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  1. So this works with only the Richtofen side done as well? If not since the maxis side can be done with two people i will do that and experiment with this new found light with you guys. . Kinda reminds me of the lighthouse on CotD how it points out the PaP...
  2. Thats Crazy!!! So you have definatly confirmed this multiple times? and also were you the only one that could see it before you got disconnected?
  3. I still have my knife...still havent gotten my blue eyes back. The hash marks seem to be days played in a row with 5 being max. When ever you dont play for a day or so you lose a tally...
  4. Im not gonna say you didnt hit 97...its perfectly possible lol. I just remember how pointless my weapons were on round 50...much less 90+. I might as well have be peeing on the zombies to kill them...thank god for the tundergun that game lol :lol:
  5. Yeah, I'm starting to think that's it too. The discussion is starting to turn into every other map discussion and reminding me of the "ice cave" in CotD. Theories sounding more and more outlandish as people become more and more desperate to find something to advance the story. I mean, hell... if you're having fun go for it. But I'm REALLY starting to doubt any more will come of this. I agree...partialy. I strongly believe that the nav cards will be used in a later map...like the golden rod (i suggested this awhile back) But what about that mysterious magical orange orb of whatever it is? Why would that appear and have NOTHING to do with this map? Why does maxis not say anything when you complete his EE? And personaly the trophy/acheivment, to me, doesnt mean the end of something
  6. So driving into work this morning I got to thinking.... The two signs at the diner say NOW DIE and ON 4 U. There is also a sign in town for the bowling alley, but the O is out so it says B WLING (BE WILLING). So with our new perk Tombstone, which allows you to get your stuff back when you DIE, maybe U have to B WLING to DIE...
  7. ^^^ Your banned for having a z in your name.....
  8. wait a minute. the signs in the tunnel say something about day. there are two of them i believe. If you are going the proper direction you will have to turn around to read the signs
  9. Only one that we know about.... _> -_-
  10. The Bridge breaks as you aproach it, even on foot. I havent fully explored around the bridge yet tho.
  11. Because this type of thing keeps people interested. We have already discovered SO much and i have a feeling we are just scratching the surface....i hope :)
  12. Has anyone tried turning the power back off AFTER doing the Richtofens side of the EE to see if Maxis says anything? And I feel there should be more to Nacht and the cabin rather than them just being there and finding a few parts there... Ive yet to do either side of the EE because the DAMN GAME KEEPS FREEZING!!! but thats a seperate issue....
  13. 31 with two people. I went down and my buddy WALKED off the top of the lighthouse to drop fown and ended up taking the zipline somehow :evil:. this was at like 3 in the morning too lol

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