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  1. Good to hear mate thanks for the feedback I'm actually gonna give the Shang guide a bit of an update very soon, that strategy that I showed in the latest vid on my channel is actually easier and quicker than the one shown in this guide ;)
  2. Well said Eye. At the end of it all, there are arguments for and against different beliefs. Some people believe that God created the Earth and everything in it, whilst others believe in The Big Bang Theory. There is no conclusive proof of either, hence why people choose to believe in one and not the other. You shouldn't suggest that someone is mentally unhinged for believing in a superior being, when you're choosing to believe what someone is telling you just because they have a Degree, when there is no concrete evidence to back up their claims. At the same time, you shouldn't call someone a bad person for choosing not to believe what's written in the Bible. While it's fine to express that you don't believe in something that someone else does believe in, there is no call for belittling people and trying to force your views upon them. I have absolutely no respect for the guy that says, "You will go to hell for not believing in God", or likewise for the guy that says, "How can you say God exists when this or that has occured?". Thankfully, most of us here are considerate and mature about the matter. Just such a shame the rest of the world doesn't think similarly.
  3. Awesome man, such improvements are always a good feeling whether it's your first 40 or first 100 :D
  4. Gave the Nacht Der Untoten section an overhaul, check it ;)
  5. Thanks mate Really depends how you play it, Kino and Ascension are most likely the quickest. With Kino, the quickest way to get through the first 40 rounds is to use this strategy by TheZombieProjectCOD: Then at the higher rounds either his 40+ strategy or my MP40 room strategy. For Ascension, running the spawn from round 10 onwards is the way to go.
  6. Gave the FIVE guide a major update, plus some small changes to Kino. Nacht Der Untoten guide to be updated as soon as I do another long run to see if I get past 80 quickly enough to satisfy my desire to continue towards 100 In the meantime, check out my round 80 run highlights video for the map here.
  7. Nice idea, but I don't think it's worth implementing. These sorts of situations can be avoided by using a bit of sense i.e. don't revive when there are zombies everywhere ;)
  8. Haha no worries dude I knew what you meant Yeah Der Riese is closest to Black ops, but you can still kill the zombies with an MG at round 60 without using all of your ammo, that aint happening on Black Ops ;)
  9. That's funny, everyone else says I made it look easy This tactic wouldn't work on [email protected] due to zone-machanics being non-existant unlike Black Ops. Though there are different tactics to use for the [email protected] version, and as long as you don't stop moving you won't get hit, it was the first map so the zombies are dumb as shit. Also there are only 24 zombies per round, and any weapon will kill them at whatever round. Honestly, even if I did round 2000 on the [email protected] version, I couldn't compare it to the Black Ops version, there's so much difference in difficulty.
  10. Thanks mate I've been pondering about this map actually, the reason it was so tedious was because of the bad luck I was getting with the box the whole game. If I was to keep getting lucky with the box I could beat this in a day, then bite the bullet for the next day like I did with this run and maybe get a 90 or 100. I'm not gonna rush into it though, just one day soon I'll feel like playing it again, I'll see if I can keep the run going for a couple of days and see where I end up. Plus, hitting 90 would get me fired up for 100 ;)
  11. As for streaming... I need to upgrade my internet haha. Tried before but it lagged to the point that it was unwatchable. But may have upgraded by the time BO2 comes along ;)
  12. Thanks guys I'll be honest, once you get to round 30 it gets quite easy. You obviously need to keep focused, but in general avoiding a double slap isn't too hard in those high rounds if you're using a good strategy. Hardest thing for me, was dealing with having to hit the box every, single damn round. Seriously, I spent almost as much time hitting the box as I did playing through the rounds. I got to a point where I was like, ffs I really, really don't wanna play this map anymore. I'm sure I could have gone to 100, but it would have cost me my sanity :lol:
  13. So here it is ladies and gentlemen, after about 15-16 hours I finally got sick to death of having to recycle the Thundergun each round, so I killed myself on round 80. This isn't all that difficult once you hit round 30 as long as you keep your focus. Vzual Venom's strategy works very nicely at that point and you can start using my strategy at round 40 to speed things up a bit and still keep it safe (take note of the spawn-control tactic found and used in the 70+ rounds of this video, this makes all of the zombies spawn in the first room so they're more compacted as you reach the Thompson room - this would be safe to use at round 40 whereas my previous strategy was a little risky until round 50). I was considering going for a round 80 on COTD... not now XD In the higher rounds I mostly only had to hit the box once per round on this map and that still pushed me to my limit, I'd have to hit it about 20 times per round once I got to the 70s on COTD. No thanks... Did round 73 on COTD last year, but I had a lot more patience with this game then. I was actually willing to sit there and use Flopper and the AK to slowly get through the rounds 5:34 Completely unprepared for this Thundergun fail - you almost got me, Treyarch Time to revamp my Nacht strategy in the Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide I think ;)
  14. Brilliant thread Jay, I'll try to give some [brains] but no doubt I won't be able to Spot on with my legacy, The Complete Solo Survival Guide is just that. Along with all of the gameplay achievements of course ;)

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