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Do you still play zombies?

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Hi, it's the boring guy here.

It's been 6 years since the release of WAW, 4 years since we tasted Kino, and almost 2 years since BO2. We have played zombies a gazillion times in thousands of ways. We have explored every little secret and dissected the maps every way possible.

In between each release, there are other notable games that caught our attentions, there have been changes in our lives, there are changes in our mindset that we see the games differently.

The question is, are we still playing zombies?

Since I started getting into zombies, I have not played another game. I have purchased MW 2 and 3 years ago, but have not even opened them. My passion for the zombies and desire for higher rounds have come to a screeching halt, yet I'm still killing them.

My passion for Five is not where it once was, but I still enjoy it with randoms. Once in a while I'll do Der Riese or Town, but Five is still my favorite by far. Not sure why such passion but I believe JFK and Fidel have something to do with that.

At this point I have no more goals, just pick up my controller and see where it takes me. I enjoy newbies as well as veterans, as long as the game feels different. I enjoy solo as much as co-op, as long as the games are not linear. I try different things to keep things fresh. I explore new territories to keep things interesting.

How about you? Do you still play zombies?

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Eh I had a really good game of Origins the other day but sadly had to quit which made me sad since every other game I have had for months has sucked. I play it but I am not interested in it anymore. Doesn't mean im not interested in the story just GP wise it bores me lol

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Yep, all the time.

I'm always trying to beat my high rounds, for a long time it was to beat 50, then 60, now I'm trying to get to 70.

It's all solo though, unfortunately I find Co op games way too long, especially now that I've gotten better at the game ( at the beginning of Black Ops 2, my highest round was 17!!!)

One thing that I discovered last night that has given me a fresh lease of life for the game is playing with randoms again.

Last night I had a game of town, by round 9 I'd had 11 revives. Nuketown today was the same, had about 20 revives by round 19! I'd forgotten how much of an ego stroke it is playing with randoms!

sent from my brain using 115 and magic

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I only play it occasionally with my one roommate, and our other friend from high school. Before coming to college I probably hadn't played it for a good few months.


It's been kinda meh for me. Just the same old stuff. I can only play it with friends. The story is still interesting, but since it's the off season I'm in the IDGAF mode.


Part of it is I'm just more into single player games now. That just feels more fulfilling than a game of zombies.

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I still play zombies but maybe 2-3 times a week mostly nightime on weekends. That is really the only time I have that I am free and have the time to play. I enjoy solo but will play with randoms if I have time to kill because I never wanna be the guy who has to leave midgame and kill everyones high round hopes. Once someone leaves the game though I kinda lose interest in the match but will continue if the team is helpful with eachother.

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Small group, every so often.


The Zelinski tweet a few weeks ago got me combing through for a little while, but otherwise it's Origins, Tranzit, and occasionally we'll hook up some BO1 maps.



I still have easter eggs to do, so I can't say that I've played the game to it's core, but I sure have put in a lot of time just like most of the other people on here. Records were never a top priority for me, and I only factor in my friends records, keeping up with global is a waste of time. Pretty much now, it's just a group of friends having some drinks and keeping the laughs rolling.

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Having been playing since WaW, I still play zombies everyday. Not all games have goals or objectives but I try to go into high round games as often as possible, even if it's only to better my previous high rounds by one or two rounds.


During off-season, I fill the void by playing custom zombies as, like most people who play zombies, I just can't find any other game interesting. I try to play other games but end up usually putting them off after 10 mins or so and sticking on BO1 or BO2.


Guess you could say I am addicted to the game-mode. :lol:

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Same as the rest of us...you'll keep plugging away until something new drops, then you'll play that exclusively for a while, and then shuffle it back into the deck with the rest of the maps, to be enjoyed again at your convenience.


The fundamental zombies gameplay is what keeps bringing us back...it's endlessly challenging and you can always improve somehow, whether it be skills or strategy.


Or, as some would say, the engaging storyline *cough* keeps us coming back. 

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I still play often, but sadly since my waw/Bo1 days my game time has been cut down.(damn you kid!!!!) BO2 pretty much almost lost me completely. I like tranzit but thats about it really. Sadly I find solo way too easy and boring but I have found random lobbys can be fun. It test my skills since lets be honest everyone in a random lobby is awesome, or so they say. And of course a game with friends is always fun.

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