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  1. Just got to 50 with 2 players. Very pleased with that. I'm about 2 or 3 ranks below our very own way2goo and 5and5 haha they died with about 30 seconds and we died 3 seconds in. We decided to suicide I think they did aswell.
  2. shrink gun for me. only weapon besides ray gun that drops perks and has a huge amount of ammo.
  3. Nice man. I still gotta try to do a round 100 on solo sometime. Last time I tried I got a g_spawn on 60 something on kino and its just discouraged me.
  4. Can someone explain how elite currently works? never bought it or play mw3 that much. And im already in a zombie clan. NZP nazi zombie pros, but I really like the idea of having extra stats besides highest round. Ive seen a guy get to round 32 and he had less then 200 kills. Can't believe someone would carry him that far lol.
  5. I never thought about it. I mean I like the idea for sure
  6. just 2 times i believe. however once on moon i got qeds hit the box again got gershes pipcked them up and got qeds the next hit lol
  7. Sorry ps3/pc players coming from an xbox player. I do believe dlcs should be dropped on the same date for all the consoles. And im not really a fan of campaign usually but driving those tank things look sweet. Cant wait for zombies and multiplayer
  8. Damn nice job dude. Really impressive stuff here. What/who was the world record before this? And that second death really sucks, you should have atleast went into second chance. Are you going to be doing this again?
  9. Do you know how making zombie into ice blocks work? Ive only been to 27 on this map. If your at the spawn and you shoot a machine gun into the hoard while theyre in the water they almost instantly turn into ice blocks when i tried it, but im not sure how much damage you have to put into them. Might work for a high round attempt?
  10. Damn dude this threads a buzzkill. I admit I didnt know shit about about the scavenger being so ridiculous in the high rounds. Ive never done any 100s on any map. Hell my highest on solo is 50 on the easiest map, ascension. I suicided after that because that was my goal. But god damn recycling the scav 300 times for one round. Thats gotta be a month game atleast if this guy makes it. Good luck bro.
  11. What ideas are they trying to incorporate that we auggested? Only thing i wanted was no host migration and some old fashion zombie modes. Hopefullly itll happen im still planning on getting it anyways since I really enjoyed the multiplayer and of course the zombies even if it isnt great. Also i hpe they fully test everything out aince bo was really glitchy at the start

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