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  1. I'd have to agree here, the zombies was a bit of a letdown personally. The idea of the bus is nice, but I'd like to see more of the survival we know and love, especially on bigger maps that aren't volcanic plumage.
  2. Leaks? Lol i didnt even know there was another game coming from Treyarch. Oh man i have been out of it. Anyway, i wont be posting any leaks here.
  3. Well you will be disappointed as JD doesn't work for Treyarch anymore...
  4. I know you will all hate me for this, everyone on the site. But i hope they DONT have zombies in the next game. They have been playing around with zombies too much. In my honest opinion, the WaW maps were more fun and addicting that the black ops ones. Mainly because it all just got too complicated. I think for them to create a good zombies mode is for them to return to the formula of der riese. Perks. a few special weapons and thats it. not trying to offend
  5. Its never happened to me but, why dont you just not go through that tunnel? if you really wanted to get on the other side you could just teleport to area 51 then come back in the spawn
  6. Sigint


    Look, i think this is just going to lead to worse and worse stuff which doesnt really need to be discussed. I am locking this thread, any mods, carbon, you can unlock if you want. *** CJ - I agree with unDead, about carb's reaction tho, not him being an ass/dead taking cred for sh*t, if it gets completely out of hand ill lock it again. carbon, or any other mod, u can lock it if u see fit. ***
  7. I dont even remember what images were there...
  8. Sigint


    It's carbon's site. He is the one that puts the money into it. He should do whatever the hell he wants with it.
  9. Sigint


    What so your leaving codz? But its your creation. Even if there is more zombies, will you still not stick around? Also who will pay for it? I know that CovertGunman is in university or something so he couldnt pay.
  10. Sigint

    Hey guys

    Which, if I forgot to mention, is a beast new name. 8-) Ya that's why i changed it :D
  11. Sigint

    Hey guys

    Yes, ponies have taken over this site Also, i changed my name from Johnson to Sigint.
  12. Wow. Touching post. Hope for all the best with your arthritis, i know i wouldnt be able to think straight without being able to play games. Might see you again on here someday, sincerely Sigint (formerly Johnson)
  13. Thats a very nice graphical representation you just showed. +1 for it mate. I see your from Japan, ほうげい, たのしん ですね!
  14. Sigint

    Ummm... Dweller

    Your right! im on here all the time... every... single... day. i have no life anyway, if you are wanting to get into the Takeo group, sorry, i cant help. Only admins can add or remove people into usergroups. So PM one of the admins. probably CovertGunman, he put me into the Dempsey group and he seems to be the most active admin. Alpha hasn't been on as much as of late...
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