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Favorite Zombie Map?

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I didn't see a thread for this, but if there is one, I apoligize. Now, that said, what's your favorite map and why everyone?

My favorite is Verrukt. I just love the map, and me and my friends have a blast playing this one compared to other maps, it just feels great & smooth to play. Sure, no PaP is disappointing, but who cares!?!?!?!? Makes it more challenging IMO, and I love it.

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1. Der Reise (Die Rise if they fix it)

2. Verrukt

3. Moon


5. Kino

But often it entirely depends on my mood. Five sometimes. :lol:

Hate Shangri-La. Never good at it.

Really loved Nacht, but it would not give me a score. Which sucked.

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2:Call of the dead

3:Shangri la

4:Die rise


6:Der reise

7: Shi no Numa

8: Nact

9: Assension (never owned it)

10: Five

11: Kino

12: Nuketown Zombies

13: DOA

14: Survival town

15: Survival farm

16: Mud

17: Cat scars

18: Cow manure

19: Jersey shore

20: Tranzit

I enjoy Easter eggs and challenges.. Not waiting...

i guess you hate tranzit. btw its not that much waiting in tranzit. i just got to round 40 in 2 and a half hours.

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Wow, a lot of people here listed Die Rise as their favourite map. :?

Anyway, mine is Der Riese. The WaW version in particular. It had the best go-to weapons, the Pack-a-Punch, life-saving teleporters, dogs + zombies rounds, the infinite-chain Wunderwaffe (as opposed to BO's fifteen-chain) and really, the best atmosphere for any zombie map.

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