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  1. Um, over-react much? :roll: And wtf is "herobrine"? My guess is a bunch of minecraft nerds made up a fictional character deep in the minecraft forums, and somehow it spread. I'm pretty sure this is all a load of bullsh*t. (P.S. I hate minecraft with a passion) :twisted:
  2. 60% of the vote is "what the hell is call of duty", on a call of duty zombies themed website.
  3. Just got done watching 10 minutes ago and I'm still crying. :cry: Leave any final reviews, thoughts, decisions you made, and theories about a season two *sniffles* :cry: (And if you cried or not) Dont Lie
  4. I've never even played Shi-No-Ma! Did they add in a new map pack right before black ops 2? :shock: God dangit 3arc :evil:
  5. Yep, same for me on town survival. Its weird because everytime I play online solo play it doesn't count for me. When I got to round 37 on Town the first time I checked the leaderboards and it said I got to round 1 :| What am I doing wrong :?: :?:
  6. One of the top comments on youtube was that you had to get 2,500 perks drank in order to get perma-jug. I highly doubt this but it might be worth a try. I just don't see why 3arc would put that in because quite frankly it would make the game to easy, its like having painkiller in mw2 except for the whole game every game :lol:
  7. Thank you guys for accepting my application so quick! Quit my old level 25 clan for this and I'm super excited for whatever the new clan ops have in store, and can't wait to see if elite supports zombies too. This is gonna be great with so many members!
  8. Haven't got nuketown yet, I'm just waiting for them to release it since hardened edition owners have to pay more than if you just get the season pass. Anyways bro nice guide read over it and it's got everything you need. I can't believe that Kingjaq got 67 solo, or that anyone would deliberately go that far on this map. I feel like it's too risky to go for high rounds on solo right now with the messed up leaderoards/updates so I'm going to wait. Can't wait for some more solo guides in the future perfect, your skills are amazing and congrats on 100 subs (which I am one of )
  9. Yes, and I dont think 3arc has any intention of patching it, unless it gets to their attention. I just don't know why they would do such thing when the leaderboards before were just fine (except for the modders and glitchers ofcourse) If you want to play I would suggest playing with someone you know won't quit, instead of a random who quits whenever they go down. Im curious why 3arc implemented host migration if the end result of the game wont even coun't on the leaderboards. Smart move treyarch :roll:
  10. Hi! Nice to have you on here. Might I say you have a pretty... unique username :D
  11. I'm a perfectionist and an achievement whore. Have every achievement for every cod game except cod 1 and 3 :)
  12. Solo is different in BO2, I believe you have to make a custom game and play, and If you want it on the leaderboards just dont make any adjustments, at least that's what worked for me (:
  13. +1 CoDz helps...as silly as that may sound. But it really is like that. Wow, thank you bros. Means alot :')
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