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  1. I'd have to agree with the OP here, seems I spend more time travelling on these maps rather than fighting...
  2. It seems to me that whenever I see someome play tjis map they spend more time refuelling the bloody plane than survovng...
  3. Is it just me, or is Mob of the Dead extremley easy? Training on the bridge witg an Acidgat and Ray Gun are pretty much insta win, and on Solo the 3 free afterlives per round kills it for me. Is it just me who sees these as issues?
  4. Bass Cannon: Like the Thundergun, only it fires wubs instead of wind...
  5. Well. Glad to see the forum is as warm and welcoming as prebiously!
  6. The 'blue' zombies were created via the rockets fired by Richoften yes, but the 'yellow' zombies were created by experiments. Perhaps it's a different strain of 115? Or the people on Earth turned via poisining rather than direct exposure? Just rambling now...
  7. Damn microtransactions! This was a chance for Activision to repent and show itself off as above EA. But no! Let's jump on the band wagon to male a quick buck. This'll be the snapping point for some customers...
  8. Hi everybody, and thanks for clicking my post. I'm back after a LONG break fro my old account, Beware of the Docter. (I'm sure you vets remember me 8)) And I have returned as a horrific new being. Now foolosh mortals, tell your horse god what he has missed... Please?
  9. I would have to say Verruckt strangley. It's the first map that introduced new gampley and story, and I still remember the tingly feeling I got the first time I activated the power. (I was only about 11)
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