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Call of Duty Online Zombies

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So yeah... Remember that online COD game announced for China? It has zombies now.

Trailer link: http://codol.qq.com/web201305/page/vide ... 0013r4ma1u

Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

- Cyborg zombies and hellhounds (is that even a thing?)

- 4 new characters (including one very Misty-esque chick with white hair)

- Killstreak system similar to Extinction? (you can call in a attack helo)

(Also notice the building, which appears to be a modern version of Nacht der Untoten)

- Wall weapons

- Ray Gun (obviously)

- Cyborg juggernaut boss


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Well...this certainly is interesting. I'm curious how the game plays out as compared to the original Zombies mode. It has obvious similarities, and some interesting differences. Is it in the same Zombies universe? I need answers!

Also, does the second guy look like Takeo to anyone else, or am I just unconsciously racist? :?

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This honestly looks like an idea that was initially scraped from Black Ops II. You would think it could fit right in, but this is way too hi-tech. Hopefully someone on CoDz can play this game and tell us how it works out. The trailer seemed interesting enough with cyborg zombies. I was hoping to see some new Wonder Weapon unlike anything we've ever seen before.

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Looks pretty cool actually. :)

You can see the "You Must Ascend From Darkness" writing in the helo pic.

Last picture. On the wall right next to the stairs to the right you can also see the Salvation Lies Above nacht writing.

And is this game playable in Hong Kong?

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Looks pretty cool actually. :)

You can see the "You Must Ascend From Darkness" writing in the helo pic.

Last picture. On the wall right next to the stairs to the right you can also see the Salvation Lies Above nacht writing.

And is this game playable in Hong Kong?

I think you can sign up for open beta now. Anyone from anywhere can sign up. Question is, will you be invited, and is your internet good enough for it? :lol:

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When running the trailer's title through Google Translate, it comes up with Dead Rising. So I guess the "next" Zombies map to be released will be called Dead Rising...

Nacht Der Chinesischen anyone?? :lol:

That's Night of the Chinese FYI :)

or maybe Nacht der Chinesisch-exklusiv?

Read between the lines on that one...

Also, all the Zombies appear to be under Richtofen's control, however, there is one SINGLE Zombie who has yellow eyes... Maybe freeing Samantha in Origins turned her into a man and zombiefied her?

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What it is I don't even...

At least now people can't complain that nothing is happening during off-time.

I'm on an iPod like sh3ba, so if links of the screenies could be provided, that would be super.

I'll have a better look tomorrow, and at the trailer too. But this, this is something. Definetly need to keep our eye on this. May or may not be canon, but it's still zbies and we can learn a thing or two from it. Just a damn shame Online is a Chinese game (surprised Activision haven't taken this to us, being the greedsters they are)

@Naitrax Dead Rising could easily be Die Rise. Very similar terms, though an odd map to start on. Since Pnline has a multitude of maps from different games, I'd have thought Der Riese, Kino or Ascension would be the priority maps to put on there.

EDIT: Reread your post, sounds like that's actually the game mode or maybe just the theatrical trailer name.

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Personally, to me this "zombies" mode doesn't look like zombies. Primarily due to the fact all the "zombies" are cyborgs.

If anything I think this is going to be one of those stories where all the cyborgs turned on humanity.

As for Nacht, I feel it'll be either an EE or the "real" Nacht.

Then we'll know for sure if Nacht was actually in Asia, or USA.

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Sorry have I missed somethings?

What is this, & what systems will be on when?

Not just for the Chinese I hope.

Unfortunately, it does seem to be limited to the Chinese market only.

The game is Call of Duty Online. It is for PC only and was going through a public beta phase for a few month. From what I can gather, the game is getting officially released as a 'Free to Play' PC steam style title and the maps will be available as micro transactions. This trailer is for the zombie style mode that will come as DLC.

Maps are re imagining of Nacht, Ascension and Die Rise, with more to follow.

There is no plans to release it outside of China, and as far as I could see, there is no way of playing it here either. :(

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^ It's a free to play micro transaction game called Call of Duty Online only in China. Basically just past maps and weapons mashed together into a super Call of Duty MP.

I'm gonna do a frame by frame analysis, but I think this has nothing to do with zombies. It just uses zombie assets (like animations and stuff), and looks to play like zombies except with cyborgs. Could be wrong but that's how I see it right now. Need more info though haha

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Isn't BinSys Chinese? Sorry if he isn't, not trying to profile, I just know he is ridiculously smart and would probably have some good input on this subject.

Guess I should post a little more than just that.

So did I just read that Activision ripped the franchise from Treyarch? I also had the idea, pretty much the second I saw it, that this MIGHT be an alternate time line where Maxis succeeded in all his trials, perhaps even before Richtofen had disposed of him and Samantha. Total and complete speculation of course, but could make sense.

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^ Keep us posted! Would love to know what is happening.

Also that picture is amazing.

EDIT: If you can get it to work, I wouldn't mind trying to the same thing. I had a look at the website and I had no idea where a download button could be haha.

EDIT 2: Translated from the site.

Dead Rising , to break the siege !

The message is always the most heavy presence as the finale , although there are rumors of "Call of Duty Online" will be released before this new game mode in TGC, and the official website and official microblogging recent mysterious message also seems to imply anything, but until the moment of suspense announced new players curious , old players look forward to finally get to the bottom ! This is the "Call of Duty Online" new game mode - " Dead Rising " !

No longer the traditional players fight , players do not have to face the whirlwind of strange green zombie blood , " Dead Rising " the player into a new "Call of Duty " small universe , in that world , the cold mechanical body generally starts as a zombie frenzied attack humans , blue eyes sparkling ruthless . Just as the promo says , " Overnight, our greatest creation , became our most deadly threat ! " Four elite soldiers shouldering responsibility, Dawn desperate ! When survival becomes critical when the team goals above all when either complete the task , with a trophy triumph , either with his comrades in life and death , fighting to the last minute - no matter what, this will be an unprecedented experience ! Watch the wonderful video "" "

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Thanks Afro.

I downloaded it (took forever), than it installed. I can't find it though, only this Chinese social network thing like Skype. Do I need to run it through anything like Steam or something? Not coming up in Search.

Yeah, you need to run it through the TC network, but all you will get is 'Servers Unavailable'.

I have not seen anyone who has managed to get it to work outside of China so far, and it looks like it won't happen either.

The servers lock out IP's from outside of China, so you would need to change your IP to a Chinese one, and even IF it worked after that, the connection would no doubt be too weak to play on.


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It seems like Tencent are everything "Online" in China.

I imagine this is the Skype thing you were talking about Rissole - "QQ Instant Messenger"

Tencent - http://www.tencent.com/en-us/index.shtml

Tencent’s leading Internet platforms in China – QQ (QQ Instant Messenger), WeChat, QQ.com, QQ Games, Qzone, 3g.QQ.com, SoSo, PaiPai and Tenpay – have brought together China's largest Internet community, to meet the various needs of Internet users including communication, information, entertainment, e-commerce and others.


It is the third-largest Internet company in the world behind Google and Amazon, as at November 2010, when it was valued at US$38 billion. In September 2013, Tencent's market valuation rose to US$101 billion, just nine years after going public.

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