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  1. Quitting out of the match should be penalized, I agree. But it won't ever happen because everyone has the right to leave the game whenever he wants even though it's annoying as fuck. The only solution to this was in Black Ops 1 Zombies. Just make the rounds count no matter iuf someone leaves or not. Regarding people leaving the pre-game lobbies. Nothing wrong with that. The last thing a good Zombie player wants is playing with shit players who wouldn't last long anyways.
  2. Round 38 with 4 players. I believe I played with some mates but I don't know since it's a long time ago I set this record. I will probably not beat that 1 again since I'm not into Kino Der Toten anymore.
  3. Just broke my record of 33 with 3 players with the new record being 35 rounds with 4 players. Hell yeah! 3 Downs only and in the last round the game froze and the Zombies were standing still and few moments later I was down. Ascension has the worst connection/lag issues of all maps. I don't know why but that's how it is.
  4. Carbonfish, do you work for Treyarch or how comes you hang around with the CoD staff so many times? Also, where did you get the perk shirts from? I want them too! Me and some mates during a nightly FIFA 11 session. Me and my 3rd degree sunburn in spain holidays July 2011. It was much worse than it looks like.
  5. Round 27 with 4 random players. We were holding down the PAP room while sometime 1 was rapetraining in the war room. After getting +30 on Shangri-La my aim is to get +30 on Five.
  6. Name: JeRicHoOL Age: 22 Country: Germany PSN: JeRicHoOL I started playing Zombies when "Black Ops" released because I never played "World at War". It fascinated me pretty quickly. I'm always trying to break my own records. I play with 4 players only because it's way too easy with 2 players and I refuse to get a high round the easy way. It's tougher with 4 because if 1 or 2 people go down Zombies are coming from several directions and you sometimes have to change your gameplan. My current records are in my signature. I'm looking forward to play with some very good players here to set
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