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  1. I thought the wunderwaffe was bugged. Pretty sure treyarch will fix it soon.
  2. I have been lately sinking my time into Crusader Kings 2, my new favorite strategy game. Im not exactly pro at it though. However, after a succesful kingdom of wales run, i decided to play as the khan of the tengri avars in the pannonian basin. Guess what happens? 4 factions instantly form, each of them having a random member of my dynasty leading them so they could be khan. As soon as the first one struck (i could have avoided this by stepping down, but i was overconfident), the rest struck, along with those pesky bohemians. Then, the catholic german kingdom of bavaria decides it wants in.
  3. Im back! and just in time for the forums to be updated to screw with my ipod :(
  4. Turns out the laptop is offically dead dont really know how, but had owned it for 3 weeks only At least my brother refunded my cash. Edit: found out it might a battery problem.
  5. I got my brother's old laptop for xmas. Better graphics card and faster speed then my now shit vosotro 200. Sounds good right? A week later while watching hulu it gets the BBSD. Restart it and scan for viruses. There isnt any, so i assume i might have been a bit rough shifting it. 2 days later while playing eu4 as denmark suddenly turns off. Try charging it, but old charger is worn out. I go to best buy to get a new one. When i get back i plug it in. Lights up, thats good. Go to sleep and then school for some amount of hours. When i get home i assume its fully charge. But when i pr
  6. Midterms start tomorrow, and i studied my butt off for them. No CK2, no gta, no nothing :(
  7. I eat a lot of pizza and KFC :p
  8. played ssbu and saw pac man. i forgive you now nintendo for removing roy.
  9. i dont have one. im one of those people that finds a bunch of random songs and likes them. although avenged sevenfold is pretty decent.
  10. i tried to get into my custome, but i cant change my name or avatar zotd, i know how to beat xemnas. its just that when im close to clobering that dick, he decides to spam that one OP move 24/ -.-
  11. why do i need to know my password to change my name? its too long to remember. still fighting xemnas in 1.5. i might just give up on collecting the last two reports, but i really want to.
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