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Power ups using Lightning and other Staffs Discussion


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Hey guys reaper here.

Found something new out today.

You can make power ups with the lightning staff by shooting the junction boxes with the knobs for the ultimate challenge.

You have to shoot the one near the tank and ride it to the first part location and there will be then a power up.

Same goes for the box in tank station 2,ride it to part location 2 and you will be able to get the next power up.

You have to shoot the boxes in the top where 4 little junction boxes are located.

This works one time per round.

What can we do with wind and fire?

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I knew Treyarch wouldn't make one staff so unbalanced by making it the only staff with an in game side challenge!

Wind and fire hunt go!

That zepplin in the sky, or even just the planes has always struck me as suspicious...

just as well, look for debris, or non-flaming wagons. Something to burn.

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Robots are possible, but I feel like it'll be something static. Something that either doesn't move, or is at least always on the map somewhere.

Granted I have no idea is basing what to look for next, off of what was already found will even work.

Ice staff costs 0 points

Lightning costs 500 for the tank rides.

Ice gives zombie blood always

Lightning gives a random power up

so what would wind and fire do and need?

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Wind: You need to get to a high point, try shooting the wind staff to the church from the excavation site...

Fire: You need to kill for this: panzer, generator, plane.... So try killing something...

Note: Weather may be a factor!

Also: The ice staff can be used in the excavation area, and the lightning in the tank/church area. Perhaps the last one two can be found in the crazy place and the trench area... or the workshop area like with those telescope-type things seen all over the map... Maybe the spawn area? The caverns? Try to find a weathervane or a furnace or fire pit of some sort... maybe a beaker? A wheel of some sort?

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Great find! My friend.

Wind staff in the trenches?

Fire staff in the bunker compound?

No idea. Experiment, experiment experiment.

It must consist of a series of steps. i.e. -

- Ice Staff 3 flaming wagons for Zombie Blood

- Lightning Staff junction boxes & ride the tank for Power-up Drops

I hope your the one to figure it out.

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Did some testing earlier.

The Fire Staff doesn't light up the wagons if off.

The Wind Staff doesn't effect the smoke/gas coming from the pipes in Spawn/Trench Building as far as I can.

Wind staff you might need to go in the robots and do something. You don't really go back in them once you have the pieces.

Fire Staff I reckon is something as simple as igniting one or several objects. I think that will be the next one discovered.

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This is incorrect. The drops randomly apprear after you ride the tank and have collected all the parts, maybe even upgraded the Lightning Staff I'm not sure. But they always appear when riding the tank whether or not you shoot the boxes. The drops are always random and appear there for just long enough to get them on your ride. If you take one then they will not re-appear until the next round but you can still get a max of three random drops per round. If you see one that you don't want you can keep riding the tank and they usually change each time you ride the tank. The draw back is I haven't seen a max ammo yet, usually a nuke, insta-kill, or 2x points but this is always at the end of a round so they are not really worth grabbing.

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Oh ok. Shoot it with the staff so i think thats the trigger.

Get a max ammo and zombie blood yesterday.

But it's nice to know you can make some power ups this way.

I saw a nuke yesterday during my online game with randoms. Not sure what triggered that.

I think you see max ammos in high rounds or in those rounds where max ammo drop was missing. I still have no clue what junction boxes are, or what need to be shot as you guys are talking about? Sorry.

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4 of us were screwing around on top of tank shooting out staff's like mad men, then we saw 2 max ammo power ups by spots where you get parts for lightning.

So I guess this is what triggered it. Great find dude.

Yes that was our round 41 game. I'll have to try and find it in theater and see what triggered the max ammos.

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These powerups spawn after you get/upgrade Lightning. You don't need to do anything else. Source: Tested it twice.

Also Max Ammos seem pretty rare to get this way, especially on Solo. Also you can use this to get Fire Sales if you never move the box. A useful tip for Solo players who don't want to move the box but would like a shot at getting box guns.

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So I was playing yesterday with the wind staff, and you know those tripod-gyro-telescope things arround the map? Yeah I hit a few of those and for some reason they glowed for a second---may have been a texture glitch but IDK...

Also one time after my first decent into the cript after doing the challenges for wind staff ice staff and eletric staff, the lights on the big wheel thing were all red! Why would that be?

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Last night we had all staves built, and in the spot where the last lightening staff part is (right before the full circle of the tank) there was a insta kill just chillin there, I just thought it was a dead zombie that dropped it but I bet it was from this secret.

Appreciate the knowledge!

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