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  1. <3 Jeez man I joined the site like 6 years ago, time flies hey. Miss the good old days haha
  2. Wow, just like Spork I got a notification through my email that I was tagged in a post and, well here I am again aha. I've missed this place and the theories, the days of old. But I think more than that I've missed the people, just like you. I planned on hanging around here through BO3 but my squad kind of did our own thing with solving the EE's and doing them blind, so I just sort of fell out of touch. Just was taking some time to reminisce on the old posts I made here, and wow, the nostalgia hit hard. Miss you guys
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/naitrax

    We're doing the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg completely blind! Come join us!

  4. I have returned once again! How's things over here? I've been very gameplay-focused this year of zombies, and with Der Eisendrache around the corner I figured it was time to start delving back into the wobbly-wobbly they-wimey mess that is our Zombies story.

    I need to run a few things through some people in order to refine a fairly large theory I have, so PM me if anyone is willing to help.


    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      MIA - welcome back my young padawan :smiley:

  5. I made it to 57 last night with 3 downs - 2 on 44 and another at the end. I could have gone further, much further, but I was tired and I played online, so I knew the servers would conk out on me if I left it on (also turned out to be an update, so glad I did kill myself) and so it counted to leaderboards. I ran the Smoke Lounge strategy, and it works great, especially when the spawns start getting quicker. My only problem was Margwa rounds, as I'd have to leave my room, and find a new area to take out the Margwa. I wasn't abel to take it out at longer ranges as my second weapon was a BF Haymaker...
  6. I found the 34 to be no problem at all. I've done it around 8 times this week, and not once have I had a real problem with it. DBZ and I managed to two-man it at one point. Tomorrow I have one more PoE 35 to do, then I'm done for the week. I managed to pick up the Elder Cipher from my first 35 Skolas kill this week, and ran this week's 34 twice to get the Kill Bosses objective done. I picked the Queenbreaker's Bow, and do not regret it. I've done my three Trials flawless runs this week. Met some random in a Rumble match who invited my friend and I and we absolutely destroyed the Trials. I finished 2 with my Mercy still intact, and we only lost one match. Went great, and I got myself a Void and a Solar Jewel of Osiris (Hand Cannon) and a Void Messenger (Pulse Rifle). I'm really enjoying this sweet PvP mode. Sorry to all my PS4 friends - I won't really be playing on PS4 for a little bit. I want to save it until I become bored of the game on Xbox again, just to get the most distance out of Destiny.
  7. Really excited for this DLC. I am very glad that all our old currencies are going to become more useful, and really happy about the Ascend feature. I also found this on the Destiny website's coding, what looks to be one of the new Hand Cannons (possibly the Prison of Elders hand cannon, or Trials of Osiris) Also, here is the video for anyone who missed the stream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puv0KeLo3ks Courtesy of reddit user J2R7L2, here is a general synopsis of the 53 minute ViDoc. A couple of images have been found in the coding of DestinyTheGame.com (along with some being available on the page), similar to the hand cannon I found earlier. http://www.destinythegame.com/expansions/expansion-two I can't link the pictures, but there is one of the Kings Watch on Earth with some interesting looking mechanics, a picture of the Warlock Exotic the Purifier Robes and a pic of the Citadel interior. Finally, an imgur album with 127 pictures from the stream. http://imgur.com/a/sAKWd
  8. Online now if anyone is interested in a couple of games of Zombies, BO1 or BO2, don't mind. GT is Naitrax (360)

  9. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.

  10. New forum, new info, new season - it's going to be a Zombies Year!

  11. The faster paced version, "I am the Doctor" is amazing as well.
  12. The Handsome Collection, Bloodborne, ESO (now that its free I may actually play it again) and Dying Light... All these games, I'm gonna need a job!

    1. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      im still debating whether or not to get the handsome collection...........

  13. This is a post I made on reddit today, thought you'd enjoy this So, with an abundance of Lore posts here on the sub in the last week, I feel the more story-interested members are slowly creeping out from the shadows. Today, I sat down and read the Grimoire cards for what must be the 50th time, and I noticed some details which could be used to gather the general story of House of Wolves, and even poke at some possible Raid material. Let's start with the Nine. Why the Nine? Well, in the card *Ghost Fragment: The Queen*, the Queen visits the Prison of Elders to check on the status of the prisoners. She is met with the news that the Archon Priest, which the House of Winter 'stole' has been slain. She doesn't seem phased by this at all, and she goes on to ask "Any word on Kaliks Prime?". To this, her Witches (not sure whether these are Hive Witches, which seems unlikely, or simply the title given to a group of her followers specialising in some form of borderline Dark magic) say they feel a presence among the Anankes. Ananke is the Greek personification of Fate, Necessity and **Destiny**. It is also the name of one of Jupiter's moons, which seems to hint at us travelling beyond the Reef. Kaliks Prime is the Prime Servitor of the House of Wolves, and could possibly be the last of the Wolves to rebel against her rule. From the Grimoire card of Sepiks Prime: "While the Kells are the political leaders of the Fallen, Servitors are said to be their gods. A Prime Servitor is a target worthy of even the greatest sacrifice." The Queen is only the political leader of the Wolves - she cannot control them all until Kaliks Prime is either destroyed or captured. Next, a Witch informs her that some of her brother's Crows (read about this in the *Ghost Fragment: The Queen's Brother* card) have entered the Cauldrons of Rhea (another of Jupiter's moons, giving a further link to the gas giant) and that the Nine do not approve. The Nine, according to *Ghost Fragment: Legends 2*, the Nine are not much more than a legend to Guardians, but the Queen seems to know them well. One of the descriptions in this card fits snugly to the evidence given in this card - **The Nine are the firstborn Awoken and their minds now race down the field lines of the Jupiter-Io flux tube.** This gives them a relation to the Queen, and to Jupiter. (Actually, looking at it now, most of them have a connection to Jupiter, providing even more reason that this planet is so important) The Queen decides to send them a sign of peace, a gift to celebrate their 'mutual victory' (presumably for the Awoken race) of one of her Wolf prisoners - their previous Kell, Skolas. She also sends a reminder - the Crows are hers, not her brothers, implying that she sent them to Rhea for a reason. From here, Skolas is sent to Jupiter, and presumably ends up being awoken (no pun intended), and is angry at his loss of power. However, all is not lost for him. Kaliks Prime, the Prime Servitor of the House of Wolves, supports him, and feeds him Ether, which the Fallen need to survive. It boosts his strength and he begins to gather an army of Fallen, creating a rebel group of Wolves seeking to gain back their birthright. However, it is also possible the Nine are harbouring Kaliks, keeping it safe from the reach of the Queen, as they do not like their race being corrupted with such lowly scum as Fallen, so they forge a temporary alliance for the benefit of both races. Either way, Skolas leaves Jupiter with power in his hand and an army of angry Fallen with one goal - to get back their House. Now, that was a wall of text. Thanks for putting up with it. Now, onto the bit that most people are interested in - the Raid. The City owes a favour to the Queen, since she helped them enter the Black Garden and cleanse it of the Sol Progeny's influence. Now, after the Queen sees the escape of Skolas, she becomes worried. With Kaliks and Skolas together, the new Wolves are a serious threat to the kingdom she has built around her. So, she calls in the help of the Guardians to try and stop Skolas' revolution (the story missions of HoW, where we ultimately fail) **WARNING - This last bit is simply a logical thought process pointing at my idea of what this Raid could entail, based on what I've described above.** The Raid will be in the Reef. I believe this Raid would take place over multiple areas - the Prison of Elders and the Queen's "Palace", and will, unlike the previous Raids, be a defensive mission instead of an offensive push. We will push the Fallen back from the Queen's Palace and the Prison of Elders (where they will free an Archon who is sent to protect the Prime Servitor), working to destroy Kaliks and weaken the Fallen by removing the supply of Ether, then move on to taking out Skolas. ------------------------------ Thank you for reading this mess of thought, it derails toward the end. If you are looking for only Grimoire facts, stop at the warning. TL;DR: The Nine are Awoken controlling Jupiter, Queen gives them Wolf Kell, they already have Wolf Prime Servitor, bad stuff set to happen for Queen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You need to bloody suck llleg3ll's dick for that performance right there.
  15. @Tattoo247 had such an epic clutch a few nights ago, but didn't record it. Thankfully, I did. Still gawking over how amazing this was.
  16. It took me over 12000 tries, but on the legit one, I finally got a Hawkmoon. Pls no.
  17. Here is your engram sim, @Tattoo247 And just a little something extra just for us, eh?
  18. Try the Twitter's of Bungie, Destiny and a few of the developers. https://twitter.com/Bungie, https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame, https://twitter.com/DeeJ_BNG and https://twitter.com/BungieHelp are some good ones to check. If you've played The Dark Beyond, there is a spot going into the Temple of Crota where the ground has a slight hole. It doesn't affect the average guardian, but things like Silken Codexes and Black Wax Idols will often fall through there, along with grenades. I think this is a similar thing to the Crota arena, where there could be some spacing issues between the floor and the objects which allow the sword to fall through, and since it leaves the arena, it disappears. Would you prefer they stop making the upgrades cost something? Just update all the current weapons to 331 and be done with it? What about the people who spent loads of Exotic Shards and Glimmer and stuff on upgrading? Just refund it? The simple fact is that they do not have the power to check every weapon/armour to see whether it was dropped pre-dlc, post-dlc, has been upgraded with Exotic shards etc. Where else do you see a group of 5 people trying to connect to one person, and have it run absolutely smoothly?
  19. Not very happy with the Bungie bashing going on here. They've admitted that the whole upgrading Exotics and the vendor gear being more powerful than the Raid gear was a bad choice, and that they'll be approaching it differently this time. I am sure they'll stick to their word, and find a way to make so that people who buy the expansion get what they pay for, without making obsolete the hard work we've already put in. The lag issues with Crota come from somewhere in the way players connect to each other, and may be harder to fix than just flicking a switch. Some issues are harder to deal with than others. "adding a feature that barely anyone requested" Are you kidding me? This has probably been the most requested thing behind adding more Vault space! People wanted an easier way to check their faction progress without running to every vendor on every character or using the app. This is a GREAT quality of life improvement. Agreed! Fix the broken raid boss before adding a few minor features that barely anyone asked for. Hopefully they will add fixes in the update. They may fix a thing or two but then break / lag everything else like they did with the vault of glass. Then they will try and leave this raid to rot when house of wolves releases and the rares in that will even be more powerful than a maxed vault weapon. Then the third dlc rares will be more powerful than crota gear etc The entire point of the expansion having a new level cap and new gear is to upgrade upon the old stuff. The content is going to be more difficult, and then it would follow that the new gear will make the old gear less effective. That is the POINT OF AN EXPANSION
  20. I'm sorry, @swappingspit for the pain I've caused you. Another set of Gjallarhorns... Got my first one on Playstation, at least. But, I've decided something. I'm going to use this luck to give you one. You heard it here first folks. Swapping will get a Giallarhorn the next time we raid together, and I'll get my Crux that he has. To combat the boredom, what I did was start the game again. I began to lose interest around the beginning-middle of January, after collecting every Exotic. So, what I did was get the game on another platform. While that is not always an option, simply making a second account on your console will do the trick. Experience the levelling from 1-32 all over again. I did, and it kept me until here when I would have most certainly put this game down after Hard Crota. Another easy way to do things is to find a group on DestinyLFG.net, /r/fireteams or wherever you like to go of people who haven't ever done a raid before. Explain the mechanics to them and watch them laugh and be excited about Ascendant Energy and an Epilogue or whatever. Learn the sword during the Crota encounter. DO things no Guardian has done before, like trying to get the fastest Raid time. Do a Flawless raid!
  21. While we're all on the hype train about CoD 2015, let's take a look back at what has been unsolved for a while, but may just have dropped. Group 601 - Stage Two, NZR, Strength through Order. At the end of Outbreak in Exo Zombies, someone can occasionally be heard saying "Initiate Phase Two. Bring them in" or something along those lines.

  22. I was just on Round 23, about to complete the Outbreak "EE" and then got wrecked by a slip of the finger onto pause from X. All I had to do was interact with the Exo thing and go outside and boom. *cries*

    1. Boom115


      I tend to ruin games like that.

    2. PortlyLlama80
  23. Anyone on Xbox One up for some Exo Zombies? Bout to purchase the map pack.

    1. Naitrax


      Never mind, it's 6GB. I'll be down for some when it's done downloading

    2. Hells Warrrior

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