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  1. I had a unicorn for my reticle, is that significant? lol
  2. I had the skull with blue eyes after rape training on zombies I was reviving and killing like a champ. The next day I was demoted to 4slahes and no blue eyes after I repeatedly went down on tranzit trying to teleport with out the power on lol. But I have noticed that the the nuketown zombies "emblem" (the emblem on the map when you select your location) seems to be a meter that is filling up with "blue". Has any else noticed this?
  3. I believe this may a new game mode different from the original 4 player or the new 4z4 game mode. This could be an objective game mode maybe some thing similar to the mutil player game types on GTA . Perhaps a game mode you can jump into when you want to play zombies but cant commit to a "long" game of end less rounds. This is just my opinion; your thoughts please.
  4. Hey this is some great information you got here. "Brains" to you good sir. Also since this scandal happened in the 80's that may also tell us the time period the map takes place in.
  5. zombie rape trains are necessary if your going specifically for high rounds. And if you don't like them, than its easy don't use that strategy. This topic needs to get back on track to the map pics.............such why are they have portraits of Castro on the wall and why they have a new jersey diner?? This is treyarchs zombies nothing is by accident!!!
  6. It looks like the teddy on the bottom right is wearing some sort of pilots helmet?
  7. my bad didnt see that is said solo :roll:
  8. my highest rounds in ascension and kino Iam monstro702 on the leader boards thank you :D
  9. i figured out the pics lol i over compicated it :roll:
  10. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n50 ... um/089.jpg i hope this links works i cant load a pic I'm monstro702 on the list hey im having trouble loading the pic how embarassing :oops: /img]
  11. the BFG from DOOM, keep it old school :D
  12. Felicitaciones Alfa Serpiente :mrgreen:
  13. what was the danny trejo facebook incident?
  14. i think that was just a joke :lol:
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