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  1. My opinion of the astronaut is simple,"enough". I say enough because treyarch has to give a "boss" once in a while in every map. Pass bosses like creepy crawlers (not really)screamer zombie,napalm zombie,and the all time favorite George A. Romero from COTD and the cosmonaught. Treyarch probably made these bosses to mess up gamers a little u know? The probably didn't want the game to be too easy to get high rounds on . Basically my opinion of this moon boss is still and always will be "enough"
  2. I never knew u can do that,as a fellow zombie player I appreciate your dedication to this topic Zbshilo
  3. i hope to see some cutscenes or some new perks to come into play in the main storyline. if you wanna talk more about this topic my gt is :ZBshilo
  4. round 15 new to shangri la (not a newb) gt ZBshilo
  5. i hope to see some awesome perks, some perk ideas are: a perk that gives you the power to pack a punch a perk ex. pack a punch jug(5,000) and if you go down ofcourse you still have the perk you pack a punched
  6. oooooooooooooo i cant wait for that "call of duty eclipse" it even sounds awesome!!!! still doin those easter eggs 8-) 8-) gt zbshilo
  7. o wow if anyone might know dis but there iz a ladder easter egg on kino if anyone knows anymore info about it hit me up gt ZBshilo ;)
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