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  1. To me the easiest map is the hardest to most, Shangri-La, it's the easiest to set up on, easiest to get high rounds on, MOTD without using this is kinda hard to me, but Shangri-La easiest map, even comparable to Ascension imo
  2. Do you think that Treyarch should have put the wunderfizz machine into every map, even if it was just an option in custom games? I think this would have been good as an optional thing because it would have added a lot more variety to maps like town, where there is only the classic perks and Stamin up which isn't very useful on this map (There is Tombstone, but that's pretty useless)
  3. What are your favorite wonder weapons from zombies? Mine would have to be the Shrink gun, the Wunder Waffe and the Thundergun
  4. In my opinion, MOTD was one of the most challenging (if not the most challenging) zombies map in Black Ops 2, and setting up could often be a challenge, however having Jug on round 1 helps a lot. So this is how you do it: 1. Revive yourself then walk over to the non-openable door next to the m14 2. Look through the small window on the door, you will be able to see the key if it is located there, if it is not, restart until it is 3. Leave one zombie then open the door, drop down to the area with the MP5 and activate the key and open up the laundry 4. Use an afterlife on activating the washing machine and use it, but don't kill any zombies 5. Once the washing machine has finished, go back to the starting room and let the zombies catch up to you 6. Pick up the double points and knife all of the zombies, you should get enough points to open all the doors to the gondola and then you can go and activate Jug (you can also get the part that is at the bottom of the docks)
  5. I know this is a bit late, but I have been busy with stuff, they nerfed flopper by reducing the flopping damage, and it just isn't a useful perk on this map at all unless you use the raygun and somehow kill yourself with it's splash damage which had it's range considerably lowered in BO2, yeah sure with the ultimate staffs phd is decent, but I mean crawlers at round 25 WITH the staff, nty.
  6. The map itself is decent in the fact that its layout is decent but it only has the 4 perks and Pap, however Jug from 15-20 is to hard I usually buy jug on most maps from 4-8 so yeah.
  7. I know what this feels like... I got COTD around 4 months ago, decided "Why not try it out with some randoms" round 14 just died so someone left, some guy shot George then came to revive me, died so he quit. Then the box moved on the other guy so you know, he left.
  8. That's like saying some old pedophile went up to 3 grown men and a woman and asked them if they wanted candy. Except without the Pedophile and the candy and the well... it sounded better in my head
  9. Hey all, I am Zombie_Slayer_115, also known as MintyDestroyer or just Minty if you prefer . I am one of those guys who rathers gaming with friends or even alone to things like sport. I mainly play Cod Zombies and Cod Multiplayer. My highest round as of now is 45 on Shangri-La which only took the whole of 6 hours solo . Anyway see you guys.
  10. I would love to have a re-made Kino! If it kept the Thunder Gun, The stage and the Pack-a-Punch Teleporer but had Stamin-up, PhD and maybe Deadshot with a main EE rather than none and one that gave all players all 8 perks like moon (not like Shangri-La where you had to do it 4 times to get all 4 people 8 perks) It would be good if there was a solo EE that let you get all 8 perks as well. New box and wall guns would be good and a more open map (maybe more outdoors areas) also if they make "Custom Games" from BO2 more customizable in future games the option to turn off those bs Nova6 crawlers would be cool.
  11. 45 solo took me 6 hours though, I was going for anywhere between 50-60 but gave up
  12. So, basically this is a very short theory on why I thin group 935 is Illuminati. 1. There are various Illuminati quotes by Richtofen if I remember correctly not sure about this. 2. Illuminati symbol on side of an-94 in die rise and buried 3. FIVE and Ascension there is a chance for the box TVs to show the Illuminati symbol 4. illuminati is "New World Order" right and zombies is definatly a new world So what do you guys think?
  13. Never come across glitchers in COTD I used to play it a lot however its kinda a shit map to be honest, only because of George but whatever glitchers will glitch.
  14. So basically Nuketown always thought a little, well incomplete to me, like Trinity Ave. it looks like it should have been playable and they could have done more with the map such as they could have made it bigger and have 8 perks (PhD, Stamin-up, Deadshot, Mulekick, Jug, Double Tap, Quick Revive, Speed Cola and Pap, but Jug would have to come before 20) I really felt that the perks were half-assed in BO2, except Origins where you can get all 9 but they nerfed PhD. So what are your opinions on this?
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