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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

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  1. The Call of the Dead ship is a cargo freighter, it is significantly larger than the boat in the ZNS cutscene and they look nothing alike. Call of the dead ^ The ZNS ship has no containers, and only one (significantly smaller and different looking) crane, and is of a much smaller stature in comparison to the Call of the Dead freighter. Here's the overhead shot to give a sense of the scale: As you can see this ship is much smaller, and it's layout shows it is not a cargo ship. The deck is even made of wood. Also, the CotD ship had an opening/cargo bay in the middle of it
  2. I've got some observations of my own to add to the discussion. EDIT: Images added First one, in the shot of the mystery box at 0:47 when the player gets an Argus, you can see a crashed plane in the background. The crashed plane is a Vought F4U Corsair: The Corsair is an American single-engine fighter plane that was used in the Pacific theatre during WW2; It was the first American fighter that could take on the Japanese Zero in dogfights and win, and was nicknamed the 'Whistling Death' for the sound its wings made (which hopefully will be included if there are air battles over the
  3. I have performed some wizardry in theatre mode, and have gotten some HD screenshots of the 3 known paper scraps on DE: Under globe in bedrooms: In Undercroft on table: Next to urn in room above double tap: And just incase that's not enough, here's even bigger pics: Next to urn in room above double tap: Under globe in bedrooms: Undercroft table scrap:
  4. @PINNAZ If you (or anyone else) needs pictures/screenshots or whatever of anything on Der Eisendrache, I've got HD screenshots of essentially everything of significance on the map so far (with the exception of stuff that happens during Easter Egg steps). So feel free to use any of these:
  5. Hey guys, just thought I should get this up to generate some discussion. Samantha has a room inside of Griffin Castle, and she has some very interesting drawings posted on the walls and dresser: A sun with a smiley face overlooking the Alps with a flower filled valley below. Also interestingly there appears to be a house in the middle of the Valley. Samantha with Fluffy Now here's where it gets interesting: Left: We see what appears to be a table with some chemistry equipment and a red box in the dark, labeled
  6. As much as I think some sort of crazy sci-fi machine called the Iron Dragon would be awesome, I honestly think that the 'Iron Dragon' is just the name of the outpost at the Hohenwerfen Castle. Similar to the other outpost names like Eagle's Nest, The Giant, Griffin Station, etc.
  7. UPDATE: The Apothicon language is consistent in it's use of certain symbols with prefixes, suffixes, roots, etc. in the Apothicon words. I have broken them down and into what symbols go with what phrases. Treyarch has actually come up with their own language which can be deciphered from this given information. Now that we have the symbols matched with the parts of the words, we have to find the grammar of the Apothicon language. We may possibly be able to translate it into English once we know the rules the language follows and the what the different roots m
  8. Just thought I'd get some discussion going about the location of Der Eisendrachen. It appears to be the Hohenwerfen Castle, located in Austria: Hohenwerfen Castle Wiki Another interesting note about this castle, is that the coordinates on the Shadows of Evil note are: 47° 30′ 26.51″ N 13° 12′ 49.48″ E The coordinates of the Eisriesenwelt, the largest Ice Cave in the world, are: 47° 30′ 10.58″ N 13° 11′ 24.9″ E Nearly identical, and the Hohe
  9. @Stop Mocking Me0 There is a difference between theorizing and making things up while ignoring facts. I took a break from the zombies storyline around the time Mob of the Dead was released, so I don't know what people were coming up with at the time. All I know is that even to this day the discussion of the story behind that map is a clusterf*ck, but this is about Shadows of Evil anyway. The civil protector is the one thing that's up in the air due to the fact that they have given us approximately zero background info on it and it just appears to be put in for gamepl
  10. @Stop Mocking Me0 If you're going to make a big post like that which shifts the discussion, it probably deserves it's own thread. But since it's here, let me just get rid of all of these misconceptions, falsehoods, and illogical assumptions, so discussion around Shadows of Evil can actually progress: -Where are you getting this info about 115 in Morg City? What evidence is there that the stairs and monorail run on 115? There is none. Not every electrical system runs off 115; battery-electric rail cars have been around since the early 1900s. No need for 115
  11. Okay guys so I haven't seen anybody talking this new note from Shadows of Evil that was recently assembled. In case you didn't know, there are several little pieces of it scattered across the map, and the YouTubers finally managed to put it all together, and this is what it looks like: Photo courtesy of @MrRoflWaffles http://i.imgur.com/1aCyvSv.jpg Obviously, there's quite a lot of stuff going on here to discuss. Some of it has already been discussed, but I'm going to talk about the four coordinates in each of the corners of the pa
  12. @PINNAZ I have to disagree with the degree of involvement that Mr.Rapt/The Shadowman has in these events. I have come to agree that there is a very good chance that Mr.Rapt is the Shadowman, and that it's the same person in the all of the calls, but I think you're giving him too much credit. I believe that in your analysis, you have focused too much on the phone calls and forgot about the information given in the Prologue. There's not reason to believe that Mr.Rapt forget the loan documents. As it's shown in the prologue, with nu
  13. @Lizizadolphin Oh wow I never noticed that it's the same in Origins before haha. Makes me wonder what the characters say on Mob of the Dead.
  14. Hey guys, I was playing The Giant the other day and I found that each of the characters say a quote at the beginning of the first 3 rounds in Solo. They say some very interesting things. Here's the video if you want to hear them for yourself, I also have the transcripts below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvdBxoClHU THE GIANT QUOTES Tank: “Field Report: dimensional insertion point was off, we were too late, Richtofen interrupted an established continuity, what happens next is uncertain. Allied oper
  15. Hey guys I just found the new Jump-Scare easter egg on Shadows of Evil. If you go to the waterfront just outside The Anvil (The Boxing Gym) with a sniper and look at the cargo ship to the left, an image pops out at you of the Zombified Richtofen you see when teleporting on The Giant. If you're interested in seeing it I think I'm the only with a video so far so here's the link, but I have the image anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1M0cLdy_mo To be honest I'm a little disappointed, considering that in the last jump-scare we
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