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  1. My problem with this theory is that you cannot take something, change most of it and say it predicted something. If you were to say that the old west part of Studio predicted Buried that'll be fine but to say the piratepart of the map predicted ZNS is a little ridiculous. Hell, I'd give you though about the castle and DE but the two Ray Guns are just that, two mk1 Ray Guns.
  2. After watching Glitching Queen's latest video I believe she's on to something. Basically her theory is that we use the Dragons much like the plane in MotD to travel to the PaP area. After watching the DLC trailer a few times I noticed, as many of you have probably also, what appears to be the map for this DLC. The first one I have rotates to match the one seen in the green monitor. If you look at the one on the green monitor you will notice that a few buildings are slightly highlighted a brighter green than the rest of the areas. The areas on the right side match the other map pretty well but if you notice on the far left of the green image there is another area that's not on the other image. I believe that this area is the PaP area and the only way to reach it is via the Dragon(s). Let me know what you guys/gals think.
  3. If you watch closely you can see that the "creature mode" activates as the character passes the purple fountain. Now obviously the HUD and action button cues are edited out of the trailer. I would bet that the character ativated the fountain and mode as they passed by the fountain like the OP is saying. I think you are onto something with this "Afterlife 2.0" style mechanic. And I bet the red writings will replace the "eye" from MotD's afterlife.
  4. This is incorrect. The drops randomly apprear after you ride the tank and have collected all the parts, maybe even upgraded the Lightning Staff I'm not sure. But they always appear when riding the tank whether or not you shoot the boxes. The drops are always random and appear there for just long enough to get them on your ride. If you take one then they will not re-appear until the next round but you can still get a max of three random drops per round. If you see one that you don't want you can keep riding the tank and they usually change each time you ride the tank. The draw back is I haven't seen a max ammo yet, usually a nuke, insta-kill, or 2x points but this is always at the end of a round so they are not really worth grabbing.
  5. I was running a horde by the Lightning cave about to go run them around Stamin-up's Generator because the robot was coming. Well as I was turning to get into the Generator area the robots foot lifted from in front of me and pushed me into my horde and killed me almost instantly. I was prepared for the shock wave to knock them down when he stepped but I almost threw my controller through my TV when it pushed me into them.
  6. I believe this ending has been planned since Kino. It seems so obvious now looking back on Sam's room after teleporting.
  7. In another thread on Friday August 9th after the new DLC trailer was released I pointed out that he said, " oh and did I mention giant robots?" But no one said anything about it. So this confirms that I heard him correctly but I was just looked over. Oh well it happens. Good find by the way.
  8. I cannot think of a single legit new power up. We already have perks, ammo, insta kill, 2x points, nuke, death machine, fire sale, and we've had random weapons in the past. It's going to be i teresting to see what this new power up will be.
  9. Also the newspaper on the MotD load screen has 1917 dated on it. I think there is going to be something tieing these two maps together. Treyarch doesn't just do things like that without a reason. The anticipation os going to kill me .
  10. Anybody have any ideas on what the new power-up drop mentioned in the trailer maybe? LOL maybe a chicken drop from DOA.
  11. Did anyone catch that he said Robots, with an "s". I wonder how many we will have to contend with at a time.
  12. Can you post the pictures directly here? Thanks. I don't have a facebook to veiw them currently as I believe that today's social media is ruining today's society. Not really, I just don't like social media. I just recently started a Twitter account for updates on the website being down. I had to resort to the CoD forums and well... we will just leave it at that. Anyways back on topic, can you please post the pics here.
  13. I played a game earlier with 3 people and got the Retreiver by round 3. Would've went to the bridge too but we misused points. It was just a b/s random game we played. We weren't trying to do too much since we all had things to do. If I can ever figure out how to upload my videos to elite then to youtube I'll post it. Or it's in my recent vids, GT is same as here.
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