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  1. I thought the wunderwaffe was bugged. Pretty sure treyarch will fix it soon.
  2. as much as i like the idea of a zombies stand alone game, it aint gonna happen. activision makes too much money from mp fanboys who want the bland mp maps and not the exciting zombies map. unless if treyarch could somehow convince activision, i dont see much hope for a zombies only game.
  3. aw man i want to play with you, but your doing xbox now.
  4. i like most of this,but keep the revive sign for deaf people. a brief flash might not be enough if they are afk.
  5. i have heard that if you threw a gersch in the center of pap on moon,you could move the pap. obviously it was bs
  6. it wants your soul… either that or its just richtofen screwing with the teddy bear.
  7. a few days ago me and my friends were having a headshot compitetion on origins. i always came in 2nd but was unable to beat cesetail lizard (i think i spelled the first part of his name wrong). i finally beat him on that day by 7. felt so good.
  8. welcome to codz huffpuff. where you come as a friend,stay as family,and slay as a team.
  9. still need die rise and buried towers. anyone willing to help,add me on psn. make sure you did tranzit maxis's way.
  10. thank you all for telling me this. now i can troll my friends with this.
  11. 10. yes 9. yes 8. yes 7. i want better quality maps too,but make them bigger as well. though i wouldnt mind one small map 6. dont really care for this. up to 3arc. 5. again dont swing either way. 4. NO! CUSTOM CLASSES DIE IN FIRE! (just had to say that. its based off a qoute from one of my comedies/satires) 3. yes 2. maybe 1. dont exactly how the storyline itself is effed up. on the other hand 3arc could bring more focus on stuff like the flesh. edit: character customization i want actually.
  12. why not 2 things? i choose the interactive objects and challages. those 2 alone are amazing.
  13. anything with corners,but 2 notable ones for me is the area past the flogger in shi no numa and the room with the type 100 in der riese.
  14. i always assumed for the finale for zombies we were gonna use weapons based off the 4 elements...i was close. this was before bo2 and before i discovered the awesomeness of codz forums.
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