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  1. So, over the last couple weeks I have been blessed with a friend PS3 staying at my place, and have the ability to play 1.5. Beat Final Mix pretty quick, now going back and finishing out everything else. This game is....so amazing But...why is synthesis so hard? :(
  2. Wow Boom, thanks for making me bust out in laughter in the middle of class... That picture is just....fantastic.
  3. Aw, man I'm sorry TAMB. That really sucks. One of my greatest fears is being unable to defend my girlfriend or future wife when she needs me, if the situation ever presents itself (I pray it never does...). I'm sorry this happened to you, man. I hope you and your girlfriend recover quickly and that justice finds those jerks.
  4. Sigh..... I hope they make these available for PS4 :(
  5. Me too, kind of feels like a mini thundergun in those earlier rounds :D
  6. Depends on where you got this chicken sandwich from. From my experience, it is definitely possible.
  7. *cough*sub to me*cough* Should i go for a high round of kino,der riese,or verruckt solo today?like 50+ attempt? Verrukt! Its the most challenging ;)
  8. If we are on the subject of Bill Nye, I'll just leave this here...
  9. You realize you can never leave now, right? Really? Oh well, I think I'll survive ;)
  10. tis 1 of the best. With nearly 4000 posts, I can see that! :P
  11. Never posted in this topic before........seems like it may be worth my time :D
  12. especially using the mustang and sallys. He must of used the power of 115 to bring them into the map. Yeah, there are a few issues with that guys post. Mustang & Sally (obviously), using two weapons + a staff without Mule Kick, "built" a Gramaphone....got to round 76 with four players and no one built a shield? Seems fishy, but what do I know? :lol:

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