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  1. 52 solo in under 3 hours which was so much better than getting to 45 on Shangri-La which took like... 6 and a half hours
  2. 45 without ice staff, 48 with it
  3. 43 Solo, No Thunder Gun, Only Sentry Gun Trap and the Skullcrusher, MP115 Kollider and the Awful Lawton
  4. 1960's is possible, however, Marlton is in the nuke shelter and you can hear the Tranzit bus meaning that this is obviously set before Tranzit. As Tranzit is set in 2025, this is 63 years after Nuketown which Marlton is in, If Nuketown was set in 1962 Marlton would be somewhere between 80 and 90 years old which he is not, thus nuketown can not be set in 1962. It takes place at the same time as moon as well. Now, at the start of Tranzit upon picking up a power-up such as a Max Ammo, Richtofen will say something like 'I am still getting used to the Ether' in which he gets into during 'Richtofens Great Scheme' Easter egg which takes place at the same time as Nuketown ( around round 25 on nuketown) Because of this, I believe that Nuketown is a town made and nuked in the 1950's-60's (hence the 1950's décor and vehicles) however when you are playing it, it takes place around 2015-2020 as Marlton hasn't been found by Russman and Stuhlinger.
  5. Alright so I do a lot of challenges, I will list most below: 2 Box Challenge: Players: 1-4 Map: All Rules: Basically normal game with Pap, Perks and equipment (Buildables, Traps, Grenades, Monkeys/Gersch/Matrushka) However you only get 2 hits of the box (3 if get equipment) 1 Box+M&S All same as before just 1 hit if get equipment spin again and use that gun+M&S George is a perk-a-holic Players: 1-4 Map: Call Of The Dead Rules: All guns+Pap is allowed HOWEVER, no perks shall be purchased, they all must be obtained by killing George (You need to have luck/Skill for this as you need to kill George and you may need to survive at least 10 rounds without juggernog Wall Guns Only Players: 1-4 Map: All Rules: Only Wall guns, Pap, Semtex, Bowie knife/Galvaknuckles/Sickle, claymores and perks No pap Players: 1-4 Map: All Rules: Well the title says all, right? The Monkeys Are Hiding Something... Players:1-4 (3-4 is recommended for Ascension) Maps: Shangri-La or Ascension Rules: You can Pap and all, but perks only from monkeys (power-up changing on Shangri-La, Protecting machienes on Ascension, (You can buy QR on Ascension)) OpTic Zombies Players: 1-4 Maps: all Rules: Snipers Only (pap, perks, grenades and equipment is allowed) Waffle Weaponry Players: 1-4 Maps: Shi no Numa and Der Riese (Both [email protected] and Black Ops 1 versions) Rules: Can get perks and Pap But only allowed Wunder Waffe, Monkeys and Ray Gun I am the one who revives Players: 2-4 Maps: All With Balistic knife, Stamin-up and Pap (PhD is Optional) Rules: M&S+Pap'd Ballistic knives and Monkeys only and Quick revive, Stamin-up and Jug as only perks If you want you can also have PhD Point War Players: 3-4 Maps: Any (Works well on Smaller Maps) Objective: Basically Normal Zombies, all guns+perks+pap but the first person to have a set amount of points (75,000-100,000 is recommended) wins! Can't Touch Me Players: 1-4 Maps: Any Objectives: Get to round 30 withoutanyone going down. (best with friends rather than randoms) Box Challenge Players: 2 (can be done with more but 2 is best) Maps: All that have Pap Objective: Each make a list of all the box guns in the map your playing, you must get all of these guns and pap them (If there are guns only one person can have e.g. Crossbow, Thundergun, Waffle, Ballistic Knife?, most Wonder Weapons basically) you must put it back for the other player too get. No Power Players: 1-4 Maps: Ones with power Rules: All guns, No power Gun Specific Challenges: Players: 1-4 Maps: Any Rules: Basically you get perks and Pap but everyone must use M&S/Boomhilda (Origins) and the same wall gun for everyone Examples are: PDW M14 M16 Mp5 AN-94 MPL You get the point Explosives Only Players:1-4 Map: Any Rules: PhD Flopping, Claymores, Monkeys, Matrishkas and all explosive weopons only That's It guys, Have Fun!!
  6. Welcome to the forums Zombie_Slayer_115 :)

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