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  1. I believe the story of this game's zombies maps are standalone, and doesn't affect Treyarch's story. But of course, that could change :roll: Still, a Nacht der Untoten remake w/ cyborg zombies = DO WANT.
  2. Probably my most memorable moment was doing the Buried EE, Richtofen side. Me and my recently-formed team had finally finished our first N4 sidequest after a week playing this map (the actual first quest we finished was MOTD). Seeing the light on the box at the courthouse was so fulfilling. We even took a screenshot with all 4 of us holding Ray Guns in front of the box (two of us had the Mark II, I think, while the others had the original). The day after, we finished up TranZit and Die Rise, then pressed the button.
  3. Last picture. On the wall right next to the stairs to the right you can also see the Salvation Lies Above nacht writing. And is this game playable in Hong Kong? I think you can sign up for open beta now. Anyone from anywhere can sign up. Question is, will you be invited, and is your internet good enough for it? :lol:
  4. Oh, and now I just noticed that the building of the map seems to be a high-tech version of Nacht der Untoten You can see the "You Must Ascend From Darkness" writing in the helo pic.
  5. So yeah... Remember that online COD game announced for China? It has zombies now. Trailer link: http://codol.qq.com/web201305/page/vide ... 0013r4ma1u Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure: - Cyborg zombies and hellhounds (is that even a thing?) - 4 new characters (including one very Misty-esque chick with white hair) - Killstreak system similar to Extinction? (you can call in a attack helo) (Also notice the building, which appears to be a modern version of Nacht der Untoten) - Wall weapons - Ray Gun (obviously) - Cyborg juggernaut boss Opinions?
  6. Ah yes, take it back to where it all REALLY REALLY began... Nazi Zombies. Wouldn't that be like... 1700s with the Templars? No I was joking, I meant take it back to where WE gamers started with Zombies. The land of the Nazis.
  7. Ah yes, take it back to where it all REALLY REALLY began... Nazi Zombies.
  8. Copying something isn't having something up your sleeve. Assuming they actually will copy zombies, which they most likely won't. I am curious to see what this actually is. I still won't buy the game though. Well the basic idea is pretty much copied, but I think IW is smart enough to tweak it and make it their own. After all, Treyarch has been using IW's engine to make their COD, right? Both devs can learn from each other. Still, too early to judge. I'll wait till the game comes out.
  9. Campaign has nothing to do with Zombies, aside from a few easter eggs here and there. But we all know Treyarch's next game will have Zombies anyway. It's just too good to end now. Unless they have something else in their mind... I was gonna say aliens, but IW already took that idea with Extinction for Ghosts, so dinosaurs maybe? :lol:
  10. From what I can see, Extinction is just like Zombies, but instead of zombies, we fight aliens. At least, it seems like it. I wasn't too interested in Ghosts, but with this, I just might. It's great to see that IW has something up their sleeves. Might even keep me busy while Treyarch works on the next Zombies.
  11. Ah, that explains it. I do remember seeing the Revive sign up in the sky several times before, but never noticed the little red dot then, so I couldn't figure it out. Thanks a bunch for clearing this up for me.
  12. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I'll give it a go: Last night I was going on a solo run on MotD, and when I got to the bridge, I stumbled upon this: What is that red dot? Anybody got any clue? I tried shooting at it, but doesn't seem to do anything.
  13. Cool tip about the fire puzzle. I'll definitely keep that in mind when I do the EE.
  14. Have you checked in the quest checklist yet? Some Templar zombies might have sabotaged a generator while you weren't looking...
  15. I don't know how you guys are able to see this as Samantha... Looks just like a random skull face to me. With a really shiny right eye...
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