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  1. I thought the wunderwaffe was bugged. Pretty sure treyarch will fix it soon.
  2. *mouth drops* i give this thumbs up. amazing and beautiful if only it was a custom map. can i e-hug you? edit: no five? still awesome though :D
  3. you see officer, i was withdrawing some cash so i can snowboard on this cardboard jennnifer lawrence down mount everest. its gonna be fun 1.the pope 2.cocaine 3.a copy of red rover
  4. heists may not be out, but i got a new motircycle :D
  5. weirdest glitch: i killed ron and he reappears outside of trevor's house. more clones of him then appear. actually got pics of this. also yesterday these 2 dillweeds followed me all over online and kept killing me. even when i was halfway across the map.
  6. damn kurt zisa. he is so easy the first half, but when he spins like a wheel then im fucked.
  7. if it makes you feel better nathan there are lvl 17s with $9000 bounties that people ignore, but the fucking instant i get a $1000 bounty, me, a lvl 50, everyone goes batshit crazy. fuck logic. we dont need it.
  8. as much as i like the idea of a zombies stand alone game, it aint gonna happen. activision makes too much money from mp fanboys who want the bland mp maps and not the exciting zombies map. unless if treyarch could somehow convince activision, i dont see much hope for a zombies only game.
  9. sad news: my roosevelt is gone!!! :( :( :(
  10. yes! now i can steal tanks thanks to lester the molester :D
  11. aw man i want to play with you, but your doing xbox now.
  12. heya speedo, have you peed your pants o! im coming back to rap, running to hack your head, you should go fap, because im made from lead!
  13. i like most of this,but keep the revive sign for deaf people. a brief flash might not be enough if they are afk.
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