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  1. So you gave me awards not meant for me? STEVE HARVEY STRIKES AGAIN!LMAO
  2. I have four rewards and have no clue what they r n how I earned them. Anyone care to help ?
  3. I failed towards the end due to being half asleep but if u follow this strategy u can complete the egg by round 3 easy with patience.
  4. I'm trying the quick revive one for the first time and I'm on round 50. It's being streamed if anyone if interested. Made it to 54
  5. I died during the cut scene. Which made no sense. Also my rags got glitches into the pyramid. Double treyarch. Act like I had it than screwed me lol. It felt like this
  6. Contains Easter Egg footage. First my rags went inside the pyramid and tha ...well watch and cry for me we spoilers/ending
  7. The one thing exo zombies did right! Solo Easter eggs
  8. Check this out. The best perk combo ever! This is how i  play every game. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/uploads/monthly_2015_11/IMAG0671.thumb.jpg.a9fce6a07ce84c7ba8be02901fefe4ff.jpg

    1. BombProof


      That's exactly my combo too, it just works. On "The Giant" there is no widows wine so I either take Mule Kick or Quick Revive, depending on how capable the rest of my team is. Nice combination!

    2. Chopper


      I really don't like Widows Wine on solo, maybe it has more benefit in coop.  On solo it just messes up any train you are trying to run.

  9. Yea it had both song and intro now I know. I was letting dogs in the teleported as it went and shooting the ww. Also with zombies. I was getting perks after round 20
  10. I was trying to figure out how to make free perks to spawn. I not I ed letting fluffy and zombies in the teleported with u while electrified might be it. I also got two after round twenty four total. https://youtu.be/Kd0zFKRlytw
  11. Didn't the Templars have the same symbol
  12. Being they replaced the Nazi symbols with templars could it mean in this new time line richtofen is now with Templars do due events from origins?
  13. Anyone notice the Nazi symbols are now templar symbols?
  14. The more of those videos the more I think it'll b involved. Like escort this truck here while repairing it. Or last x rounds than (in Arnold's voice)get to the choppa!
  15. Hope it's true though!!! If so expect a live stream from me right away lol
  16. My ps4 says game will pre download on the 4th and I can play 8 pm on the fifth. Is this everyone?
  17. Anyone think the unlock will be zombies campaign which will be like escort mission in cyborg zombies??
  18. I don't thin it would go off of our saved data. If in access my account on another ps I'd still have my rank and records. I'm pretty sure they have all that info saved on a server. So if they did check I think it would use that data.
  19. It was taken from the pc files. And I agree there is no end game trophy but maybe for just the completion of each egg individually? It can use trophies for that. Also there has been things like this done for clans in the past. My guess is it would work off of trophies. If it happens at all
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