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  1. Hi, I was playing tranzit a bit ago and my friend had mule kick! I dont how to get it but he lost it by trading in his 3rd gun,so if anyone knows how to get it tell me plzzzzzzzzz!xzx
  2. I watch it over and over and wonder what dose he mean by " mend the rift". Tell mw what you think, i think he means to continue working. But then they die and get redone then forget like in the bank in green run, i think they died there and were redone, tell me what you think.
  3. What is your fav musiacal eegg, mine is not ready to die in cotd. I like it because cotd is my favorite map and i LOVE A7X. Whats yours and why?
  4. Actually the color just reresents who is in controll, but you are right richtofen uses 115 and maxis power but that dosent change eye color. Nuketown takes place during moon and turned might have been a accendent.
  5. i think that in future dlc the grg will continue to conect radio towers. I also think that the last dlc will contain a new zombie map and acenshion-moon what do you think. will it spell somthing out like F.E.A.R? we will soon find out.
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