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  1. Mines 30, with no quick revive. I treat zombies now like the real deal. You've only got one life so if you go down your dead unless you got someone to pick you back up.
  2. I knew i was a good player when I hit 31 with 2 players on COTD with my only down ending the game :x . Had all the perks from evereyones favorite pal george too... Also knew i was a good player when I finally hit 50 on acension with 2 players. Had 2 downs that game. This is small compared to some of yalls high rounds. And i also usually dont have extended amounts of time to play.
  3. Door does not shut. And you dont have unlimited ammo dwn there as you only get ammo from your first PaP and there is no weapon down there. Couple nights ago we were playing and i had to leave on round 33 so I said, hey lets hold out at the PaP lol. It was...entertaining...lol Prolly made it 3/4 through the round tho with just the 2 of us. Might be pretty effective with 4 people.
  4. Yeah im pretty sure once the round starts your tombstone stays for 60 sec
  5. So this works with only the Richtofen side done as well? If not since the maxis side can be done with two people i will do that and experiment with this new found light with you guys. . Kinda reminds me of the lighthouse on CotD how it points out the PaP...
  6. Guys come on...the ice cave...its awesome...you gotta check it out lol
  7. Thats Crazy!!! So you have definatly confirmed this multiple times? and also were you the only one that could see it before you got disconnected?
  8. Wouldnt hurt to try. BUT personally i dont think itll work. As you must open the PaP door to get the achievment for opening all doors without getting burned, so if there were another door id imagin it would have to be opened to get that trophy...
  9. Ok so FINALLY was able to complete at least the Richtofen side of EE. Havent seen any ORBS yet but havent seen anyone mention the lights going from the teleporter lights to the towers? Anyone else seen these. Its like it appears on the light builds up for a sec and then shoots off towards the tower. I was thinking it was normal so didnt take a pic but will check theatre mode just incase it actually shows up
  10. We discovered that you DO NOT have to do 1K points at a time. You can keep punching the key and transfer any amount. Just dont let the drop go away.
  11. Amen brother. I joined the fight late compared to alot of you guys. I didnt really discover zombies until acension. But ive been hooked ever since and have been on here for awhile. Like you pointed out there are many aspects of Tranzit and Zombies in general that seem to have come from here...which is awesome 8-) . Also the Tunnel makes for the perfect combo of training and camping. As you can easily run two seperate trains and have the other two camping @ M16. Or One big train and 3 camping, or whatever floats your boat...or should i say bus :P
  12. anyone tried using the jet gun on 'him'???
  13. The two signs at the diner say NOW DIE and ON 4 U. There is also a sign in town for the bowling alley, but the O is out so it says B WLING (BE WILLING). So with our new perk Tombstone, which allows you to get your stuff back when you DIE, maybe U have to B WLING to DIE...

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