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  1. Phat130y69ps4

    Awards and what they were given for

    So you gave me awards not meant for me? STEVE HARVEY STRIKES AGAIN!LMAO
  2. Phat130y69ps4

    Awards and what they were given for

    I have four rewards and have no clue what they r n how I earned them. Anyone care to help ?
  3. I failed towards the end due to being half asleep but if u follow this strategy u can complete the egg by round 3 easy with patience.
  4. Phat130y69ps4

    Der Eisendrache all high round strategies! Updated 3/15/16

    I'm trying the quick revive one for the first time and I'm on round 50. It's being streamed if anyone if interested. Made it to 54
  5. Check this out. The best perk combo ever! This is how i  play every game. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/uploads/monthly_2015_11/IMAG0671.thumb.jpg.a9fce6a07ce84c7ba8be02901fefe4ff.jpg

    1. BombProof


      That's exactly my combo too, it just works. On "The Giant" there is no widows wine so I either take Mule Kick or Quick Revive, depending on how capable the rest of my team is. Nice combination!

    2. Chopper


      I really don't like Widows Wine on solo, maybe it has more benefit in coop.  On solo it just messes up any train you are trying to run.

  6. Anyone up for richtofen we on hurried and die rise for ps3????

  7. Anyone's down for die rise maxis Easter egg tonight ps3

  8. Phat130y69ps4

    Am I missing something about Semtex?

    b careful if u semtex the denzian. he can latch on your head and blow u up/ Ive seen it happen to my boy multiple times. ALWAYS HILARIOUS!
  9. Phat130y69ps4

    Am I missing something about Semtex?

    there best use to me is on the bus. nading the hoard chasing u is so much easier....PLUS` the blinking thru the fog when u attach to one and await the boom is PRICELESS!
  10. Phat130y69ps4

    Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    the piece from the top hatch of bus goes there so u can get galvaknuckles...i do think there is more to do with going up there than we know though!
  11. Phat130y69ps4

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4jCpioK ... ure=colike
  12. Phat130y69ps4

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    i think commitment is meaning how to level up play everyday! when u miss a couple days u go down!
  13. Phat130y69ps4

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Certain teleporters are linked to one another, regardless whether the Easter Egg is done or not. In other words, it doesn't take you someplace new. I know for a fact that there's set location where each portal will take you. For instance, the one between Nacht and the spire (road) will take you after the large lava pool after Diner everytime. I'll map out each portal's destination tomorrow. Not true they change. Try the first teleporter and quit and do it again
  14. Phat130y69ps4

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    cool, did it smash the wall down? and were there any changes in the bank? and did the bus keep running after? Nothing was changed other than they got screwed because it was harder to get off the bus. I didnt see i am still at work but she is trying to get the video in theatre. She said all it did was freak everyone out. The game froze not to long after maybe it was a glitch? I hope not!
  15. Phat130y69ps4

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Also my girl got the bus to crash in the bank! I am trying to get a vid of it! Im thinking we can make him crash or reroute somewhere?

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