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  1. Did I get boot from Hall of Fame? :lol:

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      Looks like you just got flipped on an update. All fixed!

    2. Matuzz
  2. Was Brock and Gary brought down by HAARP?
  3. Not interested in these futuristic Call of Duty games. Another CoD to pass unfortunately.
  4. My theory is that the Maxis in the radios and ciphers in Black Ops III was from universe where he had found out about the eventual doom of the world and what was causing it. He took young Richtofen under his wings and raised him for the mission that was supposed to fix things once and for all. Before that universe was going to be destroyed by apparently some sort of nuclear catastrophe Maxis teleported Samantha and Eddie away. We don't know yet where Samantha went but Eddie began his quest that Maxis had planned out. He came together with the "pure" versions of Tank, Takeo and Nikolai and started to clean the universes from the things that were caused by Group 935. This for some reasons meant that they would need to kill all other themselves from the universes. Sometimes they put up fight other times not. I believe we are now killing the last remaining O4 characters in the remaining universes.
  5. The thing is all these universes are different. I'm 99% sure these are not all THE originals ones or that all these maps would be in THE original universe.
  6. Good stuff. Can't wait to see what the community creates-
  7. Pentagon Thief... just because.
  8. You get a medal and you get a medal and you and you....
  9. Haven't played DLC it's just felt that dialog options like lack of skill checks and boring factions with no real interaction with each other was step backwards from the previous games.
  10. Fallout 4 was semi disappointing.
  11. That falls into the option A. Fact is most are willing to buy them. If some one spends 100+ $ on them it's safe to say that player doesn't give a shit about "what it does to the game". mDLC is in the CoD to stay Activision will not remove them because of minority won't buy them as they make money from those people with the game + DLC and what other people spend on mDLC is just easy cash to grab for them with low effort. So perfect product. The thing is usually games tend to be F2P to be able to cash on mDLC but Activision was able to pull it off on premium game that has normal DLC so kudos to them. I haven't personally spent dime on any of the mDLC on CoD since they arrived on Black Ops II. I didn't even buy Advanced Warfare or Black Ops III at all because the games are taking direction that doesn't appeal me. So yeah the options are A: to continue playing Call of Duty and either to buy mDLC or not. It's irrelevant in the end as they are going to stay there (no effort money for Activision) or B: to completely jump the ship to other games and vote with your wallet.
  12. Options: A: Deal with it. B: Stop playing Call of Duty. Those are the options. There is no "boycott" to succeed.
  13. What I think will happen with the Nan Madol map: It's an ancient stone city and it has these ponds that have tunnels that take you to underwater basalt chambers. The map is also filled with blue 115 element that is embedded on the basalt. In one of these basalt chambers you can find Takeo who is in a cell of sorts. You need to slay a beast that lives on the island and retrieve Takeo his weapons as part of the EE (he will be an actual NPC model that talks to you when you go to him). After you get his weapons back he will commit seppuku to honor the emperor and as such give his soul to our characters.
  14. Why would they announce anything at GDC it's not really focused for consumers.
  15. Fixed typos and added two cool videos that are worth to watch to the end of the post.
  16. He moved to work for 343 Industries and was lead designer for Halo 4. Currently he is working at Infinity Ward. Thanks! :)
  17. Here is my old compile post about the cliff hanger of Black Ops and Reznov unfortunately the pictures of Evelyn Cross have been corrupted: Reznov is pretty much dead by the year 2025 when Black Ops II takes place. But fact is Reznov did not die in Vorkuta. Treyarch had planned plot for Black Ops II that would have basically continued from where Black Ops ended with the assassination of JFK. But then they decided to go with the futuristic theme and the story was changed. Biggest clue was the hidden message in the story missions sit reps that tells: "Reznov is dead, or is he dead, there was no body, is he who he says he is". Every time Mason sees Reznov in Black Ops or Black Ops II after the Vorkuta mission its only his hallucinations caused by the brainwash Reznov himself conducted. Reznov escaped Vorkuta with Mason but then they never saw each other. Reznov was trying to contact Mason under the alias of John Trent. He tried to warn both CIA and Mason of the still active network of sleeper agents that would be activated by Evelyn Cross the "numbers lady". Here are few things to back this up taken directly from Black Ops terminal computer files: Here is an email where the numbers lady Evelyn Cross is threatening JFK. She mentions Berlin and you may know the famous quote by JFK which he made during his Berlin visit: "Ich bin ein Berliner". The date was 26 June 1963, same as the e-mail's date! Here are two pictures of Evelyn Cross that were sen to CIA operative Hudson by John Trent aka Reznov: As you can see on the second picture she is being brainwashed by the Russians. And the resemblance to the numbers lady is obvious: Also check that desk. The book there is Profiles in Courage by no other than JFK himself: Now lets get back to the other e-mails in the Black Ops terminal: So here we come to the point what suggest that John Trent is Reznov. "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice" is quote which Reznov told to Mason when they escaped the Vorkuta prison. These messages are sent to CIA operative Jason Hudson: "Everything changes on Friday." From that date on next Friday JFK was killed. Message from one day before the assassination. Directly states the escaping from Vorkuta and that one of them was Mason. The other one just died. Referensing to himself as CIA though Reznov was killed. This is what Hudson said to Mason when they irrogated him: So in that email Reznov is telling Hudson that he did not die in Vorkuta and is alive as well as warns him about the other sleeper agents that are "everywhere". 3 days after assassination. Image of Evelyn Cross was in this email. So here Reznov gave the identity of numbers lady to Hudson. Few years later came this e-mail. I'm sure I don't need to explain this one There are also e-mail from a third guy called Mr. X. He sent two emails directly to Mason. Clarke was the scientists who helped to weaponize Nova 6 that Steiner created with the help of other scientist from the Russian Ascension Group. For some reason Mr. X recommend Mason to seek Clarkes brother in South Africa. Mr. X tells the location of Frank Woods to Mason. Hanoi Hilton was notorious POW prison in Vietnam where many of the captured American soldiers were tortured. Hanoi Hilton Intel document. Then there is the ending of Black Ops: The day of Kennedys assassination, Evelyn Cross starts his number broadcast. Mason says: the date when JFK was killed, Texas, caliber of the gun that killed JFK and Ascension. And we know from before that Mason was brainwashed to kill JFK but it was prevented earlier because Reznov had added the other agenda of killing Steiner and Dragovich in his head. Now that he had those goals completed what was left? The original agenda of course which was to kill JFK.
  18. It's a note from Illuminati to Edward Richtofen (FS ER = Faithful Servant Edward Richtofen) It says: It has the chemical formula of Tabun and Sarin in it. Both are nerve agents used as chemical weapons. It's dated January 23 '75 which is quite interesting. What the note means for the story hasn't been quite solved yet. The toxins may relate to Creepy Crawlers that leave Nova gas behind as they die. And the time travelling doctor mentioned could be the Pentagon thief.
  19. I personally believe that there is no multiple factions out there but just the Vril Ya. They are the evil entity that Samantha describes. They are this alien race from other dimension and everything behind the zombies story as whole. They were what turned Samantha into demonic creature when she entered MPD. If we were to make pyramid out of what we know about the Vril Ya at this point I would put Keepers in the top, that's not to say there is no god or other creature like that in the Vril Ya hierarchy that controls everything. Then comes the Shadows of Evil monsters. To me they are like animals that Vril Ya control just like zombies and hell hounds. It could be that they are from other dimension and as such are not part of actual Vril Ya race just like zombies are not actually Vril Ya but are being controlled by them or by who is in the MPD none the less. On the bottom I would place the servants of Vril Ya. Those being the Shadow Man, Warden, George Romero etc.
  20. Well I can play them all on PC so no. Rather want them to focus on new content than bringing back old one that has been played for countless hours already.
  21. In Call of the Dead we were given the Vril generator by Vril Ya trough a human sacrifice so, I don't think they have been trying to stop us every time. Sacrificing seems to be quite big part for them. Warden in the Mob of the Dead had altar that he probably used for sacrificing maybe he used the prisoners as gifts for the Vril Ya. Shadows of Evil also has altar for them as well as Shangri La. Though it could be argued that it was to worship Richtofen. And generally it seems Vril Ya are after people who have commit sins (prisoners and SoE group) as well as bringing dead back as zombies.
  22. Yup, for me they are the Vril Ya creatures who poses the power to control Vril power which connects them to Aether and Agartha. We came into contact with them by Element 115 and Mpd that created link to Aether.
  23. They bad. Though people were rooting for Maxis after he blew up the Earth so idk.
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