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  1. They are in Russian. Finally my basic Russian language courses paid off.
  2. You can access bunker 11 in Warzone by getting 3 numbers from russian broadcast that can be heard from some of the phones scattered around the map. There are also 10 phones giving morse code numbers. Each phone corresponds a specific number. So by first getting a code for example 628. You need to go and answer the morse code phone 6, 2 and 8 in that order. After that you can go and open bunker 11. In there you can press a button in a server room to reboot computers/ network. There is also a "shiny red button" next to a nuke that you can press. I guess after you reboot the server room you have to do something to get a password you can type into the specific computers that are located around the map in order to activate the nuke button. As a bonus there is a custom MP7 skin in a weapons room in the bunker 11 that you can unlock.
  3. Did I get boot from Hall of Fame? :lol:

    1. Boom115


      Looks like you just got flipped on an update. All fixed!

    2. Matuzz
  4. Was Brock and Gary brought down by HAARP?
  5. Not interested in these futuristic Call of Duty games. Another CoD to pass unfortunately.
  6. My theory is that the Maxis in the radios and ciphers in Black Ops III was from universe where he had found out about the eventual doom of the world and what was causing it. He took young Richtofen under his wings and raised him for the mission that was supposed to fix things once and for all. Before that universe was going to be destroyed by apparently some sort of nuclear catastrophe Maxis teleported Samantha and Eddie away. We don't know yet where Samantha went but Eddie began his quest that Maxis had planned out. He came together with the "pure" versions of Tank, Takeo and Nikolai and started to clean the universes from the things that were caused by Group 935. This for some reasons meant that they would need to kill all other themselves from the universes. Sometimes they put up fight other times not. I believe we are now killing the last remaining O4 characters in the remaining universes.
  7. The thing is all these universes are different. I'm 99% sure these are not all THE originals ones or that all these maps would be in THE original universe.
  8. Good stuff. Can't wait to see what the community creates-
  9. Pentagon Thief... just because.
  10. You get a medal and you get a medal and you and you....
  11. Haven't played DLC it's just felt that dialog options like lack of skill checks and boring factions with no real interaction with each other was step backwards from the previous games.
  12. Fallout 4 was semi disappointing.
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