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    Mob of the Dead Trailer Analysis! NOW WITH "MAKING OF" VIDEO

    Can't watch vids right now, when's the CoD Championship?
  2. Spartica4Real

    Mob of the Dead Trailer Analysis! NOW WITH "MAKING OF" VIDEO

    It's supposed to be a scary map right? Maybe they are just guard dogs that are around the prison and snap at you while stationary, you know, to try and scare you when running around corners?
  3. Spartica4Real

    Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    They're just perks; not everything has to "tie in" with the storyline.
  4. Spartica4Real

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    mob of the dead section please!
  5. Spartica4Real

    Let's Talk Leaks

    Ok and? I never said I wouldn't abide by them, I just said it is completely stupid. Which it is.
  6. Spartica4Real

    Let's Talk Colors(Rank)

    This uses phpbb, right? Well, I'm on another forum that is phpbb and they have recently promoted one GM to Admin, but he's kind of like a "Level 1 Admin". He doesn't see all the site/zombies info......
  7. Spartica4Real

    Educated Guesswork

    I think Paris. Not exactly next, just Paris. I also think that if that "leaked" map.. you all know what I'm talking about.. is real, it may be in a prison.
  8. Spartica4Real

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Spring break started 30 minutes ago. Take that, you non-east-coast-American! Spring break started last friday!
  9. Spartica4Real

    Possible Next Zombie Map Loading Screen

    Oh wow, Tinypic didn't magnify it. LOL First Post fail!
  10. Spartica4Real

    Possible Next Zombie Map Loading Screen

    ***FIRST POST FROM A LONG TIME LURKER*** It is OBVIOUSLY fake IMHO. It really isn't that hard to tell its fake if you ask me. Look where I circled. You obviously can't see because it got blurred when I magnified it, but just look at that carefully on the normal image. The image on the "next page" is the same wheel/film reel we see on Die Rise's next page.So, someone just took the Die Rise page and photoshopped it. Bam.

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