we dead? Did we cross over? What is our name now? Are we dead now? Are we dead now? Are we dead again? So this is interesting. Even though Sam has stated that she feels alive just before this, it's now a "we", not a "he". Shouldn't she be asking if he's dead, since she's no longer in the MPD? That would seem to be the case, but it's not. It seems as though she's still in it, in some way or another. And I don't think this is because her body is there. Her soul obviously is not. So we're faced with a dilemma. How does this work? Now, as many know, we have a multiverse happening. And we know in the Origins universe, there is another Sam. And it would seem that in The Giant, there is a Sam as well, going by the mystery box laughs and such. How come there's so many Sams in control of so many different universes? So last year, I was watching an anime I probably wouldn't recommend (too much recap on a lot of episodes and while the story is okay, it's kind of meh overall). But in this anime, (Katekyo Hitman Reborn), the final arc features *SPOILERS IF YOU ARE WATCHING OR PLAN TO* a villain who has been awoken to the reality of different universes. Take a look at this clip. Start at the 3:50 mark and go to about 5:30-6. "So the villain, Byakuran, can see and understand all of the parallel worlds. What does that have to do with anything Fated?" I'm glad you asked! Doesn't this sound peculiarly like what we're dealing with in zombies? Wouldn't it make sense that, if there was an omnipotent being (Sam) somewhere, that she controls every single possible reality. And with that knowledge, she makes sure that Sam will always take control. This explains why Sam is in control in so many different universes. But I'll bring up the obvious. What about Mob of the Dead? What about Shadows of Evil? Heck! What about Moon? She's lost that power, hasn't she? If an omnipotent Sam controlled everything, wouldn't she have known Richtofen had the potential to take control and fought to stop it? It would seem that way, wouldn't it? Let me try to explain all of these situations. First off, while Sam is omnipotent in her power, there are situations where she can lose control. While she knows everything, that doesn't mean she can necessarily stop it. So for Moon, she can know that Richtofen plans to take control but not be able to stop it. And we see this throughout the original universe for our crew. Sam sends zombies and uses other tactics to stop him from taking control, but fails. In Shadows of Evil, I would argue that Richtofen is in control (due to the ending), which would make sense because they are now "we". He also now how the power he's been seeking and can see through all possible universes, but, in the same sense, can only do so much. So he doesn't automatically take control of the universes Sam still has control in. He'll have to work to earn that still, but can influence things to do so. Then there's Mob of the Dead, where things fly out the window, or so it would seem. We have a demonic force in charge of Mob of the Dead. So we know there is some form of a demon with power that can control universes as well. I theorized in Black Ops 2 that Richtofen absorbed this demon when he touched the MPD initially in our original universe. But in the MotD universe, he hasn't done this. And Sam hasn't been able to get Sam to take control here yet either. So the demon still reigns. Who is this demon? Not sure, but possibly Satan. The Bible talks many times about how Satan is the ruler of this world while God is in control of the heavens (not that God isn't ruler of all, but he allows Satan to reign in the physical world). So it could be him, which would seem to make sense. So what does this mean? Perhaps the demon is using Richtofen in Black Ops to gain control back from Sam. When successful, it's still a "we" because Sam still has omnipotence of some form from a different MPD in a different universe that she controls. In Black Ops 2, we introduce our demon in MotD, but Carrion and We All Fall Down point toward a falling out between Richtofen pre-MPD and the demon. They're definitely in conflict with each other as Richtofen tries to gain control back of his body and ultimately himself. The demon worked hard to take back power in this world and is not going to go down so easily. Each of the three is doing everything possible to stop the others from having full control in all universes by whatever means necessary. And to those wondering, I would argue that Maxis serves Samantha in the universes, as seen in Origins, Buried, and Moon. But now we're left with some questions. First, is it possible to actually have victory? How many possible universes are out there that these three are fighting over? Second, what does ultimate power really do for Richtofen in Buried? Yes, he can kill everything. Perhaps this allows the demon to take full control of Richtofen and there be no chance of him taking his body back. Who knows? We can't really know fully. Third, what would full control actually achieve? Why does it matter if you don't control one universe? The last question is the one that interests me the most. What is Origins Richtofen doing? We've seen him go from Origins to The Giant universe and travel to Der Eisendrache to recover the Dempsey test subject. We also know that he's been to the MotD universe, something the blood vials in Origins shows. What is he up to? What is his plan? Is he trying to stop all three of them (demon, Sam, and other Richtofen)? How do his escapades play into this? It's interesting and something that's been brewing in my mind. Some of you may like it. Others may hate it. That's fine. It's just a theory. I hope that it does spark some discussion though. I'd like to hear your thoughts on these questions and how they could matter. If you have disagreements, feel free to voice them. Know that I haven't finished the Der Eisendrache easter egg, so if I see some coming, I probably won't read the rest of your comment just for spoilers. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll be able to get my Der Eisendrache analysis out at one point in the next few weeks. I just wanted to throw this out there and get everyone's thoughts. Thanks for reading!
  5. I lurk. Kind of iffy on how I feel about SoE and such, so I'm just watching from the distance. But I'm here. :)
  6. Hey everyone thanks for the feedback. We're working on updating it with the ending. Don't know how it got cut off, but we'll fix it! Thanks!
  7. Check out the new Podcast Der Toten!


    1. Rissole25


      Holy shit I didn't realise it was back. Will defs give it a listen this week.

  8. Hey everyone! I know many of you have been asking us "What happened to Podcast Der Toten?" Well here it is, back and better than ever! We hope you enjoy the episode and encourage you to comment and give us all the feedback you'd like! Thanks for the support of Season 1 (back in Black Ops 2 days), and I hope to see the amazing level of support again! This week, we discuss what we like and dislike about Shadows of Evil and The Giant, investigate possibilities for Der Eisendrache, and let you know what questions we hope are answered during the upcoming season of content. Thanks again and keep slaying those zombies! Links on discussed topics: X1 vs 360 SoE Mr. Rofl Waffles Dempsey Video
  9. They're selling a Juggernog Mini Fridge with the Collector's Editions. I highly doubt there are no perk machines.
  10. Yea Nuketown was terrible terrible PR. You tell people it's only available in Collector's Editions. Then, the Sunday night before release (you have to give 24 hour notice to change a preorder so it's too late at this point for anyone to change), they say that Season Pass holders get access too. So they lie to fans to get Collector's preorders, then open it up to anyone. Still makes me not trust them at all.
  11. The CoDz Twitter retweeted your tweet, Liam, so I don't think they'd have a problem with it.
  12. MLG will be interesting. I'm guessing Xbox won't sponsor the CoD Champs this year, which means Activision will have to pony up some cash to keep the prize pool respectable. Here's the real issue: The pros have played on Xbox since the early days of CoD Competitive and I don't see them switching. If so, it would be an extremely bad year for competitive because of adjusting to new controller scheme and stuff. I just don't see MLG switching their main hub. Now this would be funny. Let's say Sony sponsors the CoD Champs and they're played on PS4. With that info, Microsoft sponsors MLG to make all their matches played on X1. CoD Champs would be the biggest joke tournament of the year.
  13. I suppose you were talking to me. It's not about doing something exclusive or not. It's about straight up lying to fans that it would only be available in Hardened/Prestige editions, then informing everyone it would also be available in the Season Pass when it was too late to change preorders. So basically, the people who got Hardened are already going to get the Season Pass. They know that. You aren't getting a collector's edition and not a season pass. It's just super unlikely. So they took that knowledge and intentionally lied to get an extra $20+ out of everyone.
  14. 1. If it's a new storyline, I'm out. I've invested far too much thought and theorizing into the current story to have to try to figure out a new one. I barely play CoD anymore anyway, so that would just give me a good reason not to buy it. 2. I don't trust Treyarch at all. Not only was BO2 Zombies embarrassingly bad, but they straight up lied to loyal customers. "Nuketown Zombies will be Hardened/Prestige exclusive!" Sunday night before release, they announce that it'll be available with a Season Pass. They announce it when it's literally impossible to change your preorder because of most shops' 24 hour policy on changing preorders. I don't trust Treyarch to not lie to me. Period. That's all I've got for now. Just binge watched Hunter X Hunter all week and finished tonight so I'm left with a void of missing the characters and a head full of questions from an anime on hiatus .
  15. I don't think it will be exo-zombies. Sledgehammer already has that. They've already established how their zombies works. I don't see us adding exos to it. Remember, it doesn't matter what timeframe the campaign takes place in, our characters, whether they be the O4 or T4, don't have knowledge of exos. I don't see them throwing them on them and trying to make it natural.
  16. I didn't realize so many people were against exos. I thought they made multiplayer some of the most fun in a CoD game since MW2...
  17. Hmmm....there's so much nature. I'm just wondering what all of it means. If I have to guess, I'd say it has to do something with a previous game, something that links them. Even Black Ops had its hidden share of clues to Black Ops 2. Treyarch doesn't just come up with an idea and run with it. They methodically formulate every single little thing, even planning for games in advance during games they're working on now. It's like an author who knows a big twist later on in the book, but just sprinkles subtle clues to see if anyone picks up on it.
  18. In TranZit, our goal is to light the tower for either Maxis or Richtofen, with your choice ultimately determining who will gain power at the end of it all. This side quest is known as "Tower of Babble." An interesting name, mostly due to it's biblical origins. The Tower of Babel was an attempt for man to build a tower to the heavens. God disapproves of this and causes all of the peoples to speak different languages so that no one can understand each other and the tower construction ends. The ultimate issue here was not that man wanted to do a great building project, but that their pride wanted to show that they were better than God and that they could reach Him. The Tower of Babel was an attempt to becoming greater than God, and God disapproved. Now, in TranZit, we have two men seeking to gain the power that would equate them to being a god through syncing all towers in the trichotomous system together. Through this tower, man would become like god, just as in the biblical tale. But a reversal must occur. No man can be a god. But how will this occur? In Acts, we have the Day of Pentecost occur, where the Holy Spirit falls on the disciples after Jesus' ascension and it says that they spoke in many different tongues. This isn't the "speaking in tongues" you may think of from today. What this means and is clearly shown is that they all spoke different languages, the languages of all the people in Jerusalem at that time. People were there for Pentecost from all over the world, and it says they each understood the disciples in their own language. Many biblical scholars see this as a reversal of the Tower of Babel in a way. Now man is united and can all understand each other. So now that someone has power in our zombie universe, what do our heroes do? The confusion that was before because of the Tower of Babble must be reversed, which would mean Richtofen/Maxis losing power, possibly because the people left on earth no longer were divided in their understanding of what to do, but united together for a common purpose. I don't know what that will look like yet, and maybe this is nothing at all. I was just wondering if any of you had thoughts toward this as well, or if I'm just thinking a bit too deep at what might occur and what "Tower of Babble" really means for Treyarch and for zombies.
  19. What if it's telling us that we're going back to Moon or something? Or the return of the O4?
  20. Ok I see that. I'm picking up what you're putting down. Then what's the black thing on top of it?
  21. What's in the top right? Is that Black Sun? A dropa stone marking?
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