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  1. Naitrax

    Lost but not forgotten

    <3 Jeez man I joined the site like 6 years ago, time flies hey. Miss the good old days haha
  2. Naitrax

    Your favourite post/theory ever

    Wow, just like Spork I got a notification through my email that I was tagged in a post and, well here I am again aha. I've missed this place and the theories, the days of old. But I think more than that I've missed the people, just like you. I planned on hanging around here through BO3 but my squad kind of did our own thing with solving the EE's and doing them blind, so I just sort of fell out of touch. Just was taking some time to reminisce on the old posts I made here, and wow, the nostalgia hit hard. Miss you guys
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/naitrax

    We're doing the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg completely blind! Come join us!

  4. I have returned once again! How's things over here? I've been very gameplay-focused this year of zombies, and with Der Eisendrache around the corner I figured it was time to start delving back into the wobbly-wobbly they-wimey mess that is our Zombies story.

    I need to run a few things through some people in order to refine a fairly large theory I have, so PM me if anyone is willing to help.


    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      MIA - welcome back my young padawan :smiley:

  5. Naitrax

    Shadows of Evil highest round

    I made it to 57 last night with 3 downs - 2 on 44 and another at the end. I could have gone further, much further, but I was tired and I played online, so I knew the servers would conk out on me if I left it on (also turned out to be an update, so glad I did kill myself) and so it counted to leaderboards. I ran the Smoke Lounge strategy, and it works great, especially when the spawns start getting quicker. My only problem was Margwa rounds, as I'd have to leave my room, and find a new area to take out the Margwa. I wasn't abel to take it out at longer ranges as my second weapon was a BF Haymaker...
  6. Naitrax

    Destiny - House of Wolves Release

    The release day of Destiny's second expansion, House of Wolves.
  7. Naitrax

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    ​That's my job.
  8. Online now if anyone is interested in a couple of games of Zombies, BO1 or BO2, don't mind. GT is Naitrax (360)

  9. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.

  10. New forum, new info, new season - it's going to be a Zombies Year!

  11. Naitrax

    What are you listening right now?

    The faster paced version, "I am the Doctor" is amazing as well.
  12. The Handsome Collection, Bloodborne, ESO (now that its free I may actually play it again) and Dying Light... All these games, I'm gonna need a job!

    1. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      im still debating whether or not to get the handsome collection...........

  13. While we're all on the hype train about CoD 2015, let's take a look back at what has been unsolved for a while, but may just have dropped. Group 601 - Stage Two, NZR, Strength through Order. At the end of Outbreak in Exo Zombies, someone can occasionally be heard saying "Initiate Phase Two. Bring them in" or something along those lines.

  14. I was just on Round 23, about to complete the Outbreak "EE" and then got wrecked by a slip of the finger onto pause from X. All I had to do was interact with the Exo thing and go outside and boom. *cries*

    1. Boom115


      I tend to ruin games like that.

    2. PortlyLlama80
  15. Anyone on Xbox One up for some Exo Zombies? Bout to purchase the map pack.

    1. Naitrax


      Never mind, it's 6GB. I'll be down for some when it's done downloading

    2. Hells Warrrior
  16. Now that Naitrax has vacated my profile, I felt the need to donate. So here I am! Bluelectric Jesus

    1. Hells Warrrior
    2. ZombieOfTheDead


      Haha, good one, Nai.

    3. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      I would be lying if I said I wasn't amused.

  17. Naitrax

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Who is this Arctic Imposter?! I changed my GTs today too
  18. I finally made myself blue!

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    2. Undead
    3. GRILL


      Hooray! You blue yourself - ah (tugs shirt collar) whoops that came out wrong

    4. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      Naitrax I don't even care that you stole my identity, but now I can't NOT donate. You ass.

  19. Naitrax

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    I just got a post on the frontpage of r/DestinyTheGame, the Destiny subreddit. http://gyazo.com/e9891fb4fdb177e9ff12634c0570717d http://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/
  20. Naitrax

    Zombies Pick-up lines

    Go prone in the corner, let me dolphin dive on top.
  21. Naitrax

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    What's green and fuzzy and if it fell out of a tree it'd kill you? A pool table.
  22. Naitrax

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Hey guys, want to hear a joke? An owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree, watching a farmer go by. The owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing, because owls can't talk. The owl then eats the squirrel because it's a bird of prey. And another: What's red and bad for your teeth? A brick.
  23. Naitrax

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    im not cynic, just realistic. but back to topic. the problem i see is that they either leave out too much of the book out or add too much of the driector's own flare. i kinda over-exaggerated how often book-movie adaptians become crap, but it still a high chance. ones that are great are i am legend for example. No, you didn't. Book adaptations, while to the outside world seem fine, generally suck to the readers and fans of the book. "But they're still good book movies" some say. Well, what's the point of adapting a book into a movie if you're going to change the entire story of the book? I mean, yeah, some of the movies are actually decent, but they aren't true to the book.

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