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  1. Without Tank. (The Character) lol Just kidding, most likely the Staves IMO.
  2. Honestly I will just wait and see what happens. After the ending I don't even want to theorize what's going to happen anymore, i'm just going to wait and see what happens.
  3. Highest i've gotten to so far is 42 on solo. Many failed attempts put me off of the map for awhile but first try got to 42 today so i'm happy with that. I wanna get atleast 50 soon.
  4. Yeah I agree with this. I usually have the fire/ice staff built by round 12, and then I just use the fire staff to fill up the boxes as it's incredibly easy. I just get the brofists because it helps on insta kills to get out of corners. I don't usually get the airstrike monkeys, I've been using regular monkeys but they glitch up seriously almost every game for me. It's so annoying.
  5. Things I love: The Original four - Seriously, this is all I wanted and I got it. Seeing how the four heroes were before they were tested on. Very interesting. Changing weather Digging Free perk slots are hard to get Old Weapons EE is possible to do on solo Elena Siegman singing in the EE song Things I hate/dislike: Monkeys fuck up for me all of the time. Very annoying. Takes a super long time to get set up, atleast an hour for me to get ultimate ice staff/monkeys/pap/to be ready by round 15, very tedious task. Especially when you go down on 20. lol The Ending of the
  6. That actually makes sense. Richtofen could be in the basement with Maxis, he just didn't talk.
  7. I really like this theory. I honestly hope something to this extent turns out to be true. Great stuff
  8. My bad. I don't understand how it is leaked either, what if they just finished the EE? That's pretty dumb imo that you can't discuss the ending when the map is already out. Whatever though.
  9. I don't know if this was already posted but I couldn't find it anywhere so here you go.
  10. My favorite is the Ray Gun Mark 2. A solid gun to get you to round 30s-40s every game. I love it.
  11. Lullaby for a Deadman, and I don't know if this one counts but the song Lovesong for a Deadman that plays on the tranzit loading screen and in the diner, is my favorite zombie song lol. Just makes the map feel all 1960's-ish.
  12. The next map will definitely lead us to what is going to be in the 4th map. We will most likely see the n4 on the next one and maybe maxis gains full control?? I don't know lol it's definitely gonna be an insane map though. Maybe there will be some radios of the O4 trying to make contact with Richtofen to end this madness. Can't wait!
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