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  1. Man all you guys have been doing awesome work on this front, particularly 83457 and Ragdo11706. It's incredible to see how many variables and options you've tried, and the methodical way in which you work through this stuff. Simply awesome! Having said that, after lurking and reading everything you do, I'm worried you are way too deeply invested in what may or may not be 'a thing'. Can I very respectfully suggest taking a breather for a while and enjoying the new map. Just hook in and enjoy the gameplay again, learn all Der Eisendrache has to offer, and get back to the fundamentals: killing those pesky zombies!
  2. ….. I quit on this generation. Ascension was different, challenging, and unique Ascension was easy enough that it provided virtually no challenge at all. It wasn't really all that different. And unique...yeah righto I'll give you that one! As long as you get that 'this' generation was released two years ago, and the BlOps maps two years prior to that. In that time there has really only been one truly unique, mould breaking map...and that is TRANZIT.
  3. It's different, challenging and unique. Any more like ASCENSION and I quit!
  4. ? Really? 41 just by following a list of everything to do? @creeper You really should put in where you run/how to get the spork free blundergat. What way works for multiple players on a map etc. Sorry, I thought I had the sarcasm font on. No - clearly not. I have run up that high, but not with that half-ass strategy...
  5. Comprehensive. Where do you run afterwards...cafeteria? Doesn't matter I suppose, your strat helped me get to round 41...cheers!
  6. It's the greatest because you can assess, strategize and then implement. It's cerebral in the sense that you need to think critically to come up with a good strat and requires skill...to implement said strats. Then it's a case of bettering yourself. With some high-round exceptions, most of us think we can improve, and continue to do so until we hit our goal...competence. Plus you can play with friends, or make new ones WHILE you play. The story can go F**k itself...if it hadn't already f**d us first!! It genuinely adds nothing for me.
  7. So, if I've got you right, you want to take some sort of action on people who are hacking a 3 year old game? WTF? Who does that? Seriously, that's a jerk thing to do...if you want clean lobbies maybe you should play something newer. Still playing MULTI on either title is unacceptable. Maybe if you were playing a 'classic' like MW or MW2 it would make sense, but the multi on BlOps was crap and the maps are not good enough to still be playing. This is such an odd post...
  8. In some cases, like FORZA HORIZON 2 and (another title I'm forgetting right now), last gen aren't getting any DLC. This will ramp up until it simply won't be possible to get everything out of a title unless it's on next gen, COD ZOMBZZ included. So just get a ONE/4 already!
  9. TRANZIT? Any open world environment would need a mechanic to stop any large, open area becoming an unbeatable training spot. The mechanic they used in TRANZIT was the FOG and HEADLICE, and everyone hated them. Well, most folks did. While it is a great idea that really appeals, I just can't see how you would do it, and keep it challenging.
  10. The term anal retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal,[1] is used to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, potentially to the detriment of the anal-retentive person. The term derives from Freudian psychoanalysis. You're misusing the word. You need to change or clarify. It just reads really strangely...you can't just make up new meanings for words and expect everyone to understand!
  11. Well that's sorted then. "We can stop searching now guys!"
  12. He really is the master of drip-feeding info to folks so desperate for anything they throw all logic out the window. For that, kudos Jimmy. And, simultaneously, f**k you Jimmy. And for all you hunters, hook in! Again...
  13. Great post very funny. Astute observations...as a 35 yr old father of 2....this^
  14. Just curious: for the purposes of this post, what is your definition of 'anal'?
  15. The following is true for everything in life; Some people will like it, others will not. Personally this is the map that got me fully hooked on Zombies. Still, it all boils down to preference, and I think this topic has run it's course.
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