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  1. http://www.twitch.tv/naitrax

    We're doing the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg completely blind! Come join us!

  2. I have returned once again! How's things over here? I've been very gameplay-focused this year of zombies, and with Der Eisendrache around the corner I figured it was time to start delving back into the wobbly-wobbly they-wimey mess that is our Zombies story.

    I need to run a few things through some people in order to refine a fairly large theory I have, so PM me if anyone is willing to help.


    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      MIA - welcome back my young padawan :smiley:

  3. I made it to 57 last night with 3 downs - 2 on 44 and another at the end. I could have gone further, much further, but I was tired and I played online, so I knew the servers would conk out on me if I left it on (also turned out to be an update, so glad I did kill myself) and so it counted to leaderboards. I ran the Smoke Lounge strategy, and it works great, especially when the spawns start getting quicker. My only problem was Margwa rounds, as I'd have to leave my room, and find a new area to take out the Margwa. I wasn't abel to take it out at longer ranges as my second weapon was a BF Haymak
  4. Can confirm this happens on PS4/One as well. It would have let you choose to grab it again if you had 2. However, you could simply let it go back in and you wouldn't use it. A real handy tip about GobbleGum is if you accidentally grab one that you didn't want to use yet, simply disconnect from the game and it won't use it. I have no idea if this works for the Activates Immediately gumballs but it works for Killing Time and the other purples.
  5. There are supposed to be two Gumball machines on the map at any given time (not including during a Fire Sale). On The Giant, one will spawn in the first area you open off both sides of spawn.
  6. If this indeed works, the next step is to try activating it at the same time the power-up from finishing the Easter Egg is there. It'll probably do nothing except make them both sit inside each other, but it's worth a shot.
  7. Richtofen didn't really show the N4 their future, though. He showed them their future if they didn't put the switch onto the stocks - they died with the switch, which is why you had to search their dead bodies for it. Simply by making the decision to continue the Easter Egg they changed their fate. With either ending, whether Buried is their final resting place is unknown.
  8. @Rissole25 @PINNAZ https://i.gyazo.com/ca6297bb401ca407dba1e17743410fd0.png (Can't figure out how to get this image working) Got mine too - I checked my email and EBs said they had them at 1pm only online, checked the clock and it was 12:57pm. Jumped on and nabbed a preorder. Hope I can get it sent to the store so it can be picked up at midnight!
  9. I found the 34 to be no problem at all. I've done it around 8 times this week, and not once have I had a real problem with it. DBZ and I managed to two-man it at one point. Tomorrow I have one more PoE 35 to do, then I'm done for the week. I managed to pick up the Elder Cipher from my first 35 Skolas kill this week, and ran this week's 34 twice to get the Kill Bosses objective done. I picked the Queenbreaker's Bow, and do not regret it. I've done my three Trials flawless runs this week. Met some random in a Rumble match who invited my friend and I and we absolutely destroyed the Trials. I
  10. Welcome back friend. "EJ says not to revive him and there's a hammer"
  11. Really excited for this DLC. I am very glad that all our old currencies are going to become more useful, and really happy about the Ascend feature. I also found this on the Destiny website's coding, what looks to be one of the new Hand Cannons (possibly the Prison of Elders hand cannon, or Trials of Osiris) Also, here is the video for anyone who missed the stream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puv0KeLo3ks Courtesy of reddit user J2R7L2, here is a general synopsis of the 53 minute ViDoc. A couple of images have been found in the coding of DestinyTheGame.com (along with some being ava
  12. Online now if anyone is interested in a couple of games of Zombies, BO1 or BO2, don't mind. GT is Naitrax (360)

  13. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Welcome to Scotland ;)

  14. Hello CoDz, With the announcement of Black Ops III, I've decided to make my return to the forums. I apologise for being away, but I've been through a rough year, and in that time, I began to drift from Zombies. However, I will be sticking around for the long haul now (even though I say I won't be getting this game if it is on last-generation consoles , we all know that it is zombies and that's good enough for me!) I thought making another introduction (again) it would help me to feel reconnected with this community. So, in the last year, what's happened with me? Well, my parents are no l
  15. ​But you realize that a vast majority of Xbox gamers are STILL on the 360, right? They will do a dual-release on both consoles if Activision wants their money (like they always do). Why? Because the 360 and PS3 are still major consoles despite not being the "next-gen" machines. But if they continue to do this, will there ever be a reason to upgrade? Why not just stay on my old console, instead of picking up a new one? If they keep with this idea of only caring about money, game development is going to hit a stall where games will NEVER advance, except on next gen only games and PC. That is
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