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  1. The word spelled out by the BO1 DLCs might not be related to the word spelled out by the BO2 DLCs (if there is one). There might not even be a word to be spelled out by the BO2 DLCs. However, I believe there will be, as just with the BO1 DLCs the names all follow a theme. In BO1 it was a sequential theme (there was a First Strike, then things Escalated, then everything got Annihilated, then everything got Resurrected). So far the theme for BO2 DLCs seem to be that the names are related to some form of rebellion (Revolution, Uprising).
  2. That's pretty surprising considering it started in Shi No Numa. Of course, it didn't become a big thing until Black Ops 1, but even on Kino it wasn't that hard to find somebody running a train on the stage. As for trains being too easy, it really just depends on the map. Ascension was easy because there were so many great, wide open training spots. Training on a map like Verrückt takes skill and practice.
  3. Alcatraz is in San Fransisco. Arkansas isn't even on the same side of the country. It could be a subtle reference to the leak making rounds currently. It could be he just wanted spread the word about he leak. It's been making news lately, and as evidenced by his comments with one of his friends about a funny picture of Obama, not everything on his Twitter has to do with zombies.
  4. Not gonna happen. Zombie players like trains and Treyarch knows it. Besides, eve i you make the map extremely close quarters so that people can't train in one room they'll find a way to train around the map (e.g. Verruckt, Shangri-La.)
  5. Good rule, bad rule, doesn't matter. It's not going to change anytime soon. We're all eager to make speculations based on the leaked info, but you can't do it here. There are plenty of other places to discuss CoD Zombies (though admittedly none as good as here) where you can discuss the information until Treyarch makes official announcements.
  6. While it may not be a Wonder Weapon from a storyline/canonical viewpoint, from a gameplay perspective it most certainly is a Wonder Weapon.
  7. Yeah, the sliquifier is a rather unique wonder weapon as it has the one-hit-kill (though I believe the recent patch made it stop being a OHK after round ~100) potential for people who want to make it to high rounds (the lack of a power weapon on CotD really ruined that map for those who like trying to get to extremely high rounds) but it isn't a instant-kill weapon that anybody can use to get out of bad situations like the Wunderwaffe, Thundergun, and Wave Gun were.
  8. Just find a nice spot where you can set a trample steam, and run around it. As you run circles around the trample steam the minions will hit it and die. This will work no matter how many players there are and no matter where you are on the map (provided you have room to run around the trample steam).
  9. FML. I spent about an hour writing out a really detailed Moon guide to replace mine above and when I hit the submit button it turned out my session had ended and it returned me to the post writing page with it blank. I hate my life.
  10. I was merely pointing out that the reason the Treyarch zombies team was not involved is because it was developed by n-space.
  11. Yeah, the DS spin-offs are made by n-space rather than the console developers (3arc/IW) the storylines of the DS games are unrelated and non-canonical. The DS CoD games in general are just spin-offs.
  12. In my experience, it's not too hard to have 2 (or more) people run the biodome simultaneously if you stick together. You can run to the ak74u or MP5k for ammo if necessary. Also, always make sure one person (preferably the better of the two) has the hacker and is ready to stop the excavators if they come (if you do the EE this isn't necessary since you won't need to cross back over the map for perks if you go down, but it can still block you off from the box and PaP so I'd hold on to the hacker either way).
  13. The problem is that he said "two obtuse vertices", and vertices are named by their interior angle measures, meaning a triangle cannot have two obtuse vertices.
  14. Shi No Numa takes place in Japan, so technically we have been to an island.
  15. Interesting. The quote about obtuse vertices by Maxis does only mention three points however (and given the terminology is clearly referring to a geometrical shape) and mentions the shape made of three points have two obtuse vertices, which is impossible. So Treyarch still made a mistake with that quote. I'd also like to note that quote occurs when you place two turbines at different lamp posts, so the tertiary node he talks about must be the spire (which must be powered by turbines and an avogadro). There is definitely a triangle formed by these three points which Maxis clearly sees. Whethe
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