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What is your highest round on Shangri-La?

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Dude i even put that video link in my edit last time xD

But hey like I always say, "Haters are going to Hate and Haters are welcome"

Here's your proof again Hater :3

solo dosnt count

Solo does count as its still playing zombies so yea, What gives you the idea to say what counts or not. The thread is called "What is your highest round in Shangri-La" not "What is your highest round on Shangri-La Online Multiplayer". Its a thread for any mode. Like MixMasterNut said. I find your logic irrelevant.

PS: I apologize in advance for the video quality of it as I do not own a capture card and this is my first time posting me playing zombies. My little brother was awesome enough to record it on his iPod Touch 4th Generation holding it in position. Love you bro thanks for the recording.

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I've only gotten to 19 just now. My friends aren't that good, and one left who was better, and they both died so I basically soloing 18-19. And I can't PaP on my own.

I would've had 20+ but my mom kicked me off at the end of 18 with a ray gun+hk+4 perks, the other guy had the same. :(

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^In solo only one stone is spinning, you can PaP....

Anyway, just did another run, round 8 used up my revives lol,

13720\\117\\15 . Buys: mpl, box: cz75, sniper(w/clip), monkey bomb, ballistic knife

Mpl path to power on. My plan on this run was to let dummies ALL spawn out before I started grouping them together and have them funnel towards the spikes/cart or next to olympia.... no perks from monkeys :(

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