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What is your highest round on Shangri-La?

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my rounds from highest to lowest

kino de toten : 53 :lol:

der riese : 45 :D

shangri la : 41 :)

moon : 37 ;)

shi no numa : 32 :shock:

five : 26 :|

verruckt : 23 :?

natch der untoten : 17 :roll:

if you are wondering where ascension and call of the dead are i never downloaded them map packs soo.... :?:

i think i did pretty good for round 53 on kino!


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Reached 100 solo on Tuesday before suiciding, I've decided in my quest for 100 solos on as many maps as possible this will be a re-occuring theme, 100 as a score just looks so perfect :D

Just waiting for Chopper to hit 100 so we can release our vids at the same time, which we've agreed on as we're using a joint strategy idea.

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Just got to 50 with 2 players. Very pleased with that. :lol: I'm about 2 or 3 ranks below our very own way2goo and 5and5 haha they died with about 30 seconds and we died 3 seconds in. We decided to suicide I think they did aswell.

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On the BO1 version there are three (to various degrees) managable spots/routes that I always did.

The easiest one is starting at the water slide. Once you get overrun use it and when you are at mule kick just walk back to the bridge and shoot the zombies there.


The moderate and in my opinion best option is running the 8 at the MPL room as shown in Relaxing Ends video here:





The third option, which is the hardest, is to use the 74u room and I think to use the other room where you can find the meteor piece as well, but I can't recall how to do it properly. perfectlemonade used to have a good video of that strat showcasing it, but sadly most of his vids are gone.



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