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Everything posted by Matuzz

  1. They are in Russian. Finally my basic Russian language courses paid off.
  2. You can access bunker 11 in Warzone by getting 3 numbers from russian broadcast that can be heard from some of the phones scattered around the map. There are also 10 phones giving morse code numbers. Each phone corresponds a specific number. So by first getting a code for example 628. You need to go and answer the morse code phone 6, 2 and 8 in that order. After that you can go and open bunker 11. In there you can press a button in a server room to reboot computers/ network. There is also a "shiny red button" next to a nuke that you can press. I guess after you reboot the server room you have to do something to get a password you can type into the specific computers that are located around the map in order to activate the nuke button. As a bonus there is a custom MP7 skin in a weapons room in the bunker 11 that you can unlock.
  3. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    @LenneI hope so. It will be difficult to beat Hamilton and might require some bad luck for Hamilton.
  4. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    @Lenne very exciting race ahead. Hopefully Bottas gets a mega start.
  5. Well I'm getting BO4 for free with the purchase of my new monitor. Will post my thoughts then ?
  6. They are giving Destiny 2 for free on PC so I made the switch to PC and came back to Destiny. Got the Forsaken DLC to have new content and to be able to skip the vanilla and Osiris / Warmind campaigns. Got to level 50 and now I have been playing PvP and trying to get good rolls on my weapons and armor. https://destinytracker.com/d2/profile/pc/Matuzz-21297
  7. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    He did it! Fuckin finally. My heart was racing as fast as these cars in the final laps.
  8. Thanks Lenne. Those new difficulty tiers sound really interesting! I'll keep my eye on BO4 zombies and might pick it up later ?
  9. Hopefully it comes to PC in a year or two.
  10. Haven't got Forsaken yet. May purchase it if it comes to sale. I quit Destiny 2 shortly after Warmind DLC.
  11. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Yeaaah.... Ferrari has really dropped the ball. Congratz to Hamilton I guess. ?
  12. So how is the gameplay style of it compared to Black Ops 1, 2 and 3? Is it more close to the original zombies mode or is it taken even further to the Black Ops 2 scavenger hunt style or is it something in between those? Most of all is it hard?! Or will each zombie match be easily +2 hours and end with boredom?
  13. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Silly season got crazier and crazier...
  14. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Hi. Bottas got a new 1+1 deal with Merc. Now we just wait for Ferrari to give 1 year extension to Kimi :DD It seems like Ferrari has jumped Merc with their new engine upgrades and they are also bringing some new aero parts for Germany.
  15. Trying to connect the story of Black Ops series. THE NUMBERS MASON!
  16. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Yeah the prototypes they slapped on the cars when they tested them are pretty ugly but I hope they can integrate them better into the next years cars by styling them into the livery. But I'm sure it will still take them to get used to them. :D
  17. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Well the current owners of Sauber are actually also the main sponsors of Ericsson so he has that going for him.
  18. Yeah after the first 100 hours Destiny 2 hasn't had really anything to offer. Never bothered to do a challenge modes or Prestige Raid as there really wasn't any reward for doing it. Not having Strike scoring or Heroic Strikes with strike specific loot is just sad. I also have to say that while vanilla Destiny Strikes were a bit bullet spongy they had SO much more character to them than Destiny 2 strikes. I don't think I can even name a single Destiny 2 strike... :/ I'm really hoping that Curse of Osiris and Season 2 will turn Destiny 2 around but from what I have seen so far it seems to not be the case. It's enough to bring me back for some more Destiny 2 action but I don't think it has that Destiny 1 end game lasting effect.
  19. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Hopefully we get a good race for the season finale.
  20. Been enjoying Destiny 2 for a while now. Though I wish they buffed Strikes and added raid perks in the raid gear.
  21. Matuzz

    Formula 1

    Yeah Ferrari has played some team shenanigans like in Hungary, but Kimi is so far behind that I can't blame them. But he has had a good speed lately and hopefully it will show in the results during the second half of the season.

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