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  1. In general, you could maybe say that it's actually easier to go far with 4 players, everone gets a smaller amount of zombies in their area and there are more players to revive each other and the more players there are, the larger margin for error you have. With that said though, it's gonna take you a hell of a lot longer, and good luck finding a good merge-and-kill strategy for 4 players in a 50+ game.
  2. In general, you could maybe say that it's actually easier to go far with 4 players, everone gets a smaller amount of zombies in their area and there are more players to revive each other and the more players there are, the larger margin for error you have. With that said though, it's gonna take you a hell of a lot longer, and good luck finding a good merge-and-kill strategy for 4 players in a 50+ game.
  3. Seen these clips well done boyo's I feel like I've lost the determination to do high rounds now. Just feel like I've been there and done it all in solo, and although most of those scores could be improved upon I feel no need to improve them, since they're either a former world record or 100+. I think my last real attempt at a high round was last weeks attempt at 100 on Nacht, which I said would be my one and only attempt at it and my power outed at round 83. I've played every map more than enough for my liking, just starting to feel like I might be done with Black Ops by the end of this month. Roll on BO2!
  4. Hi there, I see you're new. Few questions for you... you say you've been to round 250, meaning you're the first ever player to get 200+ on Black Ops zombies, right? How long did it take you to get there using just the MP40 to get your kills?
  5. When you need a break, you need a break. Hope to see both you guys back around here soon, I know I've not been the most active member myself for a few weeks and I've not been playing much either. So yeah, hope things treat you well and see you soon, I still speak to Eye regularly but if you wanna add me on Skype Jay then go for it, same username as the YouTube ;)
  6. Good to hear mate thanks for the feedback I'm actually gonna give the Shang guide a bit of an update very soon, that strategy that I showed in the latest vid on my channel is actually easier and quicker than the one shown in this guide ;)
  7. Well then like I said, let's not discuss this here anymore and let this get it back on topic. I have nothing else to say anyways.
  8. You obviously haven't quite grasped the concept of taking advantage of splash damage. The difference in damage between a well placed shot and a not-so-well placed shot is pretty huge. Why do you think some players are capable of regular 340+ games, while others who can PaP in 90 seconds are struggling to hit the 300 mark? Shot placement is one of the biggest seperators. It's your opinion against opinions of those who know No Man's Land inside out. You can't argue with stats either. So like I said, if you choose not to believe that's absolutely fine by me. If I had experienced No Man's Land players calling illegitimacy then it'd be a problem, but they all know what's possible and see nothing wrong with the gameplay. So any opposing opinion is basically irrelevant. If you feel as though you need to respond to me, please do it via PM or I'll have to lock the topic to prevent any breaches of the Code of Conduct. Hope you understand.
  9. Well, I've talked to a lot of the best No Man's Land players and they all seem to think 380 is the max because of what Steve and myself have shown is possible. That coming from players that have studied No Man's Land for immense amounts of time, not players who don't even have a 300 kill game to their name, no disrespect intended. If you chose not to believe that particular game then fine, but in the message you sent me you explicitly said you disbelieve all of my other scores and have also made this clear to a whole bunch of people. I've said it once, twice, maybe a hundred times - I have no interest in raising my profile in this community, I've never once asked anyone to rate, comment, subscribe blah blah blah. I'm hear to study the game, find out things about it, help others and test myself to see what I can do. I just don't see how fabricating a game would even make sense for someone in my position... With that said, let's not let this thread get off-topic. I think we've both said all we have to say to each other, if your opinion still stands then I think that shows a lack of understanding on your part, but that's fine, I'm not here to get everyone on-side... either way, let's be adult and stop all of this backstabbing, spreading crap on livestreams etc. As I said, good job and let's switch the topic of conversation to this achievement.
  10. We’ve obviously had our differences selectyeti, and I’ve had a whole bunch of No Man’s Land experts step forward and say your and others accusations of illegitimacy were completely ill-conceived which they backed up with health stats etc. It’s obviously a great shame that you chose to talk behind my back before you know the facts. Nevertheless, I’m a better person than to let such petty matters stop me from giving props where it’s due. Great job.
  11. I'll admit, I didn't know your sense of humour when I first got to know you and I took a joke you made a little seriously. But I now know that you like a bit of banter and you don't mean anything as an insult, so you could say anything you like to me and I'd just laugh it off, like I do with my mates when we're constantly ripping the shit out of each other. I guess it's difficult to tell a joke from a serious comment over text sometimes, especially in the middle of a discussion. But I think most of us around here know your humour pretty well now.
  12. I love the sterile, grimy industrial type maps (Ascension, Der Riese etc.) FIVE as has been mentioned is hated by many because it's seen as difficult and too different. It's of course no secret that FIVE is my all time fave map in terms of playing it, but the look and feel was a factor for me too, just looks great to me. I hate the maps like Shang, Shi No Numa and COTD where the scenery is just not suited to a zombies game at all. I've got good scores on all of these maps so it's nothing to do with difficulty. Just hate the look and feel of them. Also as a side note, I too see Der Riese as one of the easier maps. It's easy once you learn to deal with dogs, any No Man's Land player would mostly have no problems dealing with Der Riese dogs, since they're very predictable unlike NML dogs.

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