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  1. The Call of the Dead ship is a cargo freighter, it is significantly larger than the boat in the ZNS cutscene and they look nothing alike. Call of the dead ^ The ZNS ship has no containers, and only one (significantly smaller and different looking) crane, and is of a much smaller stature in comparison to the Call of the Dead freighter. Here's the overhead shot to give a sense of the scale: As you can see this ship is much smaller, and it's layout shows it is not a cargo ship. The deck is even made of wood. Also, the CotD ship had an opening/cargo bay in the middle of it's deck, whereas the shot of this boat is just in front of the ship's bridge and there is no such opening. I think it is very safe to say that these are not the same ship.
  2. I've got some observations of my own to add to the discussion. EDIT: Images added First one, in the shot of the mystery box at 0:47 when the player gets an Argus, you can see a crashed plane in the background. The crashed plane is a Vought F4U Corsair: The Corsair is an American single-engine fighter plane that was used in the Pacific theatre during WW2; It was the first American fighter that could take on the Japanese Zero in dogfights and win, and was nicknamed the 'Whistling Death' for the sound its wings made (which hopefully will be included if there are air battles over the map). You can tell that this is the plane from the wings being before the cockpit, and the tall but short canopy. So what significance does this have? This shows that the Americans must know about Division 9's base and their activities in this region, and there is definitely some aerial warfare going on over the island and there likely will be air battles ocurring over the map in-game. Since the Corsair and all of the other Navy planes were carrier-based, it also shows that American forces are not far off. Another thing I'd just like to clear up is that the Bomber that we see is NOT a B-17 like the one that is crashed on Nacht der Untoten. The plane in Zetsubou No Shima is without a doubt a B-29 Superfortress (the plane which dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan): See the Bomber at 0:52 in the trailer for comparison. Sorry guys, no Nacht connection. Since the B-29 wasn't introduced until May 1944, this adds to the evidence that the map takes place in late WW2. Also, just before the plane is shown in the trailer, at 0:51 when Richthofen is reloading is Gorgon, some strange installation can be seen in the background behind him, possible just an Anti-Air battery if the scaling/distance is weird from the angle of the shot but possibly something bigger. Any ideas on what it could be? The mystery box light can also be seen in the background on the other side of the rocks, which means this map must be absolutely enormous lol. And just one last thing, I kid you not that there is a pufferfish drop on this map. Look at 1:13-1:14 where the player shoots the zombies with dual Marshal's, there is a blue Pufferfish drop.
  3. I have performed some wizardry in theatre mode, and have gotten some HD screenshots of the 3 known paper scraps on DE: Under globe in bedrooms: In Undercroft on table: Next to urn in room above double tap: And just incase that's not enough, here's even bigger pics: Next to urn in room above double tap: Under globe in bedrooms: Undercroft table scrap:
  4. As much as I think some sort of crazy sci-fi machine called the Iron Dragon would be awesome, I honestly think that the 'Iron Dragon' is just the name of the outpost at the Hohenwerfen Castle. Similar to the other outpost names like Eagle's Nest, The Giant, Griffin Station, etc.
  5. Just thought I'd get some discussion going about the location of Der Eisendrachen. It appears to be the Hohenwerfen Castle, located in Austria: Hohenwerfen Castle Wiki Another interesting note about this castle, is that the coordinates on the Shadows of Evil note are: 47° 30′ 26.51″ N 13° 12′ 49.48″ E The coordinates of the Eisriesenwelt, the largest Ice Cave in the world, are: 47° 30′ 10.58″ N 13° 11′ 24.9″ E Nearly identical, and the Hohenwerfen Castle is only 1.7 miles from the Eisriesenwelt, so the coordinates on the note essentially point straight to them. Another indication that we will be interacting with the Eisriesenwelt on this map is the Barcode Cipher on The Giant, which when decoded reads, "The Mountain must be searched for The Frozen One." So it looks like everything is pointing in the same direction here. Just another note, the map appears to be set in World War II, based on the V-2 rocket and launch rig in the background: Just some other things to discuss, any guesses on what these things are?
  6. Okay guys so I haven't seen anybody talking this new note from Shadows of Evil that was recently assembled. In case you didn't know, there are several little pieces of it scattered across the map, and the YouTubers finally managed to put it all together, and this is what it looks like: Photo courtesy of @MrRoflWaffles http://i.imgur.com/1aCyvSv.jpg Obviously, there's quite a lot of stuff going on here to discuss. Some of it has already been discussed, but I'm going to talk about the four coordinates in each of the corners of the paper. Coordinates: 44°29'53.73"E 48°41’18.11"N Location: Volgograd (Stalingrad), Russia This city (previously Stalingrad), is the location of the Battle of Stalingrad from World War II, when the Nazis were trying to invade the Soviet Union. This video gets far more in depth about this coordinate that I will be able to right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrtzaW4S3KU _________________________________________________________________________________________ Next Coordinate: 51°4'28.33"N 17°2'27.57"E These are the coordinates to Wroclaw, Poland. Wroclaw is the capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia in Poland, which is where Der Riese/The Giant is located. The coordinates fall almost exactly on the location of the Project Riese Complexes from World War II: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Riese Not really much to say, as it's just a nod towards Der Riese, perhaps meaning it is related to the other locations. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, these next couple of coordinates are where things start to get really interesting. Coordinates: 13°12'49.48"E 47°30'26.51"N Location: Eishohlenstr, Austria => The Eisriesenwelt A couple of interesting things about this place: Thanks to @PINNAZ for pointing out this other bit to me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eisriesenwelt So, that note gives us the coordinates to a gigantic ice cave, that's inside of a mountain, with mysterious folklore surrounding it. Meanwhile, the barcode easter egg on The Giant when decrypted reads, "The Mountain Must be Searched For The Frozen One". I'd find it very hard to believe that these things are not related, and this may just be the location of the next zombies map. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Now for the last Coordinate, we have: 158°10'50.31"E 6°53'12.07"N Location: Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pohnpei The last coordinates are of a small island in the South Pacific, which is a part of the Federated States of Micronesia. Recall that the Island is in the South Pacific, one of the places where Mr.Rapt has the Reporter go to track down "Ancient Artifacts" : ( Thanks to @Monopoly Mac for pointing out this next part to me) Now if you go to the wiki page for Pohnpei, there is a section which lists it's references in fiction, and one of them is none other than H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu. Here's a little bit about the city of Nan Madol in Pohnpei: The City was used as an inspiration to Lovecraft's city of R'lyeh: Here's some background info about the city of R'yleh from the Lovecraft Wiki page: Considering the blatant Lovecraftian imagery and influence on Shadows of Evil I think that it's clear that those coordinates and that location ties in more to this Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos theme, and I think it would be awesome if we had a new zombies map at Nan Madol/R'yleh. Just imagine waking up Cthulhu on the next zombies map.... So there's a lot to look into here just with the coordinates alone, the zombies team sure knows how to keep us busy! This is everything I've found looking into it so far, and I will be doing some more research on the other stuff in the note later on. Now let's get some more discussion going on about this note!
  7. @PINNAZ I have to disagree with the degree of involvement that Mr.Rapt/The Shadowman has in these events. I have come to agree that there is a very good chance that Mr.Rapt is the Shadowman, and that it's the same person in the all of the calls, but I think you're giving him too much credit. I believe that in your analysis, you have focused too much on the phone calls and forgot about the information given in the Prologue. There's not reason to believe that Mr.Rapt forget the loan documents. As it's shown in the prologue, with numerous payment bills everywhere on Nero's desk and the punched-out picture of his wife, there's a lot of issues with her spending his money, not just the loans. The fact the loans would've been signed while Nero was in the coma gives her motive to get whatever money of his he has left. Also note that the lawyer says the loans were signed "November 5 of last year", implying that this was around a year ago, whilst the reporter had only been doing the detective work for Mr.Rapt for the last 6 months. So in this case it would seem that Mr.Rapt's role would simply be putting pressure on the lawyer to put pressure on Nero to do something, before the lawyer would inevitably discover the loans were forged. As for the Boxer, the only role Mr.Rapt seems to play is being the reporter questioning the promoter. The phone calls and prologue clearly imply that the promoter was using Floyd to take out the No.1 contender in exchange for a title shot. Floyd, having not fought in 18 months with no training, used the brass knuckles to guarantee the knockout. To cover his own ass, the promoter made sure that the ref looked the other way and the commission stayed out of it. The promoter would benefit from huge bet winnings by picking Floyd as the underdog to win, and then by having Floyd take out the No.1 contender and fight the champion instead, as it would keep his Champion safe from real competition. I still don't understand what the phone calls are meant to say in this case, as there's not really any motive for Floyd to sacrifice the promoter. It's not like Floyd even gave a shit about the guy he fought, so why would he sacrifice the promoter for making him use brass knuckles? (when it was Floyd's own choice to use them anyway). It also seems the phone calls and the prologue do not fit together perfectly. As the promoter tells Floyd "you kept your word, delivered the knockout.", which was the deal they originally made. And we know that the guy Floyd fought was the No.1 contender from the prologue "he may be the No.1 contender, but his career ends tonight.". But in the first phone call Mr.Rapt is asking the promoter "wouldn't people rather see the number one contender"? Even though Floyd would've already taken out the No.1 contender. I guess this could just be the writer's not knowing how Boxing works but whatever :P Now as for Jessica, I can agree that Mr.Rapt set her up with the movie deal. But his involvement in regards to the man with the pictures is still in question. And with Jack Vincent, Mr.Rapt may have posed as a guy from Internal Affairs, but there was already a corruption investigation. It is shown in the prologue and newspapers throughout the map that the mayor was cracking down on police corruption, so unless Mr.Rapt is the mayor I find it unlikely he responsible for this. And Jack Vincent is clearly a man with a reputation, who would be in question in an investigation like this no matter what. What I think is happening here is the first phone calls are what the characters hear, and gives them part of the story and gives them a reason to sacrifice their respective person in the rituals. And the second phone call is the one that they never heard. For example: Nero hears the first phone call between the lawyer and the bank rep (Mr.Rapt), and well I have no idea why but it makes Nero want to sacrifice the lawyer ( I guess maybe because he couldn't fix the situation??) and then the second phone call reveals the whole story that the Lawyer found out the documents were forged and it would all be okay, meaning the lawyer was innocent. Then for Floyd, the first phone call shows an interview between Mr.Rapt as a reporter and the promoter, and I guess could make Floyd think that the promoter might back-out on him for the fight deal due to pressure from people questioning. Then the second phone would show that the promoter did keep his word and Floyd would get his title shot. For Jessica, the first one would make her think that the producer sold her out to the movie deal guy and caused the situation, and then the second one would show the he didn't intend that to happen and had a broadway gig lined up for her instead (i.e. he did nothing wrong) And for Jack, the first one would make him think that his partner may have sold him out: "can we continue this conversation elsewhere?", but then the second one shows that his partner never did and stayed true to him. So it seems like the second phone calls confirm the innocence of the sacrificed characters. I'm still a little unsure about the first phone calls, I think they may just be to give us a bit more of the story or to show Mr.Rapt's involvement. Also note that some of my quotations are slightly paraphrased from memory so I apologize if they're not the exact wording.
  8. @Lizizadolphin Oh wow I never noticed that it's the same in Origins before haha. Makes me wonder what the characters say on Mob of the Dead.
  9. Hey guys, I was playing The Giant the other day and I found that each of the characters say a quote at the beginning of the first 3 rounds in Solo. They say some very interesting things. Here's the video if you want to hear them for yourself, I also have the transcripts below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvdBxoClHU THE GIANT QUOTES Tank: “Field Report: dimensional insertion point was off, we were too late, Richtofen interrupted an established continuity, what happens next is uncertain. Allied operatives MIA, I have no choice but to continue the mission alone.” “Infestation confirmed. Positive identification of 115 on site. as expected my memory is slipping, unable to determine current jump count to this location, 2 at least, maybe more.” “Having failed to secure the intel, test subjects location is currently unknown…Dammit Richthofen! Why do you always have to screw everything up?” Nikolai: “Where is he? That foul, stinking German! He was here, and now he is gone? He will pay for what he has done, mark my words…” “Curse this confusion! I must remember my mission, why I am here….The enemy war machine, must be destroyed.” “I must find way to survive this Nightmare: Perhaps these machines may help me fend off the wretched hordes.” Takeo: “A most unfortunate turn of events. The death of the german is regrettable. I fear the path ahead may be more treacherous than before.” “For so long, I have feared the Emperor’s displeasure. I know not where he is, but yet, I remain loyal. This i must never forget.” “My dreams are haunted by spirits, I fear they are not those of our ancestors…” Richtofen: “Maxis! No wait, compose yourself Edward. Mission accomplished. Temporal disruption achieved, the future is changed.” “I must work quickly, there is so much to do. The vessel for Maxis, the radios(?), the opening the gateway, NEIN! I’m getting confused, curse these 115 induced delusions!” “My god, what have I done? Stop it Edward, breath, it’s okay, it’s okay. This is important, this is what you have to do, even if another part of you dies each and every time. AGH! How am I meant to work when all around me, I am beset by the voices of the damned, and the doomed?”
  10. Hey guys I just found the new Jump-Scare easter egg on Shadows of Evil. If you go to the waterfront just outside The Anvil (The Boxing Gym) with a sniper and look at the cargo ship to the left, an image pops out at you of the Zombified Richtofen you see when teleporting on The Giant. If you're interested in seeing it I think I'm the only with a video so far so here's the link, but I have the image anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1M0cLdy_mo To be honest I'm a little disappointed, considering that in the last jump-scare we saw Nero, and this one just seems like they put in there just for heck of it. Maybe Treyarch is hinting to us that it's the Call of the Dead ship, or maybe they were just like "oh hey let's put another jump-scare". Anybody got any theories about zombie Richtofen, or do you think they just put it in there for fun?
  11. Thanks @PINNAZ , it's good to be back And my bad about the barrels also being on Shangri La, I guess it's just the portraits that are exclusive to Kino and Five then. All the other stuff is still the same as we see on Kino though, but it's just that now we have seen them appear ther places. The Ascension Lunar Lander on the map is another thing we only have speculation about, best thing I can think of is that they are just from Ascension rockets that missed their re-entry path and crash landed at Shangri La. Perhaps the significance was just the developers way of giving us a time frame for the map (post-1963) ? Another thing is the rockets that you can see launch behind the temple in the distance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7_ipo-fKb8 It's a shame that my old account was banned and I lost Ascension,Call of the Dead, and Shangri La, so I haven't been able to explore the maps personally and I've been going off my memory of them from 2+ years ago :P
  12. The amount of stuff that is on Kino also being on Five seems to be hinting that either A) The Americans found Kino or B) Treyarch decided to give us a bonus map the easy way, and Five is just a copy & pasted mashup of elements from Kino and the Campaign, and they aren't relevant to the story. Only thing that keeps me from believing B is the fact they included things that were only found in Kino, like the blue barrels and the Nova Crawlers, but they didn't have any real need to put those in there. There's also the pictures of Richthofen and the blank portrait in the Pack a Punch room, which is the only thing that changes in there between the zombies map and the campaign level. I will look into that thread on Ascension's date. If what you say is true about Raven Software making Shangri La that actually would make sense, because Kino was already done for WaW but was cancelled, then Shangri La would be the only other map where Richtofen doesn't have a suit and it was done by another developer, so of the Three DLC maps Treyarch made Richtofen has the suit on Ascension and Moon, and presumably on Call of the Dead, though we cannot see him of course. As for Buried I know about the Michael Faraday portraits in the house and the ghost is assumed to be his wife, but I'm not sure about this speculation that Maxis and Porter have visited the town before. But then again there isn't much evidence to go off of at all.
  13. Hello CoDz! I know it's been a while, but with the third installation of Black Ops on the way I have decided to return to CoDz. So now that Black Ops III is on the way, it looks like the zombies storyline we all know and love (and at time get frustrated and confused attempting to put together) will be continuing. To prepare for this, I am making this topic to discuss any matters pertaining to the storyline which remain unsolved so that we as a community 1) Will know what questions to look to answer in Black Ops III Zombies, 2) Tie up as many loose ends as possible so that we have a good base of knowledge to go off of, because it looks like there will be a LOT added to the story in this game. Now I am aware that I have been 'out of the loop' with zombies for a while now so if any of my knowledge or information is outdated feel free to correct me :) To get the ball rolling, I will give some of my own ideas, and I'm going to start off with one of the things that we have been struggling to explain since black ops 1: The Pentagon Thief http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120122084439/callofduty/images/f/ff/Thief_closeup_in_%22Five%22.png We have been struggling to identify the Pentagon Thief on Five for a long time, and he still remains one of the unsolved mysteries of zombies. Some have speculated that he is just a game mechanic without a real significance, but I think that there's too much going on with him to be glanced over. The Pentagon Thief and Five also tie in with my next "unsolved" mystery, and that is the one regarding Five and Ascension. On Five, there is little question that it is hinting quite blatantly that the US govt. discovered Kino Der Toten, as numerous artifacts from Kino can be seen in the basement on Five. The teleport base, the blue barrels, the Ray Gun, The electric traps, The chalkboard, the diagram of the zombies and brain x-rays in the autopsy room, the Pack-a-Punch, there's even Richthofen's portrait and the blank portrait on the wall of the President's secret room. (I apologize I don't have pics at the moment but will soon add some pictures and/or a video about this) At the same time, we hear the red phone ring while playing on Ascension, and upon integration you hear Kennedy saying "Needs some beans for the chowder here!", implying that Ascension and Five are taking place at the same time. So since it is heavily accepted that Ascension is canon with the storyline, Five must also be. There's only one problem: Kino Der Toten takes place some time in the mid-late 60s. The Berlin Wall and Berlin TV tower can be seen outside of Kino Der Toten, and the tower is under construction, meaning it must take place sometimes between 1965 and 1969 (when the tower was started and completed) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernsehturm_Berlin But Kennedy was assassinated Nov 22, 1963. So how is it that the US discovered Kino Der Toten in the early 60s, but when we play on it as the O4, it is the mid to late 60s and everything is still as it was abandoned in WW II? This is the Five/Ascension-Kino Paradox. This is all very old info (black ops 1 era), but we still lack an explanation for it. This also leads into another question, how do we get from Kino to Ascension? Is Ascension actually Canon with the storyline? There was some old discussion of this, but nobody could ever find a reasonable explanation for the inconsistencies. Like why is Richtofen wearing a space suit on Ascension? And how do they go from the theatre in Berlin, to riding a Lunar Lander at a Soviet Cosmodrome, 2+ years back in time? All very old questions which still have not managed to find good answers too. And Lastly, just a couple of things I have noted from Black Ops II Zombies: Why is it that almost all of the Zombies on TranZit are dressed as lunatic asylum inmates? And what is the story behind the town in Buried? We have an old western town which has materialized in an African diamond mine, and there is some sort of story regarding the town, but not really much if any objective evidence (like radios) to understand it's significance. Those are just some ideas of unanswered questions about the story, and hopefully we will be able to discuss these and come up with more of them as Black Ops III will be here very soon!
  14. I've formed a little theory about who the 'man' might be: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=26732 Possible Atlantean? And Shooter I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice the blockhead face on the wing, I thought I was starting to see things :lol:
  15. Hello CoDz, I have been intrigued by the new loading screen for Nuketown Zombies. if the image doesn't go full size, just drag it to you're desktop and zoom in on it. Now,in the middle there's a giant space-age-looking mechanism that appears to be boring a perfect dome into the ground with some sort of electric/plasma beam. I honestly cannot say I have a definite guess on what it could be, as Treyarch likely just made it up But what I can say something about, is the little 'man' in the yellow suit. His helmet appears to resemble the JHMCS, a 5th generation fighter jet helmet. strong resemblance right? But there's just one thing, a fighter pilot doesn't need his neck to be covered. The yellow man has a metal bolted brace around his neck. So there's two places that would be necessary, Outer Space and Underwater. Now underwater seems the more likely here, as you can see there's a blue tint to everything in the image, and I've never seen even a concept for such a thing space suit, and we've already been to Moon. And according to an old theory of mine, there was evidence we were heading this direction since Black Ops I: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=11839 And if you haven't looked at the picture in full zoom yet, do it, and take notice of the man shown in the bottom left corner to scale with the giant crater. Instead of resembling a person in a diving/pilot/whatever suit, I find it to resemble something more like this: No, I'm not even kidding guys. Take a look back at the mask, does that look like it's air tubes, or tendrils? for a more serious example cite Davy Jones: So, could it be that this guy is not a human, but instead an Atlantean? And I'm not the first one in this game to mention Atlantis: Stuhlinger - "I've got enough bullets for everybody in Atlantis!" Just something to think about ;)
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