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  1. Well...this certainly is interesting. I'm curious how the game plays out as compared to the original Zombies mode. It has obvious similarities, and some interesting differences. Is it in the same Zombies universe? I need answers! Also, does the second guy look like Takeo to anyone else, or am I just unconsciously racist? :?
  2. Double Tap 2 will fill any open perk slot. So, if you have 4 perks, dig up another perk bottle slot, and grab double tap (whether it be from Wunderfizz or reward box), you will not be able to buy another perk from a machine or Wunderfizz until you find another glowing mound. If you have found 4 mounds and have all 8 perks, however, Double Tap can become your 9th perk. If you go down, it isn't possible to get 9 perks again. Hope that all makes sense :P
  3. Not sure if you have seen it yet, but my only suggestion would be to check out MatoMaster's video on it. Essentially, it is a way to see every possible perk mound within 3 zombie bloods. I found it to be very helpful: He shows all the locations in this video, and at around 4 minutes he begins to show the routes to run to check them all in 3 zombie bloods. Hope it helps!
  4. I'm curious of what everyone thinks of Ghosts' decision on types of game modes. They have a few of the classics: TDM, KC, Domination, FFA, and Team Tactical and some Hardcore variants. Then they added some newbies: Cranked, Blitz, Search and Rescue, Hunted, and Infected (a returning game mode, but its a bit different). They also removed a few classics such as Demolition, Sabotage, Search & Destroy (which will return due to popular demand), Hardpoint, and various "Wager Match" type game modes. I personally like a lot of the new game modes, but do miss a few of the classics (
  5. So, over the last couple weeks I have been blessed with a friend PS3 staying at my place, and have the ability to play 1.5. Beat Final Mix pretty quick, now going back and finishing out everything else. This game is....so amazing But...why is synthesis so hard? :(
  6. So...someone found an EE in Extinction involving teddy bear-esque plush doll aliens. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that. NGT recently did a video on it, thought you all might like to see it
  7. Send him an idea for a zombie slaying crew (I'm guessing its 4 people/characters?). It could be anyone or anything. Example: The Easter Bunny, Jack Sparrow, Captain Price, and Spongebob. Those were...so random. Anyway, if he likes your team, he is gonna draw a picture of them slaying the undead. I think that's what the jist of it was. Kind of an awesome idea, Undead ;)
  8. I will remember BO2 for its diversity in the maps. I may not enjoy all of the maps, but they are certainly all unique. TranZit started us off with new weapons, new ways of transportation, and a map size we had never seen before. Die Rise brought verticality. Nuketown has a new (and sometimes annoying) way of getting perks. Mob of the Dead had the retriever, Brutus, and a cool shotgun wonder weapon, as well as new way to upgrade it. Buried brought flying as well as ultimate camping spots. Origins has the staves, giant robots, generators, Panzers, and a lot of oth
  9. Wait, really? That....is pretty stupid. You aren't really missing out on much, though. :P
  10. While this is sad news, it does make me feel a bit better to know the two passengers were not his young sons. The article says the victims ages ranged from 24 to 30.
  11. I played a game on Town with a buddy of mine the other day. He doesn't have any of the DLC, and I was still able to get the Mark II out of the box. That was on custom games however, does it work differently for custom and public lobbies?
  12. I guess its not as huge a deal anymore since it is free to everyone. But does anyone remember the hype they made about Elite right before MW3 dropped? You had to pay for it then, and it was beyond useless...
  13. Gonna have to go with Wind, I love it for the earlier rounds. It's like a mini Thundergun When upgraded, still maintains its one hit kill ability until later rounds as well.
  14. Well, you've come to the right place! Oh wait....no, you haven't. This is a Zombie forum, not Ikea. My bad.
  15. Wow Boom, thanks for making me bust out in laughter in the middle of class... That picture is just....fantastic.
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