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  1. :lol: I got a Round 2-window-double slapped-no QR down. But Infest beat me.
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    Never experienced this on BO1 or BO2. Agreed with the OP. Cannot get everyone to stay in the map. Got a 30 and we did the EE and the game ended. Since then it is the same over and over. If the lobby is 2 or 3 players I do not know then one of them will just up and leave. 1. First down anytime. 2. For NO apparent reason 3. ???? Cannot get a score. On the Xbox so this has been going on for awhile. Anyone want to play hit me up. I think this is a great map. Some of those who leave really have me just speechless. :lol:
  3. I really agree with the part about being some Joe and getting high rounds. Definitely a great map to challenge yourself. It seems like with all the other BO 2 maps you had to find things to make it hard for yourself whereas with this one you can really just feel the difficulty all around you. Yet, like all great games, the challenge is rewarding, which it definitely appears to be with this map. Still trying this map out. Love it. The options on how to play it are vast. And some of the Randoms I have played with are awful. Those poor, poor innocents. Without a big staff they are just l
  4. The ZombieShield seems to block his grapple hook. Not sure, but we think that is what was happening last night.
  5. Just got a 17. With nothing. Still gotta build a staff and get the time to. And figure it out. And a disk error. Booooooooooo.
  6. *Please no ingame spoilers. Thanks.* Trying to figure out this map w/o much online help. Yes, my son and I cheated on the "ZOMG someone accidentally got in a Robot!" part. But keeping a Zeke alive is proving really, really HARD. 1. Do not shoot last one / ones at all. They still seem to die. Had 3 and maybe 1 or 2 had bullets in them. Got zombiepowerup ... ran across map ... all of them died. #@#$%^%@! :evil: 2. Got crawler out of a Dig that released grenades (lesson learned) and then had him die quick. Really hard to tell how far you can travel with them. Or ho
  7. Question: Where do we file complaints? Probably another thread. Just watched a Zeke kill a friend on the killcams. 5 slaps in 2 seconds from behind. Hey, Treyarch ... I don't want to camp.
  8. HARD. Thank you Treyarch. PS: First impressions are that so many of the newer players will HATE this map. Good. :lol:
  9. Space. If Buried has taught me anything. I will only camp awhile. Give me a map with room, then I will run the room. Double slapping Zeke's be damned, :lol:
  10. Great guide way/ Thanks. Will be trying this later. If you r doing this with more than one person do you both get it? I'm assuming no.
  11. -you lose the perma perk if someone uses the defib to get you up. Question: Playing solo. Have 5 perks. Go down. Get 4 back. Now no QR. Try to buy it. No go. If you go to the witches do you get it automatically? You could see how this could suck. No QR. Game over if you go down. Having to hit the witches repeatedly to get it back.
  12. So not picking it up for a few more days. Will keep my comment simple. Watching someone walking through it. So the bank is here? And money now earned on Transit ( and shockingly recently added Die Rise. interesting) is available to pull out of the box. So no more money concerns if you have hoarded money from other maps? -Buy all guns, doors, perks ... PAP your guns. Lose them. Buy them all again. Zombies with no money concerns. Does this bother anyone else?
  13. Yes, leaderboards have always been set by the round the first person leaves in. The question is the exceptions. There have been cases where I or people I know have set Boards after someone left. -Disconnection? -Xbox turned off? Would like to know if anyone has an idea on how. Continueing after someone leaves would be a relief, especially if the person leaving was forced to. And could leave in a manner that allowed rounds to still count. And yes, Treyarch. Let us play. Choosing smaller lobbies to play in or continue if someone goes.
  14. Because they are often dangerous and hugely self absorbed. The backbone of playing Zombs meant teamwork. And any game I play with a Shotgun I do not know is one where I wonder when they will let us down. Generalizing. -they can be lacking in revives to a shocking degree. having someone lose their Revive maidenhead in round 26 when there have been over 60 team pickups by then? ugh. -attitude beyond repellent. toward other players to such a degree that you wonder if someone only became good at this game to lord it over others. -sacrificing others to protect their numbers. i wrote
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