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  1. Mines 30, with no quick revive. I treat zombies now like the real deal. You've only got one life so if you go down your dead unless you got someone to pick you back up.
  2. IMO the door at power for the pap is actually another door to the rest of the facility. the turbine connects the broken power cable that on the floor there
  3. I could have yes and I apologize to anyone who takes offense to my previous post. But the ray gun doesnt have that high of splash damage. You can easily sprint ahead of the train for a second or two , turn and shoot and take out the whole mob behind you without taking damage(from the raygun anyway) The tunnel is the best long range area to be and also the electric guy stays away, the diner is a good place as well as the town. The farm can be done as well but not that great. The power is really the only somewhat challenging area imo. And as I said the dsr upgraded is a 1hit kill on 35+(with double tap btw) if you get trapped it can save your ass just like ray used to.
  4. No disrespect to anyone...but if you can't use raygun or m/s without flopper than here's a hint...DON'T SHOOT IT CLOSE QUARTERS!! Im perfectly capable of using those guns without killing myself. And as far as the fall damage goes...the game has dead spots where when you drop off the ledge you instantly go down...not a zombie around :? ...it is what it is. again no disrespect just sayin. Some of the perks have given us too much of a handicap IMO. I have mixed feelings about ray this time around..I love it on nuketown but hate it on tranzit. I'll gladly take the dsr with no scope over ray and m/s anyday of the week. One shot multi kill on 35+...hell yeah...BOOM HEADSHOT!!! Happy Hunting Zombie Players. Fight For Revolution!!
  5. first play through~~Chloe is dead, farid is dead briggs alive and Menendez captured...woods also dead, and mason....facepalm. rewound the story to the karma mission~~chloe still captured assumed dead, harper dead, briggs dead , Menendez dead. Mason and woods alive....much better.
  6. Oh i completly understand. Ive enjoyed the hell outta just reading yalls ideas much less trying alot of them myself and looking for new discoveries. But I dont get alot of time to play so when i do i want to actually play and kill zombies . I honestly hope there really is more to it on this map and i hope someone here discovers it ;)
  7. So i havent posted in a few days and havent had a lot of time to lurk either. I get on tonight and there is SOOO much...CRAP! Im seeing some completly insane ideas and still a couple that actually make since still but not many. I for one am no longer gonna tear my hair out trying to crack this map. IF theres more to green run, awesome, if not, thats fine too. But until DLC gets released or we get ACTUAL proof of 'the next step' im just gonna sit back and enjoy killing zombies. If i happen to stumble upon something interesting ill gladly post it. ~Happy Hunting fellow Zombie killers
  8. I like this. It Fits. Not a sprint ...a marathon, camp is torn down the middle, commitment to one side or another. I have only done the Richtofen side also
  9. I knew i was a good player when I hit 31 with 2 players on COTD with my only down ending the game :x . Had all the perks from evereyones favorite pal george too... Also knew i was a good player when I finally hit 50 on acension with 2 players. Had 2 downs that game. This is small compared to some of yalls high rounds. And i also usually dont have extended amounts of time to play.
  10. Door does not shut. And you dont have unlimited ammo dwn there as you only get ammo from your first PaP and there is no weapon down there. Couple nights ago we were playing and i had to leave on round 33 so I said, hey lets hold out at the PaP lol. It was...entertaining...lol Prolly made it 3/4 through the round tho with just the 2 of us. Might be pretty effective with 4 people.
  11. Yeah im pretty sure once the round starts your tombstone stays for 60 sec
  12. So this works with only the Richtofen side done as well? If not since the maxis side can be done with two people i will do that and experiment with this new found light with you guys. . Kinda reminds me of the lighthouse on CotD how it points out the PaP...
  13. Guys come on...the ice cave...its awesome...you gotta check it out lol
  14. Thats Crazy!!! So you have definatly confirmed this multiple times? and also were you the only one that could see it before you got disconnected?
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