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  1. @PINNAZ If you (or anyone else) needs pictures/screenshots or whatever of anything on Der Eisendrache, I've got HD screenshots of essentially everything of significance on the map so far (with the exception of stuff that happens during Easter Egg steps). So feel free to use any of these:
  2. Hey guys, just thought I should get this up to generate some discussion. Samantha has a room inside of Griffin Castle, and she has some very interesting drawings posted on the walls and dresser: A sun with a smiley face overlooking the Alps with a flower filled valley below. Also interestingly there appears to be a house in the middle of the Valley. Samantha with Fluffy Now here's where it gets interesting: Left: We see what appears to be a table with some chemistry equipment and a red box in the dark, labeled 'Secrets'. Below it says 'Dr Groph has Secrets'. Looks like something is up with Dr. Groph... Center: Drawing of Samantha is riding a fire-breathing dragon over the mountains. "Daddy says there used to be dragons a long time ago." There seems to be a lot of mysticism surrounding the Dragons, and it's looking like they certainly tie in with the Vril-ya / Keepers. Right: This picture is hard to make out, but it looks to be Samantha in a dark forest, just a mess of brown and green. Now this one is on the side of her dresser, and it shows some sort of portal with a door inside of it. At the bottom there are two characters, the one on the left labeled 'Dad' with his hands up in surprise, with an unknown nazi-looking character on the right with a knife. Could this be Groph? Is this his secret? This one just looks like a normal kids drawing, but there may be more to it. We see Sam's bed on the ridge with the teddy on top and a Cymbal Monkey riding a rocket. Then Sam herself appears to be on some sort of box with legs, and behind her are two others girls. I'm going to guess that they are likely Amelia and Abigail (The girl names written among Sam's on a wall in Kino Der Toten). And there also happens to be a train flying overhead. Maybe there's some more meaning to get out of this if we find that Sam wasn't alone here, or what those walking boxes could be. Finally, this is the eeriest one. Samantha sitting in her bed in shock to see a Keeper coming through a portal into her room. I'm not really sure what is going on here as Samantha appears surprised, but has a happy face drawn next to 'Me', so it doesn't look like this is some horrifying experience. Not really sure if it's good or bad, but Sam has definitely had encounters with the Keeper's at the Castle before. There's a lot going on in all of these pictures, and hopefully they can help us piece together the story. Any thoughts?
  3. UPDATE: The Apothicon language is consistent in it's use of certain symbols with prefixes, suffixes, roots, etc. in the Apothicon words. I have broken them down and into what symbols go with what phrases. Treyarch has actually come up with their own language which can be deciphered from this given information. Now that we have the symbols matched with the parts of the words, we have to find the grammar of the Apothicon language. We may possibly be able to translate it into English once we know the rules the language follows and the what the different roots mean. I have added notes at the bottom of patterns I have noticed with the structure of the language, and will add more as I go on. The symbols usually go from top to bottom or left to right in the order which their corresponding word-part occurs. Also, 'na' and 'n' appear to be a roots/have some sort of meaning, but it also seems like they may be used in the language to prevent repeating vowels, such as in gwanash, it separates 'gwa' and 'ash'. I assume the parts of speech maybe also be related to which symbol is used when a word-part has several symbols used with it in different circumstances. Note that the words roots do have consistent relation to english counter parts, as 'orruja' is the word for 'gun' and is also in word for 'shoot', 'orrujatar'. I assume we will figure more of these out over time, but this is what I have for now. _____________________________________________________________ Hey guys, the new trailer for the Der Eisendrache map was released, and in it they revealed computer screens showing the language of the Apothicons and The Keepers. Thanks to @PINNAZ for pointing out that some of the reticles have Apothicon symbols in them, and the name of the reticle is the translated word. Since the head reticle and symbol match the ones on the list Treyarch showed, I am assuming they all are correct. Here is an updated version of the chart with the other symbols added: The Keepers' language is unfortunately too out of focus to be readible, but we at least have the distinction between the two established and know it will be revealed eventually. We do have a good portion of the Apothicon language though, and I have started trying to translate things on the map. _____________________________________________________________ So here's pics and translations (if possible) of everything so far: Summoning Key _____________________________________________________________ Cult Statues _____________________________________________________________ Mystery Box/Magic Box _____________________________________________________________ Mark of the Cursed (character hands) _____________________________________________________________ Apothicon Swords _____________________________________________________________ Pack a Punch _____________________________________________________________ Sacrifice Ritual Circles Here's the imgur album with all of the pictures for whoever's interested: http://imgur.com/a/3Lg59
  4. I've formed a little theory about who the 'man' might be: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=26732 Possible Atlantean? And Shooter I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice the blockhead face on the wing, I thought I was starting to see things :lol:
  5. Yes, the Nova crawlers were infused with the first generation of Nova 6, which was a mixture of Tabun and Sarin nerve gas. Both of which can cause temporary vision problems and nausea with brief exposure, so it would make sense based on the in-game effects.
  6. Nice work here. For Hawaii, it could also be a reference to Starfish Prime and Operation Fishbowl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfish_Prime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Fishbowl
  7. I did some research and looked up all the guns we currently know about from the reveal trailers and got some extra info on them too. thanks cod wiki for listing some ridiculously briefly shown ones like he MM-1 Here's the videos: part 1- hYCbXj7ymys part 2- NW3Yso5Kt9c sorry there's two parts I was trying to drag in a gif for the uzi pic and thought I reached a limit on pics or something :D
  8. People need to stop making up things to blame for this, Holmes is just a very sick man. Sick in the head. His psychological problems must go far beyond what most people would understand. The man was so twisted he wanted to be The Joker. He became completely obsessed. And he plotted an attack that would set his 'dream' in motion, so via media 'popularity' he would become the evil villain, like the Joker. And look, he's all over the place as the real life Joker, his goal was achieved because the media focuses more on the killer than the victims. The only conspiracy here was plotted in the mind of James Holmes. Conspiracy of murder, for an entire theatre. you can just tell how evil he is by looking at his eyes in his mugshot, they're like a sharks eyes...
  9. Who says two maps cannot be in the same place? There were 4 maps in Germany/German territory.
  10. It's in the coding, that's epic. I hate to say this, but I told you so. But beyond that, it's now essential to work out the finer details. Sorry Tac. I didn't think it was logical. In fact, I still don't. But apparently it's true. I don't believe it's possible to work out the finer details. We have nothing that can possibly really explain it. MixMasterNut's three Pyramids theory is blown out of the water. I'm actually rather disappointed. Zombies was cool, but it made sense. Now it just seems... rather stupid honestly. Science fiction appeals to me, and this is absolute crap. Plus this essentially negates one of the largest parts of my storyline with no foreseeable substitute. What a waste of time. Guess I can forget the animation. Now who knows how it all began. And who knows what kind of beings Treyarch are going to twist the Vril-Ya into being. Hey MMX, Don't abandon you're interest yet. There's no confirmation of it at all yet, that coding piece mars_vista is the area of california the developer is in, and _card means it's a 2D texture, like a playing card. I've got a slight disagreement with Tac here, I say it's on the Moon not Mars. If you want a full story I can show you all of my evidence. :D
  11. I think the heart shaped pennant is Woods' But I can put one thing together, the man below is "The Man Who Stole the Keys" and KNEECAPS is his codename. Like Makarov is Kingfish.
  12. OH yes and thank you kingly for reminding me of the "meanwhile" quote bubble. What if that means that as that the pyramids are being sucked up and transported at the same time we see one floating down on Moon :shock: I think we know what that would mean :D

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