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  1. Is Origins a map or is it the name of an all zombies DLC? I haven't been following CoD lately so this is all confusing me very much.
  2. You guys make me feel bad sometimes. I guess I suck at zombies, you guys say a 3 year old can get to round 45, I can't. Thanks a lot. My highest round ever is 38 on Die Rise, so I'll just go cry now. Also, I absolutely hate Mob of the Dead. It's annoying, and Brutus is annoying as hell, I don't like to deal with all that stuff. I prefer simpler maps. Die Rise > TranZit > Buried > Nuketown > Mob
  3. Does anyone else hate these "bosses"? I'm sick and tired of them. George completely ruined CotD for me, Brutus ruined MotD for me, and I'm hoping this doesn't ruin Buried for me. Or else I'll end up playing Die Rise for 7-8months straight until DLC 4.
  4. I like small maps better than large ones like Mob of the Dead... Die Rise is perfect IMO. Hopefully buried will be around the same size.
  5. THANK YOU!!!!! Someone who finally thinks Die Rise is better than MotD, I get crap for that all the time too lol. I don't even like MotD, it has de-hyped me from zombies for now, don't like it one bit. Die Rise > Farm > TranZit > Town > Nuketown > Bus Depot > Mob of the Dead See, i was thinking this as well. Maybe whichever one gets chose the most will be the one they continue forward with? Like if more people kill the N4 they will end their storyline or something?
  6. Listen. Alright, when you first start up zombies now, the entry is "Al's Journal", right? Well, he talks about taking his revenge on "The Editor." Now, I'm sure you've seen the picture of The Weasel's drawing w/ the Editor's comments on it. Okay... The Weasel knew his art would never be published. He showed his drawings to Sal, Finn and Billy, but they didn't care. In a fit of rage during the night, Weasel was talking to himself. In his head, a voice started speaking. (Alcatraz is known for weird shit!) It's the Devil. The Weasel makes a deal with the devil. Whatever the Weasel draws becomes true because of this. About a month of not drawing, he decides to sketch a plan to escape the island. As the Warden states during "Pop Goes The Weasel", they didn't accomplish building the plane in time. However, the plane is still seen flying in the air. This is because The Weasel's deal. Because of the failure, Sal, Finn and Billy murder The Weasel. They get executed by electric chair. The Devil is not happy with Sal, Finn and Billy, because by murdering The Weasel, The Devil couldn't get his end of the deal (Not sure what it is...) and so he put the group in Purgatory, where Weasel's drawings became real, giving The Weasel the chance to change history and survive the attack. This explains why the group says things regarding Weasel's drawings. Even Weasel talks about it. When he eventually kills the group, The Devil brings Weasel out of Purgatory and back into the real world, where he continued his drawings. Later, these drawings became the comic books that we see as loading screens for maps. The whole thing is The Weasel's doing. BAM, MIND BLOWN ......... this is something my friend sent to me on another website. Interesting theories you two have here.
  7. Thanks guys, yeah it was very hard to do, always wanting to watch videos, but today when I played MotD for like 5 games straight, I loved the experience of discovering stuff myself. I wandered around the map looking for power a lot until I gave up and googled it and found out there was no "main power". :lol:
  8. Hello all, to those that remember me. Hello to those that don't. I've been gone from the forum about a month, but that's because I didn't want any MotD spoilers (ps3 player here), so I tried to avoid all CoD websites. With it coming up now, I am back.
  9. It's been confirmed it's a whole new storyline, and whole new cast of characters, and it is confirmed that it is on a new engine. Has nothing to do with Ghost.
  10. Not reading the whole thread, but I agree to an extent. I want bigger, and larger maps like MotD.. but I don't wanna go through all this shit for a perk, only to have it locked by some lardo zombie. -__-
  11. Can someone upload a video of this in action? Can't find one on YT.. I'm on PS3 and must spoil myself. :D
  12. Looks like Al is very important to the story, more important than ANYONE thinks. He hears voices, Nikolai being one, he knows all about the perks and pack-a-punch, and there are theories he created the zombies. Looks like he's our Richtofen/Samuel of this group. I really hope they bring this crew back!
  13. Nice theory, I like it. Sounds very plausible too.
  14. I like it, very nice theory. Could make for an interesting storyline heading into BO3...
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