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  1. Quest Items - Wardens Key & Plane Parts Recipes(Buildables) - Zombie Shield & Acid Gat Kit
  2. MOB OF THE DEAD 1234 is what this says. Take each number and relate to the Alphabet. 13 - M, 15 - O, and so on You got it just before I did! Now, does this somehow relate to the code above? And why is there 1234 underneath? Maybe we're supposed to arrange it in a certain way? Do you know how to do a ADFGX Cipher? read this article http://science.howstuffworks.com/code-breaker4.htm
  3. MOB OF THE DEAD 1234 is what this says. Take each number and relate to the Alphabet. 13 - M, 15 - O, and so on
  4. Yea I have been on the lurker side for too long. Time to contriboot
  5. KbrDWiqaUQY At the of the Call of Duty Championship they will be showing BTS of Mob of the Dead (go to 0:38 for message) Could be the new buildable weapon on the bottom.
  6. Some video points that way out thre but I'm not sure its legit. Is it a theory vid? Because a lot of folks were talking about going to Atlantis or Paris. I'm just guessing here, but I think we're going to Germany. Not because of the title being half German..but because Germany is where it all started. And just to point out, I don't think that Die in Die Rise is German for The. I think it's just an English title. Like Die/Rise. It could also be a new mode. Where you die, then rise back to life as a zombie. But yea, I'm thinking we'll be enjoying some classic style maps soon. Hopefully this is one of them. No its leaked.
  7. Yea right outside of diner. Nothing of importance. All it has is that poster with the guy and a magnify glass looking at a car, also its a poster
  8. Afrochubman

    Unknown Part

    Stop it with this cryptic sh*t. You're not Leonardo da Vinci. Just show some proof anything, of what you have. Take a picture of this "zip line" or "train station" with a potato, I really don't care. But you shouldn't go on forums posting stuff like this and expecting people to believe you without any proof. That just doesn't work.
  9. Whtie in the textures is supposed to be clear, not snow.
  10. I made a Facebook account and uploaded albums for each map and some other things. If you wanna see them all go here - www.facebook.com/edward.richtofen.5811
  11. Shoot man I'm sorry, should of put a spoiler alert or something.

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