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  1. This guy is Holding the raygun, dont think he was at the box. Maybe you need the olympia permaperk and buy 2 times the olympia. 1 for the ray and 1 for the olympia to get it to work. How stupid, my Bad! You need monkeys :(
  2. In the steam db there are an specific german/austrian version listed. Austrian have only symbolic restriction, so i think that this will a symbolic restricted version. And international will get uncensored!? https://steamdb.info/sub/66130/
  3. Could they hide the perk machines because of this? Double Tap got a slightly new design with DT 2.0, so hide the machines hide the secret?
  4. What i mean is not story related it's Activision money related. They want more people play and buy zombie dlc. When you look at forums from ghosts many people complain about game mechanic from zombies, extinction was easier to play than zombies. And have big Aliens, Monster or whatever you call it. They want fun and not have it when they die in round 5. That's the reason they give you something like permajug over the XP progression i think, same like permajug in BO2 for the noobs. Oh sorry i mean persistent, dont shit on me
  5. Looks really nice, the kraken reminds me of the extinction one. Maybe they will get more players in there that normaly don't love zombies so much, because they die so fast. Now they can act more like in extinction and attack some big Beast.
  6. This is the same like Jimmy, no hint where, or is it major or minor.
  7. This will be an slightly other map then der riese, that's the reason they call it the giant now!
  8. When done the EE you get the power up drops as a reward. Has any1 stay under the Pylon for a long time and see which drops are coming down? Maybe there come a super firesale were all the boxes stay in place or the pap room is open forever? Do the EE when a orbit is on the trafficlights to achive this!?
  9. Hey Zombie Slayers, now were a new era begin with Mr. Blundel we can ask him if there's anything left in tranzit. It looks like he is not so cryptic and give us the simple yes or no we all are looking for.
  10. Hey hey a little bit more respect. You're not remember me?!
  11. Samantha says. Hey hey bitte ein bisschen mehr Respekt. Wisst ihr nicht mehr wer ich bin.
  12. Here is a YouTube Video of an german Zombie Player, look what happend!
  13. Golden shovel by round 9 in 4 Player coop game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =198387549
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